Wednesday, September 17, 2008

He said, "Can I get some?" I said, "You can't get none!"

Thanks Ike!......jerk

Unlike just about every one of you who reside in the greater Houston area and reads this corner of 610 my Ike experience was likely far different from yours. As Friday night rolled around I was just hoping I'd have power long enough to watch the South Florida/Kansas game, which was outstanding. I did. But little by little my g-chat list green dots went to gray one by one. I think Wex made it to the 3rd quarter before he dropped off. I started getting blinking lights about 11 or so. Around 2AM I found out that I maybe was part of downtown's grid and so was privy to the underground power lines. So yeah, I was blessed or lucky or I guess both because I never, ever lost power. Hell, I never even lost cable. Believe me I know how lucky I was as there are still many of my friends and family who remain without power. I hope we soon get to the point where "normalcy" is a fact and not just a goal.

I want to thank the guy who was laying down on the hood of his truck outside the Shell by the Galleria at 2AM Sunday morning. A female Channel 2 reporter was talking to these guys about their wait, when gas might be available and so on and so forth. So she asks the guy a question and he just looks her up and down and says in the smoothest possible way, "You...are...the...most...beautiful...woman I have ever seen." In a weekend where little made you laugh I still can't help but laugh my ass off when I think about that one.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Nice job Drayton. WTF did you do to become a champion last week?!

--Because apparently Fox is turning over its entire programming lineup to Gordon Ramsey we'll get something called Man Camp. It's basically a boot camp for men whose women think they've become too feminine. So Gordon will scream at them, make them cry, and everything will be fine in the end.

--Starbuck/Katee Sackhoff will be on NBC's Lost and Found.

--Elisha Cuthbert will be on 24 next season, which I believe begins in 2012.

--Don't worry America, TBS renewed The Bill Engvall Show.

--Not that any of us here in Houston saw it, but SNL's premiere with Michael Phelps was the largest audience for a premiere it's had since 2001. I presume it sucked as usual.

--Just when you think Megan Fox can't get any hotter. In GQ well the title says it all, "Megan Fox was a Teenage Lesbian." Yeah, apparently she had a fling with a Russian stripper. Yeah, that doesn't sound very hot at all.

--Cowboys fans. So graceful.

--Beginning in October Versus will have twice weekly airings of Sports Soup. Good luck with that Versus. I still have no idea where you're at on my DirecTV.

--Great story in the LA Times about Tracy McGrady's visit to Africa last year and the documentary that has come out of it.

--Leo and Bar no more?!

--The Ultimate Fighter is back! UFC 92 should have CB Dolloway back in action, maybe against Jorge Rivera according to MMAJunkie.

--Some props to Tennessee for a change as a regulation aimed at deadbeat dads target what they love most. Yeah, you don't support your child then boom! there goes your hunting and fishing licenses, which I presume every Tennessee citizen gets after attending (actually passing gets you your gun license) kindergarten.

--MTV is putting an end to Total Request Live presumably because MTV stopped airing music videos years ago.

--The newest way to support your crack cocaine habit comes to us from Michigan. 'Twas there that a 46-year-old guy walked up to a storage room outside of a 7-Eleven and stole a bag of empty beer cans. Police stopped the man and recovered the 247 cans that he was going to recycle for $24.70. Umm, look I don't know about supporting crackheads, but if they're gonna actually take the time to recycle

--If I may go so far as to make a suggestion for The Shield it's simply continue the Tina as a porn star story.

--Because this is where we are as a society....a Florida judge has ruled the law banning the wearing of saggy pants unconstitutional. So...yeah. Elsewhere in Florida the state's Board of Education is debating whether to give teachers more physical power to control students by "reasonable force." Let's get two comments from parents, first a parent who represents oh I'll say 75% of the parents.
Brent Sanders: "I say if it gets out of line, smack them around. Sometimes you got to do it."
Then a logical parent who represents, I'll guess, 5% of the parents.
Jane Lane: "I think it's probably not a good idea. Whenever you have 'reasonable' as a standard, it's subject to individual interpretation, and you have all degrees of the spectrum, which just leads to some sort of abuse."
The other 20% of parents could give a crap what happens to their kids at school.

--Don't let the door hit you in your precious, fragile, privileged ass Lynn Forester de Rothschild. She was a Democrat and big supporter of Hillary, but she's going to endorse John McCain. So why the dislike for Barack?....“I feel like he is an elitist"...says the woman who is married to International Banker Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and flies back and forth (I'm sure in coach) from her residences in London and New York.

--So the Girls are getting a 6th season and every one of them is getting a spin-off as well?!

--It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Brazil. What with City of God and the best futbol country and oh yeah, fairly hot chicks. How can you not like the politicians (those who aren't dirty)? Because Brazil is kinda crazy politicians are allowed to run under whatever name they choose. So yeah, at least six are running under the name Barack Obama.

--Really Idaho, you get blasted 70-0 and your answer is to change the cheerleaders' uniforms from two-piece to shorts and big ass football jersey?!

Questions, comments or if you spent half the hurricane walking around outside enjoying the breeze...

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