Monday, August 10, 2009

No soft sucker with a parrot on his shoulder. 'Cause I'm bad gettin' bolder - cold getting colder.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Ah, Jessica Alba bikini pictures. Seems like generations have passed since these were weekly occurrences.

--Three down, two to go. I would rank season three of The Wire as the best yet followed by one and two. I want a movie featuring Omar and Brother Mouzone. Awesome, awesome stuff.

--Dumbass of the Week comes to us from Reno. 'Twas there Kent Boedicker decided to get his carjack on. He picked out a woman who approached a Hyundai in a Borders parking lot. He showed a gun and she showed him the keys. Dumbass got in the car and realized it was a stick. Of course, dumbass can't drive a stick so he got out and handed the keys back to the woman. The police handed Dumbass handcuffs.

--Roger Mayweather arrested and charged with coercion with force and battery strangulation. Wow, that's unexpected.

--Sookie and Bill are engaged though I'm not sure how Bill's maker is going to take this.

--What's this? A Texan getting some commercial love? Crazy, I know.

--A Colbert Bump cocktail. It was only a matter of time.

--Crazy Woman of the Week come to us from Florida. Shocking I know. Dalia Dippolito arrived home the other day to police cars, police tape and all that. The cops informed her that her husband was dead. She started crying and the cops comforted...for a bit. Then they busted her hitman-hiring ass. Apparently Dalia Dippolito didn't care for how things were going with her new husband. So obviously it was time to get in the market for a hitman. A friend of hers alerted the police to this possibility and they set her up with all the bells and whistles including, of course, putting her husband under protective custody. Coincidentally Cops was filming with the Boynton Beach cops and so we should have all this goodness on the air sometime.

--I haven't gone to Radio Shack in years, but now that it's The Shack, well...

--Adama has joined the cast of Green Hornet. Katee Sackhoff should too, unless she’s going to continue to lay around on the couch. That, well that I'm all right with...

--Finally got a date for V and it’s November 3rd on ABC when the lizards return.

--How crappy was UFC 101? Ugh, not that I was expecting greatness, but at the very least some entertainment, but that wasn’t really happening. Anderson and BJ are kind of good. Apparently Marv Marinovich can train a fighter for MMA though who’d a thought that fighter would be BJ Penn who isn’t exactly known for pushing it during training. Anderson and Forrest got Fight of the Night. That’s how bad the card was.
On the other hand, Natasha Wicks was brilliant in her debut. She took the place of Edith Labelle who was apparently too hungover to walk around the ring at 100. That’s a serious hangover when you can’t muster up the energy to walk around an octagon with your hands over your head.

--Shane Victorino ringside at UFC 101 in Philly on Saturday night. Shane Victorino thrown out of the Phillies game from Sunday….while in centerfield?!? Coincidence? Yes? Oh, okay.

--Excuse of the Week comes to us from...Florida. Didn't expect "Florida" did you? Keith Griffin was minding his own business downloading some music when his evil cat decided to frame Keith. How? By downloading child porn of course. Bastard. For whatever reason cops arrested him anyway. Meanwhile the cat roams free to download children's porn on computers all around Florida.

--Deadspin with the frontrunner for image of the week…

--Snuggies for pets. Of course.

Questions, comments, or if you're glad Sundays are really, really close to being about football and Mad Men...


  1. UFC 101 did indeed blow but WEC kicked some ass on Sunday.

  2. WEC always delivers, but people just don't pay attention. Whether boxing or mma the little guys put on great shows. Torres getting beat will be upset of year regardless of sport.

  3. Anonymous8:09 AM

    How would you compare The Wire to the Sopranos so far??
    I will keep in mind you haven't gotten to Season 4 ..which I think is very very good.

  4. A couple of months ago when i started watching a commented said it was better than the sopranos. I agree and it's not really close to me. There are no filler episodes, the acting is top notch, it feels so real through fantastic writing and direction. Best of all no scenes of McNulty talking to a shrink for 20 boring minutes.

  5. Anonymous9:20 AM

    See here is the catch and I heard you guys talking about this ..this morning on my way to work...
    Most of the actors from the streets on the Wire are not actors. They came from the streets. Now Stringer and Avon have been in movies with small roles. But those other ones..not so much and that is what makes it so genuine in my eyes....

    By the way...been watching Burn Notice...and Gabrielle Anwar is not too bad on the eyes....very good lookin woman....the show is not bad either...but the fact she is good looking and likes to shoot people with Sniper rifles and is quick to use the shotgun is a nice addition...

  6. Great point. The extras on the DVDs point this out and it shows on the screen. When they're staking out corners and we see the kids through the cop's eyes it may as well be a documentary.
    Burn Notice is the best thing my girlfriend has recommended I watch. Of course she also records the Kardashians...

  7. I was one the pimpin' The Wire from the get go. Sopranos are not even close. I would rank the Shield above Sopranos as well. Both, The Wire and the Shield never had a season of daydreams or their lead on a horse in the living room.
    Excited that Shawn Ryan is doing a new cop show for Fox.
    When the UFC was hear I had press pass and watched the ring card girls and was shocked that they had a handler. The girls walk while not looking where they are going. A "wrangler" is on the floor telling them when to turn.
    I liked how Philly fans booed Silva and then after he won they were so far up his ass it was ridiculous. I am so tired of Philly, Boston and NY fans that think being an a-hole, is some what cool.

  8. Yeah and you were dead on. Can't believe after 2 episodes I was wondering what the hype was about.
    A wrangler...awesome


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