Tuesday, November 18, 2008

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Numbers and Stuff

--This week's best catch in the history of mankind comes to us from Isaac Stockton of Chadron State...

--The Colts are the first team in three seasons to sweep a two-game series against a team it trailed at the half of each respective game. I wonder who they did that against?

--Iowa's Shon Greene who was kind enough to spare us a Big 10 team in the national championship has strung together 11 straight 100-yard games. The record for 100-yard games in a single season is 12. The all-time record is 31 straight courtesy of Archie Griffin.

--Donovan McNabb not only didn't know that games could end in ties (I mean seriously what grown man isn't aware of this?), but his 3 interceptions dropped him from 1st to 2nd in all-time interception rate. Now in 1st place? None other than Neil O'Donnell.

--Chris Paul is averaging a league-best 11.6 assists. Just behind him at 9 a game is Jose Calderon who has committed just 14 turnovers to lead in assist-to-turnover ratio. Chris Duhon is actually 2nd in that department.

--Jose Calderon (25 attempts) and Luis Scola (18 attempts) are the only players still perfect from the free throw line this season.

--Yeah, maybe the Knicks will be okay under Mike D'Antoni. New York leads the league in scoring at 105.7 a game. His last stop, Phoenix, is 6th and the last of the teams averaging 100 points a contest. Houston is 27th at 91.5 a game. Thunder, Clips, and Bobcats the only teams worse and the only teams averaging fewer than 90 a game.

--Only four players are getting to the line 10 or more times a game. Those players are Dwight Howard, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and. Anyone? Anyone? Looking for Devin Harris who is tied for the lead with Dwight Howard with 11.7 attempts/gm. Devin is making 10.3 of those or making two more a game than any other player in the league. Yao is getting just 5 attempts a game down roughly 2.5 from last season and down nearly 4 from two seasons ago.

--No one with more double-doubles than Andris Biedrins' 10.

--Your technical foul leader is not Rasheed Wallace, but Kendrick Perkins with 6. No one else has more than 3.

--One indication the Eastern Conference is catching up to the West...Lakers #1 in point differential at a ridiculous 14.4, but the next four teams are all from the East.

--Rockets, Celtics, and Lakers the only teams holding the opposition under 90 points a game.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--UFC 91 delivered in a big way and for the first time I can remember we got to see every single fight on the card. I'm not sure how Rafael dos Anjos' head remained attached after Jeremy Stephens delivered that uppercut for the Knockout of the Night. The Submission bonus went to Dustin Hazelett whose jiu-jitsu is just sick. Aaron Riley and Jorge Gurgel beat on each other for the Fight of the Night won by Riley.

--Anderson Silva and Chuck Liddell at UFC 95?! Ummm, death wish Chuck? Lyoto Machida and Thiago Silva at UFC 94 along with Penn/GSP?

--The Most Beautiful Bottom in the World competition was last week. Your winner...
Brazil's Melanie Nunes Fronckowiak

--Gotta love Mexico City especially if you're 70+ years of age. If you are an oldie, but a horny, you can get your hands on some free Viagra and other impotence pills. El Mayor says this is because sexuality, "has a lot to do with quality of life and our happiness." Bueno.

--I really like the Baby Mangino trend...

--Your extremely sympathetic juror of the week comes to us from Vegas. 21-year-old Marnie Ramirez was sitting on a jury and was the lone holdout on a jury which eventually convicted Ricky Vasquez of second-degree murder. So after the sentencing the married mother decided to write Ricky to let him know she's a sex addict, wants to touch, and "and see where it all leads to." You can tell Marnie is a shy one with sentences like, "When I feel the need for sex I just get it and I always get what I want." So now a mistrial is a possibility. Awesome.

--Of course, it wasn't a noose Baylor students hung on a tree. No, in fact it was a rope swing made for a unity march in celebration of the election.

--They do things little differently in Australia. For example, politicians voted on the sexiest member of parliament, which I kinda don't see happening here in the States. The federal sports minister, Kate Ellis, won. Zoo Weekly offered her $30,000 to take the clothes off. She declined.

--I'm looking forward to Jimmy Fallon's talk show about as much as I am Joe Buck's. But The Roots as Fallon's house band?! Promising.

--Honestly you are Robert freakin' DeNiro. Do you really want another Fockers movie on your imdb credits?

--The Rock and Carla Gugino are in the Escape from Witch Mountain remake?!

--Bruno crashed a taping of Medium? Promising...

Questions, comments or if you really like Kurt Warner...

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