Thursday, July 16, 2009

He told a little story that sounded well rehearsed. Four days on the run and that he's dying of thirst.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Hard to take MLS seriously when a player can just straight up call a referee a cheat on a Tweet and get fined a whole $500. But good for Brian Ching. I don't need to see the call to know Chinger was accurate in his assessment. No one legitamately scores two goals on the Dynamo.

--I'm a big fan of excuses, especially those rooted in the suspension of reality. Because only an excuse like that has a chance to get an athletic governing body to drop a possible two-year ban for a positive cocaine test. Just simply saying you kissed a woman who you think was doing cocaine isn't likely to get you off the hook. Well, unless you're Richard Gasquet.

--Discovery Channel is renewing Pitchmen? Ummm, they did hear about Billy Mays, right?

--Next Tuesday Hell's Kitchen returns and supposedly it's some crazy shiat going on those first two hours. We'll also have a couple of former contestants back on.

--It's hard to decide which one I'm excited about more: another Scream or another Bridget Jones.

--Wait, where are we as a nation when without jail-time coming some moron can say there's a Gina Carano sex tape among us only to admit a day later he lied?

--How much longer is this Superstars crap on? The Home Run Derby thinks it’s dragging on.

--Not only is it sad that they still produce The Espys, but in 2009 what the hell is still tape-delayed?

--Note to Top Chefs on Masters: please heed the F’N TIME LIMIT!

--Congratulations to Diana Taurasi who was upgraded from regular ol’, yawn-DUI to Extreme DUI!

--FX is gonna come out with a show revolving around fantasy football? And Nadine Velasquez is in it?

--Frak the Emmy nominations! How can you have 7 series up for Best Drama (all deserving nominees, but if forced I woulda knocked out Damages and House) and not have Battlestar Galactica in the mix or a single actor nominated for an award? Mary McDonnell, Katee Sackhoff, hell the old man himself, anyone.
There are some things I like such as Jeremy Piven being passed over. Gotta love that Michael Emerson/Ben gets a nod from Lost even though Elizabeth Mitchell/Juliet was screwed. And from the best show nobody watches, Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul/Jesse was shown some love. I’d give Paul the ever so slight margin of victory for Outstanding Supporting Actor over Emerson. Neither had what you might call a successful season.

I love Flight of the Conchords, but I wasn’t thinking Outstanding Comedy when I was watching this past season. Funny that Jermaine gets an Outstanding Actor in a Comedy nomination, but not Bret. Murray would have been acceptable over either. Eastbound & Down in front of that for sure, but of course The Man is still trying to keep Kenny Powers down.

Mad Men gets a helluva lot of run and deservedly so, but nothing for January Jones?!

Oh yeah, where the hell is anyone (specifically Shane) from The Shield much less the show itself?!

--Anna Friel topless in U.K. Vanity Fair is a good look for her.

--Damn Richard Jefferson how ya gonna last minute cancel your wedding? Apparently the would-be wifey told her friends and family it was off just a couple of hours before it was supposed to be on. Jefferson did right by his boys though giving them his Black Amex for the night. He probably gave it to them in person as opposed to how he broke up with his fiancĂ©e, you know by e-mail. And if you’re wondering, well, the NY Post asked and no, he’s not gay.

They were supposed to honeymoon in London and see one of Michael Jackson's last concerts, but hey separated so I guess that ain't happening.

--A reason to actually watch come November…Phil Ivey made the final table at this year’s Main Event.

--Rashida Jones and Jon Favreau?! Oh wait, there are two Jon Favreaus?

Questions, comments or if you’re starting to look at fantasy football projections and hating that you know Matt Schaub won’t be a good value steal late in drafts around here...


  1. How in the heck did the Shield not get nominated ofr its' last season? That show was brillian from the start and unlike most series it wrapped up nicely. The fact that they nominated Familiy Guy before South Park of the Simpsons ever got a nod is shameful. Especially after SP skewered the show.
    How insultuing to Billy would it be if they replace him with the Shaw Wow guy?

  2. Shield finale was very well done. Didn't turn out so good for Ronnie though.
    I think the only Family Guy I've watched the last 3 years were the Star Wars eps. Show just got formulaic and old for me.
    I think I read billy's boy was gonna be involved somehow.


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