Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Do me a favor don't touch that dial. I rock from Manhattan to the miracle mile.

If Mike is letting himself go during the holidays, why can't you?

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

Tampa Bay DE Greg White loves Teen Wolf so much he legally changed his name to Stylez G. White?! Sure his actual name, and by "actual" I mean movie name was spelled Stiles, but now I have a new favorite DE not named Mario. If Stylez gets a girlfriend named Boof I can die a happy man. offers this up as Teen Wolf trivia...since the movie was released after Back to the Future the title of Teen Wolf in Brazil was "Garoto do Futuro" which translates to "Boy from the Future." Oh those Brazilians, funny movie titles and hot chicks....not in that order.

--The sure-to-be-awful-and-God-why-are-The-Roots-involved-show known as Late Night with Jimmy Fallon started with its run on the web. Just a guess, but I think you can find it at Firefox apparently has a security feature that won't allow it to open sites it knows for certain I would not actually visit. Oh and seriously Leno at 9p five nights a week. I mean, wow NBC. Just wow.

--Okay now that Marissa Tomei's nekkid stripper pictures are online when the F is The Wrestler coming out?

--I'm sure this can't be good, but Spider-Man: The Musical not only has music and lyrics from Bono and The Edge, but now Evan Rachel Wood is playing Mary Jane. If Jim Sturgess gets Peter Parker and we get Across the Universe reunion then I'm in.

--If you're keeping score LA critics went with Wall-E for its Best Picture of 2008 while NY went with Milk.

--Need inspiration?

--Will Ferrell on HBO with You're Welcome America. A Final Night with George W. Bush?!

--Mike James was on Supernanny?!

--Okay Heroes you were more down than up this season, but that finale was just plain awful. I'm tired of Peter's freakin' whining and I, obviously, can suspend reality, but the thought of one punch from lil Pete knocking out Nathan cold is a bit much. And Pete can just inject himself and magically fly in a matter of seconds? Sylar is never going to just kill HRG? I'm tired of Claire and her terrible acting/dialogue/pouting. Ando with a power? Hiro would rather die than tell his father who he is? Ali Larter = hot, but she shoulda died instead of Elle. Don't go away mad Suresh, just go away. I thought Papa Petrelli took Adam's power first so he could be immortal, so that bullet kills him?! Just a terrible, terrible episode. I know you have the original creative team coming back together for the next volume and that's promising, but right now as far as sci-fi goes Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles >> Heroes.

--I don't want to live in a world that a nice girl like Ryan Lovette gets kicked out of her Michigan State sorority because she posed in a Playboys Girls of the Big 10 issue. Ms. Lovette got those Zeta Tau Alpha biyatches back though. She's now on and in Playboy's January issue.

--We already knew about The Office roast going a full hour right after the Super Bowl. No we know Jack Black will be a part of it.

--People, when you set fire to a home be it trailer or otherwise you MUST, I repeat MUST make sure to leave before being consumed by flames. James Kaiser of Washington seconds that advice....assuming you can second something from the grave. James' dumbass broke into a motor home and got himself a VCR (people still use those?) and some other Christmas treats before the smoke monster came. James, the VCR, the other electronic equipment were all found near the door....some things deader than others.

--Rachel Weisz as Catwoman in the next Batman?! Excellent.

--A remake of The Crow is in the works?!

--Boeheim after losing on a 60-footer vs. microphone. Who ya got?

--I'm telling you now watch Damages Season One and then get ready for Season Two beginning January 7th. Scrubs premieres on ABC the night before.

--Not only is Carla Gugino in The Watchmen, but next up is a stripper role in Elektra Luxx is very, very promising.

--I was always interested in politics, but with agendas like the one the Nassau County Legislature had to deal with recently is just too much for my feeble mind. First they had to vote on a heroin bill, which would require the police to report teen heroin arrests to school districts. That seems easy enough to deal with, but next up was candy cigarettes. We all know how much controversy a sugary stick brings. The bill was to force vendors to sell candy cigarettes behind the counter so kids wouldn't be tempted. Because we all know how tempting the worst "candy" (Chik-O-Stik #2) in the world is. Then came the showdown vote on whether to require restaurants to list the prices of daily specials so people wouldn't order a special and then get sticker shock come bill time. Basically more legislation to make up for the stupidity of the people and by the people. Here's an idea, ask what the price is. Then the politicians can get back to the real problems like candy cigarettes.

--After saying no initially, it's now a yes from Rob Zombie to direct a sequel to his Halloween. Oddly enough it's supposed to come out next October, weird I know.

--Aurelio De Laurentiis is related to Giada and owns himself a soccer club. Apparently he's had a problem with his players leaving for the Premiereship. Aurelio offers this sage advice: “If they want to go to England then in the end they’re going to go, but they need to understand this: the English live badly, eat badly and their women do not wash their genitalia. To them, a bidet is a mystery.”

--If you're interested in reading a bunch about a trademark suit (VY and Invinceable - marks in question) brought by Vince Young against Three Friends including Enos Cabell, here ya go.

Questions, comments or if you know you're going to ruin 6 angel cakes while trying to make 1 buche de noel...

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