Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Had a chance to run. He pulled out his shotgun.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Sylar not only can't die, but now he's a Petrelli? Seriously, at the end Mohinder looked just like Jeff Goldblum in The Fly. And I'll take Maya/Dania Ramirez for Most Improved Character. I don't remember her looking nearly that hot last season.

--From the guys who brought us Oz and The Wire, HBO is gonna bring us Manhunt. It's a miniseries that'll chronicle the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. History Channel ran something similar a while back, not as a miniseries and not with the style HBO will no doubt provide. Sounds promising. Mental note: Read Doris Kearns Goodwin's Team of Rivals.

--Jeff Foxworthy. NASCAR. Sitcom. Animated. Network? Bravo....or of those.

--Who doesn't love midget wrestling? Honestly, you start with midgets so from that point on you're guaranteed entertainment so when you put them in the ring, well...In Canton the Outskirts Bar and Grill had its usual midget wrestling night courtesy of the Micro Wrestling Federation. The group of tiny grapplers gets to the bar and the owner says she went outside to smoke. Inside two female midget wrestlers decided it was a good time to go topless, oil up and have a Texas Death Match. According to the city liquor commission it was not a good idea. It voted to suspend Outskirts' liquor license for 60 days. The quote from the mayor and mind you we're talking about topless midget oil wrestling, "It's meant to send a message to other businesses in town that this won't be tolerated." Sorry Canton you'll have to go to elsewhere for your topless midget oil wrestling. Pasadena?

--Note to Carrie Fisher: If trying to revive your career maybe doing Sorority Row with Audrina Patridge isn't a good idea. Either way I love the Patridge Family of Two.

--Gotta love Eric Byrnes and Conor Jackson.
Byrning Heat Trailer - New Eric Byrnes Show debuts Sept. 1

--After two crappy commercials the Jerry Seinfeld/Bill Gates experiment is over. Churro anyone?

--That didn't take long, True Blood has been picked up for another season.

--Lance Armstrong is gonna buy the Tour de France?!


The Emmys were over the weekend. Shall we review? We shall. I tried to get into it, but my TV plate is already too full, but 30 Rock is, once again, your Outstanding Comedy Series. How was Entourage even nominated? I like it, but...Of course, I woulda gone with Curb for Leon alone. Outstanding Drama Series is my current favorite show Mad Men. I can't imagine how empty your life must be if you're missing out on this show. Dexter, Damages, and Lost were strong also-rans.

John Adams won for Outstanding Miniseries that put Danny to sleep on Sunday Nights. I love Mad Men, but best choice of the night was Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. Cranston is just phenomenal as the chemistry teacher turned crack maker/dealer and just BMF in general. Michael C. Hall/Dexter and Jon Hamm/Don Draper were 2 and 3 I presume. They also nailed Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series with Glenn Close for Damages. Can't wait for season two. Ari won for Supporting, but hell Leon wasn't even nominated so this award is b.s. Zeljko Ivanek won Supporting Actor in a Drama for Damages. One of the top ten scenes of last year was him pulling out that gun and let's not ruin it for anyone who may still watch season one. You should. He beat out the awesome John Slattery/Sterling on that show you know I like a lot. Daily Show beat out Colbert for Outstanding Variety blah, blah, blah. Amazing Race was your reality competition show winner over a bunch of sh** shows and Top Chef. Somehow Padma Lakshmi wasn't nominated for Outstanding Host for a Reality Show and Howie Mandel was. The Survivor guy won.

--Anyone else think they were watching a young Dexter when Dutch was trying to get that kid to confess to killing that "intruder"?

--That church in Flint is the church you'll want to mention when your religious authority figure asks you why in God's name are you wearing a jersey in church. Jersey Sundays coming to a church near you! Or just that church in Flint.

--Google phone next month for $179?!

--If it's all the same to you PETA I think I'll pass on Ben & Jerry's using human milk in some kind of Breast Ice Cream Ever!

--The Christies are apparently still on television. Oxygen, maybe? Who knows? Either way Doug and her husband are doing their part in these tough economic times. Through a press release they've announced a purchase of 3,000 shares of AIG stock. Jackie wants us all to "buy at least two shares of stock to help the global economic crisis." Uh-huh. Thanks for that.

--At least the Christies are harmless fun not like Nick Hogan and family who could give two sh*** about anyone other than themselves. Nick is getting out of jail three months early after his reckless driving sentence that left his friend seemingly ever eternal critical condition.

--Wait, Clay Aiken is gay?

--You'd think a player on a team that's getting its ass kicked would stop running his mouth. Fortunately John Parker Wilson points Damario Ambrose in the direction of the one thing that matters. Scoreboard...

--While we're briefly on Bama football ROLL TIDE! Beat Georgia! I could care less who won a week ago, but that was before Georgia's governor decided to call out Bill White for cursing at FEMA employees who weren't getting fully loaded trucks out to non-supplied PODs who had thousands in line. Eat it Georgia!

--No more Donnie Wahlberg and Aubrey O'Day?

Questions, comments or if your head almost exploded when you tried to figure out how sophomore Colorado WR Josh Smith is the uncle of freshman Colorado RB Darrell Scott...

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  1. Couldn't agree more about Maya on "Heroes". There's no way she was that hot last season b/c then I would remember actually caring about her storyline somewhat (but I didn't).

    Also, if you wanna check out Dexter's doppleganger, get a good look at Brian Brohm. It's creepy, but pretty cool that Green Bay has a noble serial killer as their backup.


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