Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You been fully captivated by that funky ass bass. Your girlfriend screams when M.C.A.'s in the place

That Was Fun

Simply put, I’ve never been more proud of a team representing Houston than I am of these Houston Rockets. It was a helluva rollercoaster ride that saw the rollercoaster run over Houston’s two best players and one of the world’s great humanitarians and yet the ride went on for more than a month this postseason. It wasn’t the season we envisioned back in October, but considering the road it’s hard not to feel good about the result.
Thanks to every single member of that Rockets team, coaching staff and front office for reminding us of those great feelings from the past and instilling promise for the future. As for the offseason, in Morey I trust.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--So Sean Penn isn't tagging Natalie Portman?! That's a relief.

--When and where do we drop Jughead so we can get a do-over for Game 7? The season finale of Lost was, well a season finale of Lost = awesome.

--Last week's Dumbass of the Week was me for scheduling a Vegas trip during Game 6 and the Lost finale. Dumbass of the Week turned out to be Vegas for putting the Rockets at +9.5 and +370 against the Lakers in Game 6, but thank you very, very much Vegas.

--The Maxim Hot 100 came out last week and normally I'd go over it mistake by mistake, but Padma is 95 and Jennifer Love Hewitt is 10 so what's the point.

--Jon Gruden in and Kornheiser out is a good thing. I had no idea how Gruden would be during the NFL Network's draft coverage, but he was really good.

--For those scoring at home (congratulations).... Tim Redding is now with the Mets and Alex Rodriguez is now with Kate Hudson.

--Aw dammit! It's not like I didn't know chances were slim Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles was gonna be axed, but I was holding out hope until the end. The End. You'd think Fox may want to wait just a bit until it saw how the new Terminator movie does, but no dice. Call me crazy, but I'd put Sarah Connor's season finale right up there with Lost's in terms of what they set up for next season. Skynet will have its revenge.

--On the other hand Chuck was surprisingly renewed. I'm gonna catch up on this over the summer because two out of two people surveyed liked it.

This seems like a good episode.

--So apparently WWE has a Raw booked the same night at the Pepsi Center in Denver as Game 4 against the Lakers. The two sides are trying to resolve this and you know Vince McMahon has something good to say about this all, "Even though the Denver Nuggets had a strong team this year and were projected to make the playoffs, obviously Nuggets and Pepsi Center owner Stan Kroenke did not have enough faith in his own team to hold the May 25 date for a potential playoff game.

--I don't know how you couldn't have loved Brian Grant as a player. From playing in the NBA just a few seasons ago to young onset Parkinson's....good luck Brian.

--101 on DirecTV is showing Party Down if you don't have Starz. It's worth checking out (for Lizzie Kaplan alone) on that or Netflix.

--SNL closed with Will Ferrell and how can you go wrong with Celebrity Jeopardy especially when Burt/Norm Macdonald makes an appearance?

--It's been crazy, but only three more episodes of Breaking Bad left this season. Soon enough we'll find out the who is under the sheets.

--Hey 24! I thought we agreed no more Kim in Trouble storylines? I watched the first 4 hours and last 4 hours, in between I think Tony and Jack switched sides two or three times apiece and a bunch of perimeters failed.

Ah, good times...good times....wait...sorry Teri

--So that wasn't the Scrubs series finale? Apparently JD and Elliott are back for six episodes and Turk, Dr. Cox, and The Janitor are in for the long haul.

--There's going to be a film version of Battleship?!

Questions, comments or if you can tell me what I've missed of the baseball season so far...


  1. Dude, I am so sick of Kim. Her character is idiotic, yet she goes from almost being eaten by a cougar to being a baby sitter to working at CTU to banging C. Thomas Howell. Just kill her already.
    Just let Scrubs die. They gave it a proper sendoff, no need to go Golden Girls Hotel.

  2. i love how she casually dropped, "i used to be a systems analyst for ctu."
    scrubs had the perfect sendoff and yet we get another season though this was the strongest season in awhile.


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