Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I think her name is Lucy but they all call Loose. I think I thought I seen her on eighth and forty-deuce.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Most. Anticipated. Trailer. Ever.

--Is there anything better in life than beating the Jazz? And Battier with a +36. Holy crap!

--Sasha Vujacic and Maria Sharapova?! C'mon Maria you're better than that.

--Season finale of Mad Men this week, not that you didn’t know that already. This season >> last season. I think everyone was wondering how they were gonna handle JFK and I don’t think it could’ve been much better or more interesting. Despite the season’s end we do get the lovely January Jones (ex-Mrs. Don Draper?) hosting SNL this season, which is nice. And how am I just finding out about Mad Men power rankings?

--Finally a reason to watch the Winter Olympics. Colbert sponsoring the U.S. Speedskating Team.

--Coming down the stretch I think Bored to Death is finally hitting its stride. Or maybe it was just seeing Daily Show-ers like John Hodgeman and Samantha Bee. Or maybe it was just more smoke. Season finale this week with the highly anticipated boxing match.

--Lose Brock and Shane at 106, but gain Josh Koscheck and Anthony Johnson? Very nice.

--Usually the Sports List on the Chron’s site is worthless, but the other day it listed the 6 players who have rushed for 100 yards in a Texans uniform. Four should be easy to get. Those being Steve Slaton, Ryan Moats, Ron Dayne and Domanick Williams/Davis. The fifth would be from The Ohio State University, Jonathan Wells. Then the one I couldn’t come up with…the man, the myth, the Wali Lundy. Very easy to believe that James Allen and Stacey Mack aren’t on that list.

--A little Godric in flashbacks next season on True Blood would be a good thing.

--Of course former Raider Jeremy Brigham beat up his assistant coach after accusing him of giving the other team their plays. Yes, we’re talking pee wee football.

--C’mon Netflix don’t make me have to buy BSG: The Plan. I know it’s nothing special, but if there’s a Galactica fix out there to be had then I must have it.

--Those two carries Ahman Green got for the Packers on Sunday pushed him to the top of Green Bay’s all-time rushing attempts list.

--14 of 22 for just 109 yards, only two completions to WRs and an interception sounds like a bad day. JaMarcus Russell, “I did a pretty good job.” Yeah, okay.

--Drunk Couple of the Week comes to us from Florida. Last Wednesday Ron Martin and his girl, Charlene, were drunk off their arses when they came up with the bright idea of stealing a riding lawnmower they saw. And they didn’t pick just any ol’ mower they picked a nice Scag Turf Tiger with a 61-inch cutting deck that was worth around $10,000. So they’re riding off into the sunset with the perfect crime until BAM! they went smack dab into the back of a parked school bus which probably isn’t real easy to do. So this was a bus full of junior high kids and you know how mean junior high kids can be. They started laughing at Ron since the crash made the mower tip knocking him and Charlene off of it. Ron got up to defend his lady’s honor and demanded to get on the bus. Unfortunately the bus driver shut the doors on him and called the police. Ron and Charlene’s perfect crime got them arrested. But the children’s laughs hurt Ron so much that Ron kept banging his head against the metal grate in the cop car all the way to jail so he’d have physical scars to match the mental ones.

--Solo Drunk of the Week comes to us from Ohio (shocking I know). James Miller who is all of 18 decided it’d be hilarious to dress up as a breathalyzer for Halloween. I think you know where this is headed. Yeah, Mr. Breathalyzer was driving the wrong way down a one way street. He had an open Bud Light in the car and the remains from a case strewn about everywhere else. Guy also had multiple Ohio ID’s which is probably not wise.

--Honest Drunk of the Week comes to us from Wisconsin. 49-year-old Mary Strey called 911 and told them she wanted to report a drunk driver. When asked who, Mary said, "I don't want to hurt anybody. I'm drunk." So the dispatcher told Mary to pull over and wait for police which she did.

--Nice…Anthony Michael Hall is gonna guest on Community to relive some Vacation days with Chevy Chase.

--Christopher Walken kills in whatever he’s doing. For example...

--When all is said and done I think John Lithgow is gonna deserve a best supporting actor nomination for his Trinity Killer work. Great stuff. And if there is a Television God we will not have to revisit Batista and LaGuerta.

--Gotta love the frankness of Jamal Lewis after yet another Cleveland loss where it looked like it barely showed up. Jamal, “Where are we trying to go and what are we trying to accomplish?”

--As the seasons have worn on I’ve watched less and less of 24, but former President/traitor/good guy/bad guy Charles Logan is returning.

--Yeah, a handful of teams have already had their bye and the Texans haven’t, but still Houston leads the league in forcing three-and-outs.

--Jack Del Kubiak? The Jags coach after the loss to the Titans, “The responsibility to have this team prepared to play well falls on me. I take full responsibility.”

--I don't click on a lot of YouTubes that I see are longer than 5 minutes, much less actually watch the entire video. But holy crap Deadspin posted this work of art by Noah Chang. You will never shoot a basketball again without saying, "He looks....He shoots...He scores."

--Kyle Vanden Bosch and Shawne Merriman each picked up their first sacks of the season…in week 8. Wow.

--Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin are going to host the Oscars?! I may have to watch more than the red carpet show this year, wait, did I just type that?

--Not that it's surprising, but it sounds like Flight of the Conchords isn't coming back for another season.

Questions, comments or if you see yourself playing FIFA 2010 all weekend…


  1. Daniel4:26 PM

    How did Netflix screw you? My Blu-Ray copy of "The Plan" was waiting in the mailbox last Tuesday. Pretty solid stuff, but it was directed by Husker Adama and I am pretty sure the guy is a perv after watching it.

  2. Netflix gave me a "short wait" and sent me my next choice. All in due time.
    As for Adama, well if I had all these seasons with these hot cylons and all I got was an old, bald woman I'd probably direct the same way.

  3. Did you see that they just released a complete series DVD set for The Shield. It is a $100 but I think I know what I am buying for myself this Xmas.

  4. Hadn't seen that. That's good, but no Blu-Ray sucks.


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