Friday, August 14, 2009

I hope she'll say, "Hey me and you should hit the hay!" I asked her out she said, "No way!"

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Contrary to most people I'm still optimistic that the Rockets can make the playoffs next season so I like articles this this...

--Personally I thought it was over a long time ago, but apparently King of the Hill isn’t officially over until September 13th. I assume the finale will consist of Connie and Bobby going off to college and getting married. It’s been 13 seasons that Hank has tried to show you the ways of the propane grill.

--I'm not saying Barack is cool, but he did say what's up to Bubs on Inauguration Day.

--Friday Night Lights returns to DirecTV on October 28th, but for NBC you’ll have to wait until next summer. Ridiculous. Anyway, we knew Tyra was gonna have a 4-episode arc before she left, but apparently that arc isn’t coming until season 5. Lyla and Saracen finish up their lives in Dillon with arcs this season.

--Two years after retirement 78% of NFL players are bankrupt, jobless, or divorced? Seems kinda low doesn’t it?

--Tracy Morgan/Jordan and his wife are getting divorced? I guess they must have just grown apart over these last 1, 2, 8 years they’ve been separated.

--That Mike Tyson doc which is supposed to be really strong comes out on DVD next week. Sorry I missed him giving a Jonas brother a haircut at The Teen Choice Awards. Not sorry I missed Miley Cyrus pole dancing.

--If you watched the Sunday game and managed not to throw up at the sight of old Oiler uniforms you saw Chris Mortensen’s kid throw a pick six for the Titans. Yeah, Tennessee cut him two days later. At least his old man can give him a ride to other camps to try out.

--Ghostbuster Zeddemore is joining the sunken ship Heroes.

--I haven’t seen Food, Inc. yet, but I did just watch The Future of Food. If you want to be disgusted with the food industry, CPODs, and the U.S. Government then I highly recommend it. It is absolutely ridiculous that companies aren’t required to label products that are genetically modified as such.

--Line of the Week belongs to the always hilarious Larry Wilmore: This is what happens when you get a melting pot. The stew gets darker.

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--I don’t know what a “Jonah Hex” is, but if Megan Fox is getting nude in it…

--I don't know much about this except I like JJ Abrams and Dark Tower influenced Lost so I'm down with this...

--If you want twitpic updates on how the SI Swimsuit Issue is going, well here ya go...

--Zombies. AMC. I'm in.

--A Battlestar Galatica movie that isn't related to the just finished series? Frak that.

--We've all seen City of God (if you haven't, rent now, I'll wait...) so this story out of Sao Paolo isn't totally surprising. Apparently there's a show there called Canal Livre which consisted of a host, Wallace Souza, ranting about how terrible the state of Brazil is regarding murders, drugs, etc. The show was able to get exclusive footage to drive home its point. For example, one of the show's reporters showed a freshly burned corpse before the cops even got there. It's as if the show set out to murder people just to have "exclusive" footage. As if. Police claim this was one of at least five murders Souza orchestrated for the show to drive up the ratings. Souza has been elected to the legislature a few times after the show became must-see television. The cops say, "The order to execute always came from the legislator and his son, who then alerted the TV crews to get to the scene before the police." Souza calls b.s. and says the only witness is a cop who is facing nine murder charges of his own. Souza is being charged with gang formation, drug trafficking and weapons possession while his son is facing some murder charges. However because this is Brazil Souza has legislative immunity as long as he's in office. To summarize, disgraced cop starts TV show that gets footage no one else can of slain drug dealers, said drug dealers allegedly being Souza's competition and Souza can't get busted because of legislative immunity. Only in Brazil.

--Someday Hollywood will have new ideas. In the meantime we get a Poltergeist remake.

--Just so you don't get lost next week. First on Bravo will be the premiere of the new season of Top Chef then the Masters finale will follow at 9:15.

Questions, comments or if you’re scared for Gina Carano’s face this Saturday…


  1. Anonymous11:22 AM

    You should probably watch all 4 seasons of the wire first but. Who would you rather be Pullo, Jimmy McNeal, or Swarengger? I go Pullo by a nose of Jimmy McNeal rather a killing problem to a drinking problem. But you should really hold judgment til u sea what Jimmy hits in season 4.

  2. Pullo and Swearengen didn't have the benefit of medicines that would help with some of the associated problems that might arise from having relations with every female on the street.
    So McNulty by default.

  3. Brock Sampson5:10 PM

    The idea of a BSG movie not tied in to Ron Moore's series is one of the dumbest things I have heard of. How can they possibly improve on whats been done?

    I'm a little pissed that I'm not going to get to see more of Tyra till season 5. I LOVE that chick. But at least she is doing movies now. Check out the trailer for a movie called Legion on Apple's website. Looks pretty badass. Any movie with Tyra, Paul Bettany, and Keamy from Lost has to be.

  4. agree on battlestar. i mean it's one thing to have this planned before the series, but after the series' success how ya gonna try and do something unrelated?
    i'll check out that legion especially if adrianne palicki is involved. thanks for the heads up. tyra woulda made a helluva cylon.


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