Tuesday, May 05, 2009

We got the bottle you got the cup. Come on everybody let's get ffffff....

What Now?

When are people outside of Houston going to realize this team is just that f'n good? That this team embodies the meaning of those four letters as only a team from Clutch City can? This is a team that knows tomorrow is not promised to them unless they make the most of today. This is a team that listens and nods to the critics before dismissing them through actions and not words. A team that has been forged together through trials and tribulations that would crumble lesser organizations. A team that has gotten up off the mat at the count of 8 more times than is recommended for your heart. A team that is as cool as a cucumber in a bowl of hot sauce. A team that gelled only after losing its most dangerous scorer and trading away its starting point guard. A team that can't be beat at Super Password. A team that drinks your milkshake. A team that defends with the intelligence of Ben Linus, but the ferocity of The Smoke Monster. A team that breathes No Layups. A team that surprises everybody, but themselves. A team that believes in itself so much that it forces an entire city to believe with them. Why not the Houston Rockets?

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--I know everyone is all over Denise Richards for her Susan Boyle-like performance of Take Me Out to the Ballgame, but what exactly were people expecting? That was the second best performance at a ballpark this week. Number 1 is this guy who isn't Guy...

--It took me waaay too long, but I finally watched The Wrestler and of course loved every minute of it. Such an uplifting, happy, rainbows and lollipops type of movie. I liked the ending, but I'll like almost anything Darren Arofonosky does (see: The Fountain). The cast was awesome, but I think we needed to see Marissa nekkid a little more. I love my boy Ernest "The Cat" Miller so that was nice. Also recognized Blue Meanie and one of the Rottens. I think you appreciate the movie that much more if you were a fan of ECW when it was truly ECW. I appreciated wrestling and the guys more and more as I grew older and realized what these guys put themselves through and then when I caught my first glimpse of ECW, well, "Ho-ly Sh-**!!, Ho-ly Sh-**!!" I need to get some old ECW dvds. Tommy Dreamer, pre-WCW Raven, Saturn and Kronos, MIA, New Jack, Sandman, Sabu, RVD, Beulah, Francine, Paul E., The Dudleys....great times.

--C'mon Biren Ealy, we just had Sebastian Vollmer get drafted in the 2nd round and now you want to bring down the good UH name? Ealy is, or maybe by the time you read this was, with the Saints and he and teammate Kolo Kapanui were at some apartment complex late the other night. They needed to relieve themselves and were outside so they figured why not. Two chicks drove by and for some reason told them to stop (mind your business comes to mind). Anyway, Ealy turned around and showed them little Ealy while allegedly making lewd comments. Then Kapanui did the same, but stepped it up with "fondling himself." Well played Kolo, well played. The two woman didn't decide to just drive off, no they started yelling for help and called 911 because, well I don't know. Anyway the Saints were arrested and charged with obscenity, disturbing the peace, and lewd conduct.

--If you're not watching Party Down on Starz you're missing a really hilarious show. That and Lizzy Caplan and why would you want to miss Lizzy Caplan?

--I figured Pacquiao would destroy Hatton, but I didn't figure it'd be the knockout of the year. Out-fn-standing.

--I put in more than my share of time substitute teaching and one rule of thumb I liked to teach by is, "keep all the students within your eyesight at all times." Seems simple enough especially if you had, say, four students to watch like Thomas McCoy of the Royal Palm Exceptional Center in, drumroll, Florida. The school is for special needs kids who have learning or behavioral problems. Anyway most of the class was with the usual teacher on a field trip so Thomas was just stepping in to watch four kids. Except Thomas couldn't even do that, so while he's browsing about online a 15-year-old girl and 17-year-old guy get outta teacher's eyesight and, well, extracurricular activities began. So another teacher walking by saw what was going on and Thomas found himself in trouble. So what was he looking at online? ESPN.com. Can't wait to see Thomas' email in Sports Guy's mailbag telling how he lost his job while reading Rick Reilly.

--If you were thinking you wish Spike from Top Chef and Kelsey from The Next Food Network Star had a show together then I think you want to go to Food2.com.

--There are waaaay too many iPhone apps in the world...

--Seriously the Miss California Pageant people actually paid for Miss California to get breast implants before the Miss USA competition?!

--Kelis and Nas no more?! Good timing with Kelis 7 months pregnant and all.

--Best idea I heard all week was from TV Squad - a chronological Lost blu-ray once the show is over. Brilliant.

--Without really thinking about it too much I'm gonna say the best cast addition to an existing show this year has been Bob Odenkirk to Breaking Bad. Great f'n character with the only guy who can pull it off.

--If you were wondering then "yes" The Cleveland Show was given another season by Fox. Also, if you were wondering, "no" the first season hasn't aired yet.

--Oak Ridge Boys covering Seven Nation Army?!

--How is Dunta supposed to cover Torry Holt when Holt's fingers can do magic tricks?

Questions, comments or if you're calling in Thursday because Wednesday is the Conchords concert and another late Rockets game...


  1. Good stuff as always, Mr. Vara. I don't know if I've ever seen two shows step up their game to such a ridiculous level from one season to the next the way Breaking Bad and Big Love have this year. Out-freaking-standing.

    I'll be at FotC too. Have you heard that the super from the show is the opening act? Then, if the Rockets can bitchslap the Kobe-ettes again, tomorrow could turn out to be the greatest night of the year.

  2. thanks for reading. i missed big love early and never started watching it. breaking bad has been fantastic this season. jesse's luck is about as bad as any television character ever.

    i had no idea who was opening up, i just knew that it was about a 90 minute show for the conchords.

  3. Some interesting video . . .


  4. OH the Horror!!! Why did you post that Oak Rodge clip? Now my ears have sewing needles in them to remove any chance of hearing that again. That was one of the most desperate and saddest things I have ever heard. I am surprised that they did not have Ed Hardy hats on sideways.
    The only thing I like watching more than old ECW is old Mid-South/UWF. My grandfather once said that pro wrestling is the only honest sport left, at least you know they are lying to you.
    Take that David Stern.

  5. i couldn't even make it through the oak ridge you tube.
    mid-south was awesome. i was at the rock n roll express/midnight express scaffold match which was pretty much the highlight of my childhood. and thank god you tube wasn't around in my day so i wasn't recorded in my rock n roll gear (shudder).


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