Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Girls - to do the dishes. Girls - to clean up my room.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Congratulations to Cody Vasek for his Pork Belly Throwdown win on Monday night at Catalan. Pork four ways including a Pork ‘n’ Beans Ice Cream Sandwich that cinchedit. A shame for all that talent to belong to a Titans fan. If you aren’t listening to Southbound Food, well you probably don’t know when it’s on, but find out and listen. Next week Gail Simmons which will be as close to Padma as most of us will ever get.

--Our Trip of the Week comes to us from Saratoga Springs. ‘Twas there that Todd Buchas was slinging drugs when the cops showed up. He wasn’t going out like that so he tried to bite one officer in the leg. That wasn’t going well so Todd decided to douse a cop’s hands with LSD. Instead of just enjoying the trip the cop started to feel “ill” and was taken to the ER instead of somewhere nice like the movie theater. I mean seriously can you think of worse places to trip than the hospital?

--I’ve never watched Smallville, but if the Wonder Twins are gonna start being on it. Well I still won’t watch, but if I hear my boy Gleek is joining them, well…

--It doesn’t get much better than Better Know a District especially when Colbert can coax a Colorado congressman to do a beer bong.

--If it does get better than that then it probably has something to do with Triumph the Insult Comic Dog…

--Ah state fairs, a time for deep fried coke wrapped in a chocolate chip pancake on a stick made of butter. And apparently in Milwaukee, Wisconsin a time for mayoral pipe beatings. Apparently the 55-year-old mayor, Tom Barrett was walking with his family to their car late Saturday night when he heard a woman crying for help. Super Mayor decided to spring into action telling his family to go to the car while he took care of business. 20-year-old Anthony Peters was yelling down his ex-girlfriend’s mom. As soon as the mayor pulled out a cell phone Anthony pulled out a pipe and put a beating on the mayor leaving him in a pool of blood. The mayor is gonna be okay after some hospital time. Yeah, Anthony has some mental issues. A friend he was living with came up with a gem, “Most people don’t have the chance to even meet the mayor, and he goes and beats him up.”

--Not that we needed confirmation, but Colt Brennan laughs at your Colt/Jessica Simpson rumors.

--From the same fantastic people who brought us everything Tracy Jordan has ever said. Everything Don Draper uttered in Season One. It is damn nice to have Mad Men back to finish off weekends.

--Really America, only one hundred thousand more of you watched the premiere of Mad Men over the premiere of the other Kardashians in Miami?! Un-and yet completely-believable. is goodness. As is a link with pics of the Mad Women...

--Patton Oswalt is gonna join the cast of Caprica?! Must see Big Fan.

--Beadie/Holly/Amy Ryan is having McNulty’s/Michael’s/her fiance’s baby.

--Way to go America! A White Chicks sequel is in the works! Whew. You gots to give the people what they want. And White Chicks is it!

--The Dancing with the Stars cast is out and wait, Tom DeLay?! I’m not saying Chuck Liddell’s career is over, but he’s on. Mark DaCascos from Iron Chef America and countless martial art b-movies is in as is Michael Irvin. Joanna Krupa and Kathy Ireland will be nice. Kelly Osbourne no so much. Debi Mazar? Is cursing allowed now?

--Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Turtle are really dating?!

Questions, comments or even with all the traffic you can’t stop hitting up Buffalo Market…


  1. Several years ago I was a the movies and saw 3 teens going in to see White Chicks. I chastised them that there parents did not work hard all week long so they could go see crappy movies like that.
    I am a comic book geek and Smallville's constant stunt casting has yet to get me to watch. I guess it was the first 5 seasons of teen Clark and Lex hanging out in a coffee shop that ruined it for me.
    Tom Delay will get voted off first, guaranteed.

  2. I gave up the theaters to punk kids a long time ago. They win.
    Yeah, Tom DeLay or Kelly Osbourne has to be gone first.
    As a comic book guy, should I be excited about Midnight, Mass. coming to NBC?

  3. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Damn, I forgot to record Kardashians.

  4. And there's no way u can catch up on a show like that when u miss an episode

  5. Tyrrell11:18 AM

    And the parking lot only gets smaller at the Buffalo Market - sweet planning landing a bank in the parking lot.

  6. Yep. Gotta shop early or late for sure

  7. Brock Sampson3:52 PM

    January Jones is one of the most underrated hotties on the planet.

    Psyched about Patton joining Caprica, as well as James Marsters (have to admit, I was/am a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

    If you haven't done so yet, check out District 9.

  8. Don't know aboyt Midnoght but AMC has gotten the rights to The Walking Dead and that had been one of thebest books for the past 5 years.


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