Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I drink it - I think it - I see it - I be it. I love Brass Monkey but I won't give D. it

Of Course There's A Game 6

Some things in life are just certainties. Like the terrorist will escape the "perimeter" set up on 24. Or Benjamin Linus is working an angle. Or Gordon Ramsay is gonna throw a risotto dish across the kitchen. Or Patty Hewes is five steps ahead of everyone else. And the Rockets will make it as hard on themselves and their fans as possible. The boys in red wouldn't have it any other way. They closed the Game 5 show with yet another forgettable 4th quarter complete with stalled offensive sets, over-dribbling, poor shot selection, questionable calls, and a bounce pass to Chuck Hayes (when will we learn?). I have never wanted a series as much for a group of guys as I want this series for this group. I want this for Shane who has yet to get out of the first round like just about everyone else on this team. I want this for Aaron Brooks who was handed the starting keys to the car smack dab in the middle of his second professional season. I want this for Von Wafer who finally found himself a role and a haircut on an NBA team. I want this for Chuck Hayes whose effort is so greatly underappreciated even by Rockets fans. I want this for Ron Artest who has been good on the court, but phenomenal off of it and in the community. I want this for Carl Landry so he can say he got shot, but still got out of the first round. I want this for Luis Scola because no one on this team deserves the bigger NBA audience that comes with round two games than he does. I want this for Kyle Lowry who rejuvenated his young career after languishing in Memphis. I want this for Deke. I want this for the rest of the guys on this team, even the lightning rod known as Tracy McGrady. More than anyone I want this for Yao. Nobody loves a giant, but what's not to love about Yao? He's a pro's pro and nobody works harder to get better than he does. Do they all want it? Hell yeah they do. Will they all go out and take it? We find out soon enough.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Have to appreciate road AND away pipes...

--If you have no other horse to root for Rashard Lewis owns Join the Dance which opened at 50-1.

--Evan Rachel Wood on True Blood?! Perfect. June 16th we get season two.

--Collegiate Snuggies?! Oh hell yeah. And of course, TeeBows...

--I know of a Bill Cosby, but who is this Doctor Bill Cosby that Quan and Erin kept referring to? Now to scour next year's draft crop in the hopes of another Cosby draft hopeful because one year between awkward silences, naps and Erin Andrews isn't enough.

--I think you messed up if you gave up on Lost before this season.

--I finally got around to watching King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, that doc that follows the Donkey Kong high score journey. The film's story was manipulated to make Billy Mitchell look like a d-bag - mission accomplished and Steve Wiebe a sympathetic hero. If you've seen the movie then you know Billy's errand boy, Brian Kuh, had to be, just had to be who Steve's character was based on in Eastbound & Down. Wieb is gonna go for the Donkey Kong high score at E3 in June and it's gonna be broadcasted on G4. In the meantime he just set the Donkey Kong Jr. world record at 1,139,800. Donkey Kong was the #1 reason to get a Coleco back in the day. #2 was Time Pilot. Loved that game.

--Desmond/Henry Ian Cusick has been named in a sexual harassment suit?! All that time spent pushing that button and finally getting off that island and for what Des? For what?

--HBO is looking at the Bengals for Hard Knocks?!

--I'm almost done with Caprica and it's aight, but it's weird to see Trixie from Deadwood not cursing every other word and Atia from Rome with clothes on for like entire scenes.

--Heidi in Playboy? She hasn't left yet?

--Thank you for finally ending your season Heroes. Unless half of you move to Dillon I won't be back next season.

--Anderson Silva and Forrest Griffin?! F*** yeah!

--I watched Taken and if you've seen the trailer you've seen the movie. Did not care for a brunette Maggie Grace and I'm not buying her as a 17-year-old, nice try though...

--Canseco is gonna fight some 7'2'' kickboxer in Japan? Yeah, that's about right. It's part of a Dream card in May that has guys on it like Kid Yamamoto and Rameau Thierry Sokodjou.

--A Men's Health reality show?! WTF?!

--There are waaaay too many people in this world who love The Office and haven't seen one second of the original. This summer on Adult Swim though you'll get your chance to watch David Brent and company. Take advantage of it people. "High love on the highway, free love on the freeway."

Questions, comments or if you wrote a really short post, but will try to add Quick Hitters later this week, but you're not sure because you keep getting flooded while trying to dodge swine flu...

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