Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Hand me down food and hand me down clothes. A rockabilly past of which nobody knows.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian?!

--Good: Rampage in A-Team. Great: Gina Carano in anything. Steven Soderburgh's Knockout? Great, whatever.

--Nothing like the civility of a Vegas crack house. I woulda thought this would be common sense, but hey crack heads when in a crack house it is not prudent to announce you have a lot of cash on you. Patricia James did just that and then was beat down and relieved of a couple thousand bucks she had on her. She didn’t leave the place and apparently one Jackie Wilridge wasn’t satisfied with taking money alone. So she boiled a pot of water and splash all over Patricia. Someone else who was there said she saw the skin melt off and knew that there might be a problem. Ya think? Patricia was rushed to the hospital, but died a couple of days later. This would have never happened to Bubbles. His boy Johnny? Oh yeah, but not Bubbles.

--I’m four seasons down and one to go on Wire. And I’m at that point where I can see the finish line, but it’s gonna suck to cross it realizing there is no more. R.I.P. Bodie, ain’t no one could spit like you. Just a helluva season, of course.

--I won’t see it for a while, but Slate is saying Extract is better than Office Space. Whoa, I mean obviously Mila Kunis >>>> Jennifer Aniston, but.

--What’s this taking a week off crap before the season finale True Blood?! First Sookie and Bill got engaged, now apparently Evan Rachel Wood is dating Alexander Skarsgard/Eric. Who gets Jessica?

--Inglorious Basterds was every bit of good as I heard it was. That’s the Quentin Tarantino that decided my major for me many moons ago. Fantastic writing, beautiful direction, excellent acting and Brad Pitt’s best role next to Floyd in True Romance. He killed every scene.

--It's always interesting to look at websites they way they were when first launched. A summary of 20 popular sites and how they looked as toddlers.

--Writing of days gone by, I came across this disturbing/ridiculous/hilarious Chuck Liddell entrance in UFC 43...

--Rick Fox was great in Party Down. In Melrose Place? Well, somebody let me know how that goes.

--Jessica White has traded in T.O. for Sean Penn? How do you go from T.O. to a more mentally unstable guy?

--Our Wal-Mart story of the week comes to us from China? Apparently some woman was on her way from Wal-Mart back to her nearby home when she was confronted by 5 Wal-Mart employees. They wanted to see her receipt and she didn’t comply or do anything they asked, assuming she asked not to get beaten to death because that’s what ensued unfortunately. Two of the employees have been arrested and they’re still looking for the other three.

--Very interesting read on the Black Sox scandal that paints the book and movie Eight Men Out as more fiction than anything else.

--Our Dumbass of the Week comes to us from Columbus, Ohio and no, it’s not Jim Tressel for deciding to go for it on 4th down up 15. No, this real Buckeye genius, Stephfon Bennett was part of a three-man crew who robbed a house Sunday night. The owners were inside at the time and Stephfon apparently took a liking to the female. The 20-year-old dumbass decided it would be a good idea to go back to the house less than two hours later to ask her out. Yeah, for some reason that bia*** still wasn’t over the whole robbery thing and so had him arrested.

--The ATM turned 40 this week. May the Lord bless you ATM. You ever either so drunk or just get a mental block when you put your card in an ATM that you can’t remember your pin. Thankfully the only time it’s ever happened to me was when I was in a Louisiana casino. There is not a better place to have pin block than at a casino.

--Finally our prayers have been answered as season three of Mr. Belvedere is out this week. Yes, season three is the season where they go to a Huey Lewis concert. I have two 80’s television theme songs that are constantly and inexplicably bouncing around in my head. This one, “Streaks on the china, it never mattered before, who cares…” and “Thank you for being a friend…” from Golden Girls. My brain really needs to prioritize its memory bank.

--Also out this week is the best movie I will never see again Requiem for a Dream. No! Jennifer Connelly don’t do, oh no, look away Danny, LOOK AWAY!!!!!

--Shawne Merriman and Tila Tequila problems? You’d be hard pressed to find a he-said, she-said where the “he” and “she” are more unlikeable.

--In other domestic violence news we have former WCW rassler Sean O’Haire choking and going nutso on his girlfriend. You may remember him from his Natural Born Thriller days with Mark Jindrak, Shawn Stasiak and Johnny the Bull among others. Sean and Chuck Palumbo were part of the final Nitro in a tag team against Lance Storm and Mike Awesome. Those are some names I haven’t heard in forever. Sean faded into obscurity and was released from the WWE several years ago. So he’s going the MMA route. He was beaten down by Butterbean at Pride 32 and hasn’t really done much since. And if you think there’s a better waste of time than looking at old wrestler’s Wikipedia pages you’re just plain wrong.

--Lars and the Real Girl >>>> Mannequin.

--What a nice girl that chick who Ben Roethlisberger had sex with in Reno is. She’s going to drop the whole “sexual assault” thing if Ben just comes out and admits he raped her. So expect to see Ben have a press conference announcing he’s a rapist any day now.

--Troop Bevery Hills: The Experience?! I had no idea Carla Gugino was in that. Nor did I know her career started with a terrific television trifecta of Who's the Boss?, Saved by the Bell: The Junior High Years, and ALF.

--Karina and Maksim no more? This season Karina dances with noted bad boy/thug Aaron Carter while Maksim will dance with the fair lady whose language soothes the senses Debi Mazar.

--It really is crazy to think a player of Allen Iverson’s experience and skills, declining as they may be, can’t do better than Memphis. But it does give us an excuse for this...

Questions, comments or if the non-football portion of your weekend will be consumed by Beatles Rock Band…


  1. Watching the last season of The Wire was mixture of anxiousness and sadness. I think out of all the shows we have talked about they did the best job of wrapping it up.
    You forgot to mention that Tila Tequila is the pride of Alief, Texas. Hard to believe that she was so drunk that she was unable to drive. Shocking.
    Kunis was become the fine wine of women. She has gotten much better with age. I would have had my money on Hot Donna.

  2. Anxious and sad sounds about right.
    Mila is getting better and better and yet is still with Macauley Culkin. Go figure


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