Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Well I'm On 'Til The Crack Of Dawn

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--The new season of 24 which starts in January will pick up four years after the last one? If you're doing the math Jack Bauer was 35 in the first season and now 17 years will have passed by the time we see him in January.

And she would be how old next season on 24?

--Let the dissection of the Heroes murals begin...

--Your official, if not yet officially official, movie titles....Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. GI Joe: Rise of Cobra.

--City of God showed us just how crazy life can be in the mean streets of Brazil. Damn that was a helluva movie with Buscape, Lil Ze, Benny, Shaggy, Knockout Ned and everyone else. If there was ever one untouchable in Brazil you probably thought it would be Pele. Scratch that. The soccer god was going from Sao Paolo to his beachfront home when he stopped at a light and as many as 10 men surrounded the vehicle Pele was a passenger in. They took everyone's jewelry, money, etc. until someone recognized that they were robbing Pele. At that point some of the guys returned items while everyone else just ran. Pele was reportedly cool during the whole thing and he didn't report it perhaps to keep Brazil from being seen in a negative light since it is the home of the World Cup in 2014. I'd love to go, but I've kinda gotten attached to this whole "life" thing.

--Wow, did ya see Candace Parker's dunks?! Me neither, but I'm pretty sure we can consider the WNBA saved.

--Congratulations to the newest Ultimate Fighter, Amir. The words "tough s.o.b." come to mind when thinking about Amir this season. Great stuff and great to see CB still acting like a girl after a loss. If you were wondering (and you weren't) what happened to the Tim Credeur/Cale Yarbrough fight, well Tim tested positive for Adderall and admitted as much, but still wasn't allowed to fight. God bless Adderall.

--Not that as many people will watch this time around, but Nick Diaz and KJ Noons on the card with Lawler/Smith makes CBS' next EliteXC foray promising.

--You can put Kanye on Soulja Boy's side in the Soulja Boy v. Ice T beef.

--How awesome does Call of Duty: World at War look?

--Let's take a look at America's Most Hated 20 Foods....At 20 we get Blueberries, okay I can get that. # 19 Maple Syrup, wha? Maple syrup is hated?! At 18 we get Cilantro and apparently there's a genetic disposition that some have that makes cilantro taste like soap. Now you know. Onions at 17. Nasty ass Raisins at # 15. For shame America for making Oysters hated food number 13, though I expected them to be in the top five. Sour Cream surprising me checking in at 12. Gelatin at 10. My best friend Tuna at 9. Tuna noodle casserole I'd agree with or tuna salad, but not loveable straight up tuna. Brussel Sprouts at 8. At 7 we find terrible, horrible, no good, very bad Beets. Okra checks in at 6. How ya hate on okra in gumbo or just plain fried okra? Umm, Eggs as America's Hated Food number 5. Mushrooms at 4. I absolutely agree with Mayo checking in at 3. At 2 we finally get to Lima Beans. And America's Most Hated Food is Liver. Agreed.

--The box set of the entire Sopranos series comes out on November 11 for the low, low price of $400. Among the extras you'll get are three soundtrack dvds.

--Our Teacher-Student(s) Sex Story of the Week comes to us from Alabama. The teacher was Julie Pritchett who taught at a middle school in Alabama. Julie is 34 and not a looker so I assume that's why she's gonna end up in jail. That and she allegedly had eight "victims." Her marriage might be over as well. No word on how the season went for the baseball team, but she came close to making it all the way through the order. Did I mention was a special education teacher and sponser of FCA?

--Whoa, whoa a company is coming out with a GPS that has the voice of K.I.T.T.? And I sign up where exactly?

--I'm sure someday we'll figure out why on earth John Mayer would want to go from Minka Kelly to Jennifer Aniston, but at least John gave Minka a call to let her know how in love he was with Jennifer before the news hit the press.

--Jason Bateman was doing some Hancock promo and said the Arrested Development movie will shoot next year.

--Rest assured Steven Jackson fantasy owners, you're boy has a clean bill of health. At the suggestion of his girlfriend Steven got himself a colonic and feels better than ever. First the graphic details from Steven as told to Yahoo: "There's this thin hose-type-thing that you put up there that shoots water into you and sucks everything out, but I had trouble getting it in, and then it kept coming out. The lady had to come back six different times and put it back in there. It was brutal."
Steven's girl who also had a colonic offered this great line: "When we got done and he walked out to the waiting room, I said, 'Steven, are you OK?' He said, 'I don't want to talk about it.' I swear to God, he looked like a kid who'd been in there with R Kelly."

--The script has been written for School of Rock 2 by the same writer as the original?!

--Coming up next month is our annual SR 610 All-Star Golf Classic that benefits First Tee of Houston. I'll be the guy paired with various Houston Texans' cheerleaders. I'll also be the guy drinking heavily and making sure nobody watches while I "find" my balls on the fairway. Anyway, it'll be my first time sucking at golf on such a public level so I'm not sure how everything will work. I'm hoping it's something like what happened at Eagle Trace in Colorado the other day. It seems the course had two events scheduled. One being the Gold Crown Junior Golf Association Tournament for kids ages 7-12. The other event? Shotgun Willie's Charity Golf Tournament complete with stripp...sorry, exotic dancers as caddies. Yeah, I think the kids called it "the greatest clubhouse ever!" Seems some of the exotic dancers were showing their breast assets to whoever was looking in the right direction at the right time. Let's hear from a concerned mother, "When I walked into the club house to look for my girls, I saw a woman straddling a male at a dining table." And? Hello, that was probably just the female showing the importance of shifting your weight while swinging the club. Apparently kids had some questions for mom like, "'Mom, why is she only wearing underwear?" and "'Mom, why are the girls wearing white and why do the men have water guns?" Out-standing!

--So yeah, those cool shots of that "lost Amazon tribe" from a few weeks ago....yeah, tribe wasn't lost and undiscovered. The guy who took the photos just wanted to bring awareness to some type of probem he has with the logging industry there, but who cares about that?

--The Dark Knight is gonna have a trailer for Watchmen?!

--RIP George Carlin.........Saturday night NBC is going to air the first ever SNL, which of course, was hosted by the great George Carlin.

Questions, comments or if you're in love with a Snorg Tees girl...


  1. I don't think that KJ Noons is on the July 26 EliteXC/CBS show in Stockton (although his last fight with Yves Edwards did go under a minute so Noons shouldn't be hurt). Nick Diaz is fighting Thomas Denny. I think that if Diaz wins than he will get Noons in the near future.
    Even without Noons the fights between Jake Shields and Nick Thompson (Welterweight Title) and Antonio Silva and Sergei Kharitonov(heavyweight title on Showtime earlier in the night should be good.
    Love the blog...keep it coming!!

  2. Update---silva vs eilers as if tonight


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