Monday, November 24, 2008

Drive by eggings plaguing L.A. Yo they just got my little cousin ese.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--I can't believe we have just one more week in the life of Victor Samuel Mackey. Surely Vic isn't gonna let Ronnie hang out to dry, right? Right? And so what if I didn't give a crap when Claudette started tripping. I'm glad she got to witness Vic get immunity while confessing his sins. One more to go...

Now a reason to have MTV Brazil....Bia and Bianca Feres may be getting a program next summer.

--A long, long time ago in a galaxy pretty close to here or maybe it was this one (looks around notices familiar items) I collected baseball cards. I stopped somewhere after I tried to buy a Topps Traded Set Kirby Puckett for 60 cents and the guy told me the '60' implied dollars not cents. Yeah, probably time to stop right there. I noticed they started trying things like adding pieces of uniforms and bats to get people to buy. Anyway, Upper Deck is now including special cards in its packs that grant you the right to dead people's hair. Yeah, you're asking wifey for a pack of Upper Deck cards now aren't you? One person won a strand of Abraham Lincoln's hair and promptly posted it on eBay for $30,000 (ended up getting $24,000). Always wanted Jackie or John F. Kennedy's hair, well Upper Deck is your gateway to the hair of famous dead people. Topps has gotten in on the action with the fine hair of one George Washington, Beethoven and Charles Dickens. All the hair comes from some handwriting expert's drain collection that is as authenticated as you can get, I guess.

--Luther Head thinks this is a bad turnover...

--WWE has joined the social networking game. That was inevitable.

--Megan Fox from her GQ shoot a while back, but you knew that already...

--If Benji Madden and Paris Hilton can't make it what hope is there for us in this crazy world?

--Of course Snoop Dogg was on Around the Horn.

--Perhaps I am just a hater, but I can't stands "Iron Chef" Michael Simon. I could give two craps if Robert Irvine lied on his resume. Dinner: Impossible used to be watchable, viable background noise and now, well *^@&*$#*! UPDATE: Food Network agrees as I saw today that Robert Irvine has been reinstated as host.

--Tricia Helfer a guest spot on Chuck?!

--I haven't watched Days of Our Lives in forever, I mean I've never watched Days. Anywho, times are tough and John and Marlena were fired to curb costs. I'm not sure how you can have Days without Marlena, but whatever. The end was inevitable once Belle and the old Shawn D left, but now I've said too much.

--Why wouldn't you bookmark a real-time RPI website?

--Pushing Daisies looked like a good show and I have a ton of episodes waiting on DVR, but it's been cancelled.

--We head to Florida for our Loser Leaves the Living Match of the Week. In this corner we have Deadreart (how in the hell do you pronounce that?) Holmes, 18, who works as a cleaner at Raymond James Stadium. In that corner we have his older brother Jason Phifer. Like most worthy fights to the death this one involved the misplacement of a hat. Jason borrowed his younger brother's hat and accidentally left it in a friend's car. Deadreart then issued his imminent stabbing warning. If there's one thing we all know about Deadreart it's that he's a man of his word. He went, got a knife and stuck his brother who stumbled into his mom's bedrooom to tell her what happened. Unfortunately, "my dumbass crazy brother stabbed me" were his last words.

--Honestly Nuggets, you thought it would be a good idea to give away free kitties at a game? Did you pick up all the kitties in the parking lot after the game?

--Troy Polamalu is going to do the Mean Joe Greene Coke commercial?

--Colmes is leaving Hannity?

--An actual reason to watch the Raiders next week. Oakland is facing San Diego and in certain theaters in L.A., New York and Boston the game will be shown in 3D. And after seeing U2 in 3D this is going to be freakin' awesome.

--Because you need to know what the Lost's Season Five poster looks like...

--Your Dumbass on a Top Five Team of the Week comes to us from Florida (shocking, I know). Cameron Newton is or was the back-up to Tim Tebow and Cam was busted last Friday afternoon on a vareity of charges. It seems Newton thought it wise to steal another student's laptop. The laptop was reported stolen and discovered to be with Newton when dumbass signed onto the school's internet system with "cnewton." So the cops came to his room to inspect the laptop and then they stepped outside to discuss amongst themselves what to do next. Newton was one step ahead though when the cops came back they lapper was gone. Where? Well Cameron exercised that cannon of an arm to throw it out his dorm window. Yeah, even the Florida police weren't dumb enough to fall for the ol' spontaneous combusting laptop routine.

--Danyelle Sargent and Eric Musselman?!

--Gordon Ramsay somehow found time in between his 18 shows to cheat on his wife of 12 years. The other woman is a professional who was once on Oprah promoting her book: Having an Affair? A Handbook for the Other Woman. Yeah, you know how to pick 'em Gordon.

Questions, comments or if But Classy is your street name...

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