Tuesday, June 30, 2009

One lonely Beastie I be. All by myself without nobody.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Farrah was battling cancer for a while. Michael Jackson was Michael Jackson. But damn Billy Mays?! I just started watching Pitchmen with him (marathon Wednesday on Discovery) and Anthony Sullivan and it was pretty good. Back to Mikey for a second, Rick Fox won the Tweet of the Day Award with this gem:
"Sad day: Michael Jackson/Farah Fawcett/Ed McMahon all died-- I may have 3 rings but sometimes things in 3's can suck R.I.P. ..."
Glad Rick could insert himself and his rings into that day. I will, however, give Rick credit for his Party Down appearance.
Time has its Michael Jackson issue and Ice-T delivers a great quote: "One of my friends said, No matter how tough you are, Michael Jackson will have the biggest gangster in the front row screaming like a bitch at his concert. That's about the best compliment you can give." Word. Oh and STFU already Joe. Plugging anything while talking about Michael reminds everyone just what a piece of crap Michael had to deal with as his father figure.

--Now that I’m nearly done watching the first season of The Wire I know good police work when I see it. For example criminal mastermind and sometimes football player Sergio Kindle drove his car into a girl’s apartment late the other night. Kindle and some of his passengers pushed the car out of the apartment and down the street some before leaving it. Yet somehow Austin’s police and maybe its CSI crew determined that the abandoned car was indeed Kindle’s. Kindle’s lawyer has two odd quotes. The first regarding how the crash happened, “he was probably text messaging and lost control of his car.” Um, I woulda gone with no comment. The other quote pertains to why Sergio left the car, "He knew he was hurt at the time and that he needed to go home and go to bed." Yes, because if you hit a brick wall and you feel like you may be injured you should probably just get home immediately and sleep it off. Let the cops and apartment owner figure out what happened you need your rest. Thankfully the girl wasn’t home, but sadly her iPhone was destroyed. Needless to say I’d be suing the sh** out of Kindle for destroying my iPhone. I mean why go on if you can’t Shazam random music or spend an hour playing Paper Toss at your work desk?

--Um, 10 Best Picture nominees next Oscars?!

--Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnilo no more?! Not that anybody remembered they were going out or why they were somewhat relevant once upon a time.

--Sorry Audrina, there's no chance you could have topped Padma's Carl's Jr. spot...

--Your Dumbass Criminals of the Week come to us from Florida. ‘Twas there that Eshon Hardy and Theordore Walker were walking home at about 4AM when a cop drove by. The 18 and 20-year-olds told the cop they had left a friend’s house and were lost, oh and they couldn’t pinpoint where their friend’s house was. The dumbasses asked the cop for a ride. To seal the deal one of the guys started dancing and saying he was going to have a rap career. Of course at that point stolen items started falling out of his pockets. The cop then discovered that nine cars were broken into at six different locations with everything from GPS units to strawberry Pop-Tarts being taken. Yeah, these guys are dumbasses, but they have company as all nine cars were unlocked.

--What in the hell?!

--Watchmen out on DVD July 21st. The Director's Cut will also be in some theaters that weekend, but who needs a theater when you have Blu-Ray?

--The example many professional teams should follow this week comes to us from the Sixers who are going back to their old logo.

--I guess I’ll give HBO’s Hung a try. I’m just kind of burned out on the whole high school gym teacher becomes male prostitute with a female pimp genre.

--Aaron Rodgers and Houstonian Julie Henderson who used to date Russell Simmons?!

--Back in the day I was a big fan of the awesome, if not short-lived It's Your Move. Jason Bateman post-Silver Spoons, pre-Teen Wolf Too (who was the genius that decided Teen Wolf Too should be a boxer?) Episodes are on YouTube.

--Eastbound & Down AND Parker Lewis Can't Lose out on DVD this week.

--Megan and Shia? Really?

--Pepa of Salt ‘n’ Pepa fame and Chilli of TLC are getting their own reality looking for love type shows?! Best I can figure about these shows is New York won’t be involved.

--I can wait for Lost as long as they keep adding episodes. One added making it 18 in what is going to be one helluva final season.

Questions, comments or if you visited Eastland last weekend and didn’t see Tootie, Natalie, or even Blair…


  1. Did you notice that this is the one time the Comical chose not do to a story on a Whorn? You forgot to mention that he had a prior DUI, not that he was drunk this time. I don't know who I am more disappointed in Juli or Megan. At least Megan stepped up from the dude from 80210.
    I dont see how there can be a directors cut for Watchmen. It seemed like he got everything in there. As long as there is more Rorschach then all is well.
    I said it before, The Wire is the best HBO show evah!!!

  2. the complete set of The Wire may turn out to be the best Christmas gift I ever gave mysel...I mean my dad.

  3. It's funny you mention feeling smarter and more knowledgeable about police work in conjunction with watching The Wire b/c I recently started on it too (I'm up to episode 3 of season 3), but I also simultaneously started Weeds (I'm on episode 8 of season 4) which is just a horrible combo. The entire time I'm slapping my forehead at how dumb and careless Nancy and all these drug dealers are. I can't help but be like "STOP USING THE GODDAMN PHONES!!" Then I have to calm down and remind myself that they're two totally different shows, but it's tough. The Wire begins to own your life and you start to feel like a detective. Or maybe I'm a huge dork...all legitimate possibilities.

  4. Lesson is hot, white, suburban moms can use all the phones they want. Black people in Baltimore? Not so much . U are right about wire owning your life although I fall under that huge dork category. Obviously


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