Friday, September 26, 2008

He was quick on the draw I thought I'd be dead. He put the gun to my head and this is what he said,

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Hooray October 1st...

--Good to have you back Office. The TV Squad review says it best, "Is there a word for missing fictional characters? If not there ought to be one." Amen.
I am a bit worried about Pam's friend at school. He's a Mad Man and he's already cheated on his wife. Dammit Harry Crane step aside!
Andy: "Every boy dreams about their fantasy wedding."
Andy: "Andy Bernard does not lose contests. He wins them. Or he quits them. Because they're unfair."
Pam's Summer Project.

--Chris Rock is back this weekend on HBO. If it's half as good as Bring the Pain was we'll be so lucky. Also HBO premieres Little Britain Sunday as Britain once again provides America with programming.

--Nicky Whelan is just a little hot...

--In extremely predictable casting news...Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter (not Hatta) in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. If you're looking for some bedtime reading you could do a lot worse than Alice in Wonderland. Though there are many passages you have to re-read in the hopes of understanding.

--Lisa Guerrero is your new LA Times contributor so yes she's still alive. Good for her...and I guess Scott Erickson. To counter ESPN now Li'l Wayne blogging for it.
I'm not sure what Ms. Andrews is teaching, but it's fascinating.

--So John Saunders is now getting David Blaine hosting duties? Way to get out while you could Stu.

--WWTDD is your go to for Girls Next Door information like the aforementioned engagement of Kendra and Hank. Apparently Bridget hasn't had relations since joining the Girls despite Hef not really giving a care if she did. And Bridget and Kendra are out and they're looking at new Girls with Kelly Carrington a possibility.

--Our Mother of the Year candidate, Becky Jo Tatum, has finally been sentenced. For what? Well, Becky Jo has a couple of kids including a young teenage girl. So young teenage girl threw a party and Becky Jo was the overbearing mom who flirts with everyone embarrasses the daughter then takes daughter's 14-year-old friend to the bedroom for some oral sex. Ya know the usual party. Mommy was sentenced to five years for the unlawful sex with a minor, cocaine possession and weapons charges.

--I'm happy to say the era of crime and violence is over in Detroit. Why else would it shut down its crime lab? Because it sucked? Nah, there should be nothing easier in the world than arresting people in Detroit. Ask the former mayor.

--Step aside Chace, the new girl for Gossip Girl guy Ed Westwick is Drew Barrymore?!

--It's hard to tell from Juliana Hatfield's blog whether or not she likes The Hills: "I hate the fact that I know Heidi Montag's name; that I know who she is; that she takes up any space at all in my consciousness."
Well at least she's patriotic.

--I'm only 1,331 arrests behind Henry Earl. You may have heard about this guy from Kentucky who celebrated arrest #1,332 late last month. I think that means his next arrest is free. It was for public intoxication. He has now spent over 5,000 days in custody. Thanks for wasting our money Henry.

--An I Am Legend prequel is in the works?!

--Your Drunkard of the Week comes to us from Colorado. Daniel Koski was arrested for DUI on Friday at 11:19PM and was released with a summons. The officers even had his keys so no way this guy gets busted the same night for DU...ah geez, really? Apparently he went home, got another key and got his car that was left downtown after his first arrest. Second DUI arrest came at 2:30. Nice job.

--We head to Middletown, Connecticut for some high school fun. A bunch of seniors got together an hour before they were due in class and decided to celebrate one of their birthdays. So, well this student quote from Eddie Mangini sums it up, "We didn't have beer, we didn't have weed, we had bacon." Yep they decided to barbecue. Awesome. Of course the school didn't see it that way and 28 students were suspended for two days.

Questions, comments or if in the game of life you want to call timeout like a certain Maverick...

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