Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Don't you love only hitting your first football bet and your last football bet losing all football bets in between? Yeah, that's Vegas fun. Thankfully my many wasted useful hours of playing a blackjack app made up for my sports related mistakes. Vegas was as packed as I've ever seen it with superstars the likes of Kyle Lowery, Jermaine O'Neal and Tommy Hearns patrolling Planet Hollywood while I stumbled around looking for Kid Cudi. Jamie Sharper, playing or not, had his usual gaggle of girls with him going into Prive. All in a night's work.

--True Blood season = very good. True Blood season finale = eh. Apparently Evan Rachel Wood will be back and that’s a good thing.

--Nick Swisher and Joanna Garcia from Gossip Girl?!

--I never tried to hide a report card, forge one sure, but hide? That’s just dishonest. An 11-year-old in Huntsville, Alabama told police he was kidnapped last Friday by a guy who had a pistol. The kid said the kidnapper told him he was going to kill him. So the kid said he jumped from the moving car, but unfortunately he left behind his bookbag. And wouldn’t you know his report card was in his bookbag. Somehow he was able to maintain possession of his musical instrument while jumping out. The boy later confessed to his grandparents.

--How great is it to have Curb back? I know this season is going to be Seinfeld Reunion-centric, but Leon better find a way to hang around for the ride. Leon = Gold, even if his 82 degrees is ridiculously hot. Catherine O'Hara as Funkhauser's crazy sister was easy casting. As usual Cheryl Hines was easy on the eyes.

--I still can’t decide whether or not I like Glee or like like Glee. Of course, I love every scene Jane Lynch is in and any more Color Me Badd covers we may get along the way. Anyway not surprisingly Fox picked it up for a full season.

--Wait, Lamar and Khloe are getting married?!

--In other marriage news, of course there’s a

--The Proposal was playing on the flight to San Francisco. I think I caught the only good five minutes assuming the only good part was when Oscar from The Office was stripping for the ladies.

--A talk show with Kate Gosselin and Paula Deen? WTF?!

--I never thought I’d pick House over Monday Night Football and yet I did. Although that may have been more because I was sick of football after getting it handed to me at the books. House was awesome by the way and it’s always good to see Andre Braugher on the screen.

--Apparently Susan Sarandon’s daughter plays a stripper/student on the new season of Californication. Hank is getting his teach-on so that’s good because if this show needed anything it was more hot, young ass. I wonder if Madeline Zima is off Cali and just on Heroes now.

--Foolishly I was in Vegas and didn’t bet on the UFC action. Those lines are always good for value. But what the hell is Herschel Walker thinking with joining Strikeforce?

--Show I’m most looking forward to this week is Flashforward. Very promising. People from Lost and Jane from Mad Men in the cast? Oh hell yeah.

--I’m still eh on Parks and Recreation, but a "Parents Just Don’t Understand" open is always going to be the best two minutes of television that day. Community, on the other hand, was hilarious the entire time. The rare high hopes fulfilled feeling.

--I was busy collecting money (thanks Giants) on Sunday night to watch the Emmys so I’m assuming most things went well since Mad Men and 30 Rock dominated. Michael Emerson/Ben from Lost was very well-deserving though I’d have given it to him in prior seasons and this year handed it to Jesse from Breaking Bad. I’m pretty sure I hate Two and a Half Men so I’m not down with Jon Cryer winning Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy especially since he’s a lead. How does Neil Patrick Harris agree to host, then kill at The Emmys, only to not win?

--No kidding, c’mon Emmys no love for Billy Mays during the In Memoriam segment?

--Everyone knows Lee Murray’s story needs to be a movie. Darren Arofonosky handling it? Oh F yeah!

--For fantasy purposes please note that Koren Robinson has been traded from the Florida Tuskers to the New York Sentinels.

--Easily the most entertaining part of the Floyd/JMM inevitable bore-a-thon…

--First season of Damages was fantastic. Second season pretty good. Third season, probably the same? And the likes of Martin Short, Lily Tomlin, Campbell Scott and Keith Carradine joining the cast is promising.

--Maybe it’s just me, but the other night was the first time I’ve actually enjoyed an hour of Heroes (the 2nd) in a long time. I never watched Prison Break, but see why people are excited Robert Knepper/T-bag is now on the show. And apparently Peter stopped being a constant whiner so that’s nice. As is...

--Brick City is on Sundance at 9 every night this week. It’s been described as a real-life Wire. And after seeing an episode that’s a pretty damn accurate description. Good stuff. Mayor Booker’s voice and mannerisms are a dead ringer for Shane Battier. Hopefully they replay all the episodes on Friday so that by then word of mouth will get people to set their DVRs accordingly. It is Sundance so what else does it have to show?

--Um, shouldn’t you have gotten Heather Locklear back on Melrose before you rebooted it and no one watched?

--Danny Amendola was signed by the Rams just in time to run some smack with Donnie Avery regarding UH’s win over TTech coming up Saturday night/morning. Anytime you want me to not regret drafting you in two leagues Donnie, I’m ready. If you missed it the Redskins signed Anthony Alridge away from the Texans practice squad.

--A link to 10 interesting NBA stats from last season along the lines of Kobe finishing 50th in dunks and Troy Murphy being assisted on 100% of his 161 made 3's. I can't believe basketball is so close. I might have to play fantasy basketball to make up for my fantasy football teams. Really Greg Jennings?! You're not even f'n hurt and you put up a doughnut?! TGIGF - Thank God I Gots Fred, Mr. Jackson if you must.

--According to College Majors Handbook you’ll be happy to know that Social Work, Special Education and Elementary Education are the top 3 lowest-paying majors. Thankfully everyone is affluent and educated so we don’t have to worry too much about seeing those majors suck. Home Ec. and Music/Dance round out the top? bottom five.

Questions, comments or if portions of the first episode of Bored to Death were eerily similar to your own life...

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