Friday, June 13, 2008

So This Is What I've Got To Say To You All

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Vernon Davis and Black/Candace from Flavor of Love 3?!

--Because Food Network doesn't have enough shows....Ted Allen will host Food Detectives, which apparently will be like Mythbusters, but for food.

--In "that's a good thing" news...HBO has bought a small stake of Funny or Die and will give Will Ferrell and company ten half-hour episodes.

--We've wondered before how this hell this could happen, but now it's reached Julia Roberts/Lyle Lovett head scratching status. Adriana Lima is engaged to Marko Jaric whom People refers to as a "basketball star." A "star" on the worst team in the league who is best known for entering a game with his jersey on backwards. God Bless America...

--CB looks great. How can you not like Jesse? But clearly the highlight of this edition of The Ultimate Fighter is Forrest Griffin's dunk. Holy sh**!

--It's hard to go down from dating Kid Rock, but now model May Andersen has climbed down the ladder further by dating Jason Kidd.

--Wednesday was T.G.L.D.W.D. or Thank God Lisa Didn't Win Day. I was getting really scared when Richard choked and looked white as a ghost while Tom was talking to him. Thankfully Stephanie took care of business and didn't make anyone vomit with her dessert so she beat out the intolerable Lisa who is the worst finalist in the history of the show.

--In more food news, we got the Gateway Grizzlies. I think this minor league team gives ideas to the cooks here at the Rodeo. They usually come out with one artery clogger a year. They've introduced us to Bratchos. That has the awesome combination of hot sauce marinaded diced brats placed on top of tortilla chips and topped with nacho cheese sauce, which is always the best cheese sauce you can have. Then of course, we have the Twinkie Dog. The Twinkie Dog is a Twinkie sliced nearly in half. It gets stuffed with a deep fried hot dog. Wow. This year they've given us Baseball's Best Soft Pretzel. This bad boy is a, well soft pretzel that is marinaded in hot wing sauce and is topped with mozzarella that gets melted. And, of course, you get your choice of ranch or blue cheese.
Krispy Kreme burger also a Grizzlies' staple.

--A Robocop remake is in the works?!

--A Turok live-action movie...out-standing!

--Last we checked in on Lima Time he was getting sent down to the Korean minor leagues by the Kia Tigers. He's been back up with Kia and in May went 4-2 with an ERA of 3.98 ERA. He also is on the team with, I presume, the best Dugout Girls.

--Okay Texans the gauntlet has been throw down! The Cowboys are going to have the two largest HD screens (160 feet by 70 feet) in the world in their new stadium. Time to spring for three Bob.

--Reason # 112 why Mario was the choice to make despite what everyone else (not me, of course, I was down from day 502 1).....the marriage rumors are heating up again for Kim K. and Reggie.

--Our piece of s(crap) of the week comes to us from Maryland. David Baker turned himself in after, I'm guessing, realizing he hasn't been doing good things. David was going to the cemetary and taking the brass vases and selling them for scrap. It all adds up to six counts of felony theft, one count of theft scheme, and six counts of destruction of a funerary object and $90,000 worth of brass.

--Sunday night on ESPN2 Richard Linklater offers up Inning by Inning: A Portrait of a Coach. The coach being UT baseball coach Augie Garrido. Sounds pretty interesting and is worth a spot on the DVR.

--Good news...for some of you. According to a report released by the White House this week marijuana potency is at its highest level in more than 30 years.

--It took long enough for a condom company to come up with something for our presidential candidates. Barack Obama's: "Use With Good Judgment." John "I used to be cool, then I sold my soul for the Republican nomination" McCain's: "Old, but not expired." As for sales pitches for the respective condoms. McCain condoms are said to be, "are battle tested, strong and durable, for those occasions when you just need to switch your position!" As for Barack condoms, "that without wearing one, there's likely to be an Obama-Mama in your future."

Questions, comments, or if you anticipate a 3 and a half week run for N.E.R.D. on your the way, how 'bout Pharrell making Madonna cry?

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