Saturday, September 12, 2009

Makes his home all over the place. He goes to sleep by falling down on his face.

Time to throw some predictions at the wall and see if they stick or see if we’ll just decide to forget about them.

AFC East – Patriots
AFC South – Colts
AFC West – Chargers
AFC North – Steelers (tough out here on this limb with those 4 picks)
Wild Cards – Ravens, Texans

NFC East – Eagles
NFC South – Saints
NFC North – Packers
NFC West – Seahawks
Wild Cards – Vikings, Falcons

I’ll take the Packers over the Steelers in the Super Bowl. And seriously Santonio Holmes? The exact same stat line of 9 catches, 131 yds and a TD in both last year’s Super Bowl and this year’s Week 1? By the way, how strong are Troy Polamalu’s shampoo commercials?

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--So fun-loving Peggy’s new roomie is the porn chick from Californication? Nice. Only a couple of more weeks until that show comes back.

--Cali comes back with Dexter on the 27th. I finally made my way through Season 3 of Mr. Morgan. Not the best season, but that's more because the first two seasons were just so damn good. Dexter just made too many un-Dexter-like mistakes last season. Though Rita picked her game up big-time.

--Your Dallas Super Cop of the Week comes to us from, oh yeah, Dallas. Brad Hellums was a reserve officer and security executive who you might remember from the’s list of the industry’s 25 most influential executives back in 2006. Ring a bell? Anyway, he was at the Sugar Shack the other night and was trying to close the deal with a couple of women. So he went with his go-to. Yep, putting cocaine in the girls’ drinks when they went to the restroom. The bartender kicked him out and then police picked the guy up across the street. The smooth Mr. Hellums tried to toss a vial of coke away while the police were talking to him, but police decided to be police and caught his attempt.

--I hate punk teenagers just as much as the next guy unless the next guy is Keith Marriott of Madeira Beach, Florida. He hates teenagers enough to throw jellyfish at them. For some reason this was frowned upon by police. I, for one, applaud.

--How hasn’t there been a romantic comedy that is Manilow-centric made yet?

--Oh hell yeah...

--Is Charlie Sheen crazy? Yes, yes he is.

--If you’re keeping score at home it’s now known as Spotted Richard as opposed to Spotted Dick...(tee-hee spotted).

--In other food-related news, Abel Gonzalez Jr.’s Deep-Fried Butter won the Most Creative award at the State Fair of Texas. No word on which flavor was least disgusting between original, cherry, garlic, and grape. This monstrosity bested the likes of Twisted Yam on a Stick, Deep-Fried Peaches & Cream, Fried Pecan Pie and Fried Peanut Butter Cup Macaroons.

--There are worse ways to spend time than looking at Audrina in the new Maxim. In the old...

--Of course Nicole Richie and Joel Madden went with Sparrow James Midnight Madden as their baby’s name.

--This is the first year in, I don’t know, maybe 15 I didn’t get Madden. But if it’s $10 as an App, I don’t think I’m going to be able to hold out much longer.

--How did it take this long for a Forrest Gump: The Chocolate Box Giftset?

--Series finale of King of the Hill on Sunday if anyone still watches.

--Said it before and will say it again. This is the best top half of Top Chef contestants ever. Beardy is awesome, Jen, the brothers, Mike I, any of those could win. Eli is strong too, but that top five is going to be a helluva culinary battle to the end.

--Webster’s defines crazy as Aimee Sword. The 35-year-old found herself a teenage boy online to have relations with. Teenage boy being the son she gave up for adoption 10 years ago. Uhhh…

--Wait, so Michael Jordan wasn’t cut from his high school basketball team. And we’re finding this to be an urban legend just now?! Hey Ahmad Rashad how the hell did you not break this during all your memorable one-on-one interviews with MJ.

--If you put Peter Vecsey into your Hall of Fame you reap what you sow. How this guy was ever relevant is beyond me, but a Hall-of-Famer?! You’re asking for a train wreck of a speech and apparently you got it.

--I guess this is all basketball-related, Isaiah Rider is ready to make a comeback. Uh-huh, okay.

--I’m sure I won’t see it until it comes out on Blu Ray, but It Might Get Loud is getting good reviews and why wouldn’t it? The Edge, Jimmy Page and Jack White. Enough said. Jack White is in 17 18 different bands, but still has time to fund the renovation of his childhood ball park? Outstanding.

--I never finished the second half of last season's Sons of Anarchy, not because it wasn't good, but it just got lost in the dvr shuffle. I'm sticking with it this season especially after that first episode. Henry Rollins is the perfect addition.

--I don't watch anything other than the 5pm SportsCenter so go ahead SC and knock yourself out with Rick Reilly hosting the late one. That's just brilliant. Did y'all hire Bill Van Rysdam?

Questions, comments or if you found it amusing that someone so renowned (ahem) in the Houston food world like Cleverley (really one word?) would decide to call up the head honcho of The Game because little ol’ food show hosts were “getting drunk on the air” and by “getting drunk on the air” I mean taking part in a freakin’ tasting brought to us by a St. Arnold rep. Look hack, believe me you don’t want this…


  1. When is the food show on 1560?

  2. On podcast:
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