Monday, July 20, 2009

The brew was in my hand and he was on my tip. His voice was hoarse, his throat was dry he asked me for a sip.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--MCA has cancer?! Apparently it's "very treatable" so that's promising. The Boys have postponed their upcoming album release and cancelled tour dates.

--Not that he’ll be adding to the total that much more (although wearing #77 now who knows), but among active players Pudge is second to only Derek Jeter in career 3-hit games.

--The Nationals have dropped four straight since firing Manny Acta. It’s almost as if the problem is the players and not the managers. Almost.

--Peter Crouch is going to make an honest woman out of Abbey Clancy.

--When I saw a blurb on Deadspin about a Shaq reality show titled “Shaq vs.” I thought it was a joke. Of course, it’s not. I’m so stupid. I'm still waiting on Dream's beatdown of Shaq in their one-on-one.

--Why does T.O. have a reality show when he could be spending more time with Jessica White?

--Our Crazy One-Legged Man Story of the Week comes to us from Arkansas. ‘Twas there Johnathan Hensley and his wifey went to a Wendy’s. But according to them they were shorted some fries and, are you sitting down?, a straw. Bastards. So wife goes inside and says she was called a name and she responded with what the newspaper quotes as, “about the worst thing you can say to a black man” (well that narrows it down). Then she walked out with some employees following her at which point husband gets out of the car with his .38. He didn’t fire it, not that that prevented the cops from arresting the pair a little later. They didn’t have that straw in the car, but did have $12,000 in cash, two checks for a quarter of million dollars and surprise, meth-related items.

--Padma on an NBC sitcom?! I had no idea she was in Glitter and yet...

--Live-action Voltron movie?! Considering recent animation to movie adaptations I’m not looking forward to Hollywood f’in up the awesomeness of Voltron. It already slapped G-Force on a freakin’ Disney movie that has guinea pigs going into space where hilarity (for three-year-olds) ensues. Everyone knows G-Force consists of the calm, cool, and collected leadership of Mark, the cockiness of Jason, the intelligence and grace of Princess and the comedic relief of Pee Wee and Tiny. Gotta love Battle of the Planets.

--Father of the Week comes to us from South Carolina. The father is Jeffrey Richards and he took his 14-year-old son to a AAA game. The highly intelligent father dared his son to run onto the field and told him he’d be “the man” for doing it. Nice. So the 14-year-old, who was never given a chance because of his father’s genes, runs onto the field, takes his shirt off and touches the 400 sign in centerfield. That’s when security caught up to him and the boy ratted out his dad. So both were arrested with daddy going to jail on a contributing to the delinquency of a minor charge. Dad was released the next day, but the son had to wait for Family Court to convene so he got to spend a few days in jail being “the man.”

--Not only is Burn Notice's Jeffrey Donovan far too interested in becoming a spy again instead of trying to talk Moon Bloodgood and Gabrielle Anwar into a fun getaway weekend, but he's far too interested in crashing into police cruisers after drinking.

--Chad Qualls could be reunited with Brad Lidge?

--Anyone else laugh hilariously at Fanhouse’s headline on Monday: Drexler Vows to Become NBA Coach. The author, Tim Povtak, paints a picture of Clyde taking over for Rick Adelman. Hilarious.

--Never really sat down at a bar and wished I could order Kid Rock's beer. American Badass Beer, um okay.

Questions, comments or if you want to see an all-you-can-eat oyster nacho promotion at Beaver’s…


  1. Anonymous7:16 AM Wire update...what's up with that???

  2. My bad. I did finish the 2nd season. Great stuff of course. Loved Herc and Carver gettin bitched like that. Omar and Brother's talk was strong. I don't see how Stringer can survive both Brother Mouzone and Omar coming at him. Also saw that Shield joins Wire in getting screwed out of Emmy noms in their final seasons. Ridiculous

  3. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Just gets better. Herc and Carver are classic and get so much better. Stringer ..what can I say...Season 3 will speak for hurry up and watch it.

    I am not sure how the nominations are made but The Wire and The Shield have to be two shows that were synonmous with getting snubbed. Not sure if the creators of the shows burned a bridge or what...but those two shows alone have surpassed anything ever put on television with regard to police drama I have ever seen. No disrespect to Hill Street Blues, Law and Order, Homicide the list could go on...but the Shield and The Wire surpass all of those. And it is ashame that neiher of those shows get the accolades they deserve....

  4. If Drex takes over for Adelman who will coach the remaining 74 games of the year? I he maintains what he "started" at UH he will emphatically coach the first couple of games and then let the assitants do the rest of the year.
    All this talk about he Wire caused me to go and buy the DVD set. So worth it.

  5. "Who will coach the remaining 74 games of the year" - lmao.
    The only negative albeit a small one is Wire not being on blu-ray.

  6. Anonymous10:07 AM

    I'm not sure who Jessica White is and her connection to TO but uhhh did you get a look at the Real Estate agent on TO's reality show last night.....not to mention his ex-finace`...yeah TO is not lacking for having a good looking woman on his arm.....LOL

  7. Jessica and TO are reportedly dating. I didn't watch his show yet but have it recorded. I'm sure he ain't hurting for arm candy.

  8. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Don't worry. Word on the grapevine Battle of the Planets will get made just not under the G-force moniker(Hell it had like 15 different titles at one point). Also will be a CGI movie like the upcoming Astro Boy. Peace and pork gease!


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