Friday, January 02, 2009

So What'cha Want

How the Hell Do You Still Have a Job?

Long story short (or short as possible without listing Bill VR's pristine decision-making record) 610 is run by idiots. He Lumberghed his way into telling me the economy was tough and cuts were to be made. Through the years they've essentially let go of Wexler once before, Charlie, John, and Lance so at least I'm in the neighborhood of good company. I also expect I'll be in good company when I land back on the air. Maybe at that station that collects 610 personnel like the Texans collect Broncos. Although it will be weird to respect the intelligence of a radio boss again. Until then I'll continue to paralegal my way to pay the bills and keep writing this collection of crap because heaven forbid I miss that J-Lo gets divorced or some Playmate story or that Lost and Battlestar are back and better than ever. I'll be updating the Diatribes more frequently. Good luck to Matt and Adam on that Idiot Ship Lollipop. I think Jonah sums up everything I want to convey to the CPOD....

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--I finally got around to watching Southland Tales. It's from Richard Kelly who gave us Donnie Darko. Apparently he still hasn't quite gotten over his gunshot in the eye fetish. I'm not quite sure exactly what happened in the movie except that Sarah Michelle Gellar has never looked better and it was nice to see half the Darko cast in this one.

--Oh that Kathy Griffin. Since I got hammered on the 30th (something about being fired) I was pretty calm on New Year's Eve and watched this live. I also watched a bit of the abomination known as Kellie Pickler on the Dick and Ryan Show.

--Maybe August we get Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds. Promising. World War II. Brad Pitt. Diane Kruger. B.J. Novak. Promising.

--Those of you who never gave Summer Heights High a chance really need to reevaluate your opinions on Australian based shows featuring one guy playing three characters. It was AWESOME. It is right there with Flight of the Conchords as far as I'm concerned. Jonah was gold. If i ever, ever got so drunk that a tattoo makes sense then Dic-tation will be what I go with. That finale was so freakin' sad, but Jonah getting over in the end was priceless. I don't know how you get another season out of the one term set-up, but I need more Jonah, Ja'mie, and Mr. G in my life.

--Boy that Big 10 just continues to improve year after year doesn't it? Nice job Penn State.

--Of course, Charles Barkley got drunk and ran a stop sign and got pulled over and asked the cop to admit the woman he was with was hot and he told the cop he was just driving around the corner to get a BJ (capitalized?) and he got one last week from her and it was the best ever. Happy New Year Charles.

--Khloe Kardashian and Rashad McCants?!

--Damn Montel, is that you really trying to hawk those Obama commemorative coins?

--Whoa big news Hugh Jackman out of Cleo. Although it's because of a scheduling conflict and not because he realized he was gonna be in a Cleopatra musical.

--I'm as tired of Michael Phelps as anyone, but Usain Bolt over 8 gold medals for the International Athlete of the Year?!

--Your Crazy MMA Fighter of the Week story comes to us from Des Moines. There Josh Neer had a bit too much to drink on NYE. A cop was stopped at a light when his car was rear-ended as part of a nice three car bumper ride courtesy of Neer. Neer then pulled out into oncoming traffic and the chase was on. At one point a cop actually bumped Neer's car to get him to stop, but Neer just spun out, regained control and kept on truckin. Twenty miles later he finally pulled over. Neer is or was scheduled to fight Mac Danzig at Fight Night 17.

--Good God Britain, an alcohol-related emergency call every 7 seconds on New Year's?!

Questions, comments or if your bowl challenge is going down the crapper with each passing game...

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  1. Gary Smith6:51 PM

    Dammit, Danny, that sucks ass, dude; I'm really sorry to hear about that. You and Wex were a good team and I'm gonna miss your smartassery on the air. Hopefully you'll land on your feet and bounce back on the air quickly.


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