Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What's the time? It's time to get ill!

It’s Not A Mountain, It’s A Hill

Would it be the craziest thing in the world if the Rockets beat the Lakers? No, I mean Padma once married Salman Rushdie; Megan Fox is still with David Silver; the Astros scored 12 runs the other night; I found Versus on my channel guide. Point is that crazy things happen all the time. Maybe it’s because it’s so many years removed, but I don’t think I was as proud of the championship teams as I am proud of these guys. What happened on Sunday after the one-two punch of Friday’s game and Saturday’s news was inspirational, but not the most insane surprise to those of us who have watched these guys over the last couple of seasons. This team may not be the most talented, but you will not outwork them, you will not outhustle them and you sure as hell better not expect them to lay down. The guys in the red blazers and matching bow ties won’t back down from a fight. Why the Lakers expected them to is beyond me.
You better recognize that this team may be without three former all-stars, may start a 6-6 guy at center, may have a 6-foot 2nd year player running point, may have a crazy guy who’s already been ejected twice this series (b.s. each time), may start a guy who was shot a couple of months ago, may have an immature vagabond gunner on the bench, may start a player from Duke, may have maddening substitution patterns, and may very well kick your ass two out of the next three games if you don’t treat them with the respect they have earned.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Mindy Kaling/Kelly Kapoor got a 2 year deal from NBC to remain on The Office and develop a show?! Promising.

--Also promising....Gina Carano who doesn't even look like Gina Carano in YRB Magazine.

--I still haven't dug in on The Wire, but everyone who has loves the fact HBO picked up David Simon series 'Treme that centers around musicians in post-Katrina New Orleans.

--Damn I missed Yakuza vs. Mafia on Deadliest Warrior last week.

--Sylar/Zachary Quinto is coming back for another season of Heroes and that's the only good thing that series has going for it.

--The Biggest Pair of the Week is swinging under the city of Baltimore. Andrew Leonard is a 33-year-old chemist with a nice little life with wifey and a dog. So he comes home after his church's Ash Wednesday service and boom it's a no-knock raid courtesy of Baltimore's finest. So he gets handcuffed and interrogated about drugs and a certain dealer. Of course Leonard has no idea what they're talking about because the police have the wrong freakin' address. So he got a messed up house and a busted door for his trouble. So he tried to nail up the broken door, but that wasn't working so he tried to put up a new door and that wasn't exactly a perfect door installation which is kinda important in Baltimore. Of course Leonard lives his life by logic and using said logic he thinkgs the city should pay for a new door. Obviously he hasn't gotten anywhere with that request. So he had the old, busted door in his backyard while he wanted for bulk trash pickup that wasn't coming. Baltimore's city inspectors have the biggest pair because they issue Leonard a $50 fine because he has trash (the door) in his backyard.

--Your Father of the Year Candidate of the Week comes to us from Salem. A 41-year-old father of four put dog shock collars on his kids. Bad kids? Nah, he just thought it was funny to shock them.

--Dumbass of the Week is me for scheduling a trip to Vegas during the Lost season finale and Game 6.

--That's an aight submission...

--I'm looking forward to Terminator: Salvation, but if you get a shot of Moon Bloodgood topless and don't use it, I mean seriously WTF?!

--The Stanley Cup Playoffs have been out-f'n-standing and I didn't even start paying attention until a week ago.

--Walter White I don't even know who you are anymore.

--SNL with Justin Timberlake killed on Saturday night so much so that I actually watched more than one sketch. All the goodness is here...

--I'll try, but likely fail in not spending 20 hours next week playing the new UFC game. 12 classic matches is a nice idea.

--Stay classy Dallas Mavericks fans...

Questions, comments, or if you may hug people too hard, get lost at malls, but you're not an idiot...

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