Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The sun is beating down on my baseball hat. The air is gettin' hot the beer is getting flat.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--This is the My Wish week on SportsCenter which is one of the few reasons to watch SportsCenter. Even with all my Dallas hate I still loved the first piece with the 6-year-old boy who wanted to meet the Cowboys. Does Chris Connelly work one week a year for ESPN? Anyone remember Unscripted?

--I'm not saying Heroes is desperate, but Claire and Madeline Zima's character are going the lesbian route.

--Seriously A-1, Dr. Pepper already nailed the perfect commercial for Meatloaf's "I Would Do Anything For Love" so try again.

--WTH HBO?! No new Hung or True Blood this week? Way to build off any momentum Hung may have had after its debut.

--Party Down is taking a big loss as Jane Lynch (tall, short-haired blonde from Best in Show) is leaving for Glee. Glee is promising.

Not Jane Lynch, but Lizzy Kaplan fills out the Party Down uniform better.

--One down and four to go with me and The Wire. I was slightly worried after watching the first couple of episodes and not being blown away, but yeah it didn't take much longer after that to make me think I'm going to end up enjoying this more than Sopranos. Just fantastic stuff and a helluva cast.

--Just so you don't get made fun of at the bar later it is now Scyfy and no longer Sci-Fi Channel.

--In Well, Duh news...Inglourious Basterds is going to be a big-time advertiser for UFC 100. Basterds comes out on August 21st.

--Anytime, anyone has anything to say about the 80’s Mets it’s worth checking out. Especially if it’s from Jack Clark. Hated that guy. Clark was on a St. Louis station the other day and got off some good blasts. My personal favorite was regarding that attention whore Gary Carter saying he “talked his way more into the Hall of Fame than deserving it.” And that it was was “pretty sickening and disgusting to everybody else.” Clark went on to accuse Howard Johnson of using a corked bat and so on and so forth. I like MLB Network, but dammit you can’t show one Astros playoff victory? They’ve shown four games over the past month or so and it was two losses to the Phils in ’80 and two losses to the Mets in ’86. I will however give them credit for showing Nolan’s no-no against the Dodgers. Eat it Steve Garvey and Ron Cey!

--We’re Number 14! We’re Number 14! How’s that taste Numbers 15-50? Texas is 14th in percentage of obese adults. Mississippi is our repeat superheavyweight champeen. A ridiculous 23.5% of adults in that happy state are big fatties. Mississippi continues to utilize a wondrous farm system as over 45% of kids ages 10-17 are overweight or obese. The other 55% are slackers who need to discover the beauty of Baconnaise, and not the “Lite” version either. West Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee and whatever state Paula Deen is currently in round out the top five. Colorado is the skinniest state and yet it has to be among the leaders in hippie pot smokers, go figure. Scary: 31 states have a reported obesity rate of 25% or more. Not even 20 years ago zero states exceeded 20%. Though that was before deep fried coke and sausages rolled in pancakes.

--Jim Leyritz beat up his ex-wife? The same ex-wife who had his back about the breathalyzer being unfair to him because he could no longer enjoy chicken marsala? Na, couldn’t be Jim Leyritz. He’s such a good guy.

--My favorite masked wrestler of all-time is without a doubt La Parka and his awesome skeleton costume. So Thursday’s news about La Parkita struck me particularly deep. Midget wrestlers La Parkita and El Especrito were checking into a Mexico City hotel early the other morning when two prostitutes of normal height approached them. If you know anything about midget wrestlers it’s that they can’t so no to women. So they all went into a room, but only two walked out. You can guess which two. Apparently the hookers, who are in a gang of whores, drugged the guys and their little bodies couldn’t stave off the drugs that may not have killed normal sized people. The bitches left fingerprints so hopefully justice can be served (though it is Mexico) and may they see La Parkita in their nightmares.

While looking for a decent La Parka pic to post I came across the man, the myth, the Disco Inferno...

--It just keeps getting better for Quincy Carter...

--A fantastic link to 10 audition videos including a couple of Losties as well as Natalie Portman for The Professional, Hugh Laurie for House (born for the role), and Kurt Russell for Star Wars.

--Casey Kasem retired? Casey Kasem was alive?

Questions, comments or if you can't fight this feeling any longer...


  1. If you remember I said that The Wire makes the Sopranos look like crap. You need to pass them on and educate Sean. Since he is the biggest Soprano mark, it will be the ultimate turn. Glad to see you love La Parka. He was so good that even though he never talked and usually lost, he was super over in WCW. The true chairman.\
    Basterds looks like it will be the shiznot. Who needs talking robots when Brad Pitt is cussing and killing Nazi's.

  2. Zero chance Sean puts Wire above Sopranos. La Parka would main event Wrestlemania before that would happen.

  3. it's pretty obvious that Heros is getting desperate


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