Monday, April 20, 2009

Monkey and parties and reelin' and rockin'. Def, def - girls, girls - all y'all jockin'.

One Down, Three To Go

There's nothing left to say about Game 1 last Saturday. The Rockets played fantastic and obviously there were no hangovers from the Dallas loss. Why people thought there would be is beyond me. The Blazers, well the Blazers looked like a bunch of guys who hadn't been there before. Maybe because they haven't. Extremely talented, but young, dumb and full of missed jumpers. The butterflies should be gone in Game 2, but the Rockets ain't going anywhere. Well, until they get those other three victories.

--Heading into the week the Astros are still dead last in baseball in runs scored with just 3. The Dodgers visit MMP this weekend and are coming off a 6-0 homestand where they scored 50 runs. The Astros have scored 36 all season. That's promising. On the plus side, ummm...I'll get back to you on that one.

--Are you as anxious as I am to see how many runs Chien-Ming Wang allows his week? An ERA just a shade below 35.00 in three starts is something only Jason Jennings would be familiar with.

--Brad Lidge's run of Philly perfection ended over the weekend after 47 straight save conversions. He gave up a three-run homer, which was his 3rd allowed this season. Last season he gave up all of two.

--The new face of perfection lies in Kansas City? Zack Greinke is 3-0 this season and has yet to allow a run. Going back to last season Zack has 34 straight scoreless frames.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--It's set in 1987 so obviously Adventureland was going to have an awesome soundtrack and it does from White Snake to Velvet Underground to The Replacements. Pretty good movie and big shock, Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig killed every scene they were in.

On the other hand I wasn't a big fan Jesse Eisenberg (he was good in Roger Dodger awhile back). He was the main Michael Cera-like character and it came off as a Cera impersonation. Although it is the same director so maybe he's not to blame. Anyway, good stuff and strong overall cast with the likes of Kristen Stewart (Twilight), Ryan Reynolds and whoever the hell played Lisa P. There was a great trailer for The Informers which has an awesome looking cast and is set in LA in '83 so that's promising.

--Really UFC 97? Really?

--Esquire had a fantastic article on Todd Marinovich last week. It's about 7 webpages worth of reading so kick back before you click. Well worth the time.

--If you can judge movies by pictures then Jessica Biel's stripper movie, Powder Blue, will be the greatest movie in history.

--If you watched Breaking Bad this week then you learned that if you see a severed head on a turtle GET THE F AWAY FROM IT!

--Larry Zbysko was that you I saw on my television hawking a supplement?

--Our Persistent Dumbass of the Week comes to us from Naperville, Illinois. 'Twas there that a woman went into a bar with one guy, but after that guy left she really got her drink on. She was reportedly going from guy to guy doing what a drunk, presumably unattractive girl does. Then she came across James Rush and apparently she wasn't interested. A cop was nearby on an unrelated stop and saw them standing outside the bar about 2 am. James said he was with the girl and they were about to head back in the bar. As they walked away a bar employee told the cop what was up with the drunk chick and that she wasn't with that guy. So the cop then sees the chick running through a parking lot and James going after her. Eventually the girl tires out and they sit down and the cop catches up and insists he call a taxi for the girl despite the guy's objections. So the girl waits for a ride and James, well he's a quick thinker. He dashes off and moments later that cop gets a call of shots fired nearby. Yeah, James called 911 to try and get the cop outta the way. Surprise, surprise the cops traced the call to James' cell. The cops found James and he denied, denied, denied even when dispatchers called him and his phone vibrated in his pocket. He finally admitted his master plan.

--Why wouldn't you click on Busted Coverage's pictures of the USC Song Girls at the pool?

--If you used to know the story behind 420, but forgot because, well, you've had your share of 420, here's a refresher...

--Virginia is painting zig zags on a road near a hike and bike trail so drivers will slow down and pay attention...or become disoriented and run over hikers and bikers.

--If you're gonna take your infant and toddler with you on trips to Wal-Mart to steal things, you may want to make sure that in the process of getting away that you don't leave the kids behind. Unabelle Sanchez of Florida (Florida, go figure) was stuffing a diaper bag full of items and security saw it all. So as she made her way towards the checkout counter she decided to make a run for it...without those kids who would only slow her down. To her credit, I guess, she didn't leave the parking lot and she was only trying to steal clothing for the children. But she forgot for children's clothes to be used you have to actually take your kids home with you. So much to remember when you're a parent.

--The Kardashian girls not named Kim are getting their own reality show?! Who in the hell watches this stuff?

--C'mon Kim how ya not gonna tell Jack he's now Grampa Bauer?

Questions, comments or if you had no idea that you would get carded for buying oven cleaner...


  1. The Informer is another Bret Easton Ellis story and looks like how Less Than Zero should have been. Any movie that had Billy Bob and Mickey Rourke in it had to have a hell of a good time filming.
    With the Sienfeldian Draft approaching I assume that Gina Carano has to be a favorite, right?
    I can't believe that Tony flipped sides twice in one season. This "day" has been pretty good.

  2. a lot of talent in that movie including amber heard who may have been the only female in season one of californication who kept her shirt on, unfortunately.
    gina carano would be a nice pick.
    it has been a pretty good "day" even with a lot of the usual flipping.
    thanks for reading.

  3. Anonymous10:35 AM

    did you watch Family Guy's 4-20 episode? and if you did, did you notice the 1st commercial after the show was an above the influnce say no to pot ad? good stuff.

  4. i heard about their awesome timing, but didn't watch the episode. i haven't watched since the star wars run they had, which was classic.


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