Friday, August 28, 2009

Two at a time I want girls. With new wave hairdos I want girls. I ought to whip out my girls, girls, girls, girls, girls!

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--It's football season

I think

--Well duh Rampage is gonna play B.A. Baracus.

--The Heathers sequel is an aight idea. It could go either way. A Heathers TV show on Fox? Ugh.

--I never gave Dollhouse a chance, but since they killed the unkillable, Terminator, so I'm down. And yes, this has everything to do with Summer Glau joining a cast that already has Eliza Dushku.

--Damn, how the F am I supposed to go another two weeks without new Daily Shows and Colbert Reports? Talk to my girlfriend? Maybe Stephen is just scared this bear is one step closer to ruling our planet...

--Cinematical is going over some of its favorite montages. This one hit the list and is my #1A along with anything from Rocky...

--It's okay to laugh about Lenny Dykstra sleeping in hotel lobbies and not having a place to "go to the bathroom", right? Thought so. Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off (there needs to be some sort of way to shorten that).

--Brandon Routh/new Superman is joining Chuck. I need to catch up on this before it starts up again. When does it start up again on NBC? March. Oh, I guess I have time.

--Gotta love Isiah Thomas already causing problems at FIU. Not a big one, but c’mon Isiah. So what if you were scheduled to play Ohio State in an opening game of a tourney and got switched to North Carolina? Lose by 20, lose by 60, isn’t the experience of facing an “elite” team still a positive like you previously said about the Buckeyes? Threatening to pull your team out a Coaches vs. Cancer tournament is precisely the classy start you needed.

--WWE with its own network?! Fan-freakin-tastic. Gimme some Brooklyn Brawler, Red Rooster, Bird Man Koko B. Ware, etc. Give HHH his own channel though so I don’t have to see him on it, although pre-Game HHH is fine by me. You've probably heard of the guest hosts Raw has been using like Shaq and Jeremy Piven. Also set to host are the likes of Al Sharpton, Bob Barker, Floyd Mayweather and Nancy O'Dell. Yay.

--Puppies dressed as cats on Conan. Enjoy.

--Good news for the Texans in Week 1. I mean why wouldn’t you name, just days after your rookie quarterback threw his first pass for pick 6 and his second should have resulted in the same, Mark Sanchez your starter. If the Texans doesn’t look good in Week 1, well, buckle up because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

--The last Reading Rainbow was this week? Our kids have no future.

--I watched Entourage last week for Kate Mara. It was worth putting up with E.

--Our Drunk of the Week comes to us from New Mexico. I’ll wait for you to get over the shock. A 51-year-old man was arrested this week for drunk driving offense #22. He scoffs at your measly three, Mr. Billy Gillespie. You’d think 10 or maybe even 20 is a nice round number to stop on, but this guy has real goals. Sucks to be busted for drunk driving when you’re just passed out on the ground next to your car. Not only was this #22, but his BAC was .393. Though in New Mexico .393 is considered close to being a teetotaler.

--Minka Kelly is finally going to be the one to get Derek Jeter to settle down?! He picked a good one.

--Dream doesn’t need your help for no stinkin triple-double. He’d drop a quad-double on you right now Vancouver. Must-read from Deadspin.
GREAT COMMENT: Also, Hakeem would like to share his monies with you. He needs you to wire him $10,000 so David Stern will release the monies. Once everything clears, he will share 20% of it with you.

--Yes Wisconsin halting beer ads during school-related broadcasts is the answer to solving underage binge drinking. Good luck replacing that half a mil in your budget.

--I think we know that the Top Chef contestants at the bottom this week are the next to be gone in whatever order. But after that this might be the deepest, most creative cast yet.

--Steven Seagal has apparently been doing some work with the cops in Jefferson Parish, LA. So obviously it was only a matter of time before A&E decided Steven Seagal: Lawman would be a good idea. Great ideas are reserved for things like his energy drink, Steven Seagal’s Lightning Bolt and his aftershave, Scent of Action. You can’t make that stuff up. Obviously he has his own line of knives. The only place I want to see Steven Seagal in Louisiana is in Bon Temps where he could be of some use against this mega-mythical bitch ass Maryann.

--I have many, many fond memories and many things I can’t remember fondly or not related to Texas-sized 24 oz. beers back in the day at the Dome. They also served me well at Reliant. So it’s sad to see the passing of the ol’ 24 ouncer. Twenty ounces for $7.50. I hate you.

--John Elway is gonna marry a former Raiderette? What’s next a Montaghue marrying a Capulet?

--RIP Cougars Tonight and Gametime…

Questions, comments or if you root for tropical storms or hurricanes that have your name…


  1. Anonymous8:03 AM

    "So it’s sad to see the passing of the ol’ 24 ouncer. Twenty ounces for $7.50."

    I think it was in the Chronicle, but I'm not sure. A representative from the Texans made a comment that shrinking the beer was a way to avoid rasing costs on their customers. Do they think people are that dumb and don't know that a smaller beer for the same price IS raising prices?

  2. They think people are that dumb and they're probably right. See PSLs.


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