Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Be True To Yourself And You Will Never Fall

Can You Believe The Lakers Won Game 6!!!!


Congratulations Celtics!!!!
Either way I kinda liked this Game 6 moment...

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Elite XC had Yves Edwards and KJ Noons this past weekend and it was like just about everything else on the card. Very short and unfulfilling. KJ rolled right over Yves. Two great guys with Houston connections. Then Nick Diaz entered the cage and Elite XC, once again, felt more like professional wrestling. If you hadn't heard the headliner for the Elite XC's CBS show in late July it's going to be a rematch between Robbie Lawler and Scott Smith.

--It's about to be on for Affliction v. UFC. Affliction's first PPV is July 19th and features Fedor, which, I guess, is why it thinks it can charge for $50 despite being its first PPV. Something interesting Affliction is doing is the first hour of its show will be on free tv. Apparently UFC is putting its on card on free tv that night. Spike will reportedly get a show that initially was going to be headlined by Wanderlei Silva and Brandon Vera. Now Anderson Silva has entered the picture and will reportedly go light heavyweight. Either way who's gonna watch a debut PPV vs. a free card on Spike?

--In case you were thinking about seeing how many people you could tat up in 24 hours Oliver Peck of Dallas set the bar for you. On Friday the 13th Oliver tattoed '13' 415 times on various people to set a new Guinness record. The old one was held by Kat Von D, but you knew that already.

--Heroes is bringing in, dare I say, the Greatest American Hero...William Katt will be involved in a storyline with Nikki hopefully persuading her to go back to her stripper ways.

--Welcome back Weeds!

--I don't think I'll ever see a better sign from a homeless person than the one I saw on Saturday near UH:
"Help! family kidnapped by ninjas. need $4 for karate lessons."

--Because you need to something to put on your calendar...Bruno premieres next May 15th.

--From what I understand Top Gear on BBC America is pretty good. I haven't made it that far down my DVR to-watch list yet. An American version is coming to NBC in the fall. Adam Carolla handles hosting duties along with Tanner Foust and Eric Stromer. Foust has done a lot of stunt driving while Stromer has done some work on HGTV and Santa Barbara from back in the day.

--The 2nd Annual Rockets Media 3-on-3 game was this weekend. I didn't go last year, but from what I understand we sucked. Repeating as champs were the Gamers. We played the Gamers in the first game. Our team featured myself, Matt "The Professor" Jackson, Robert "Skip to my Lou...No, Mfer you will skip to my Lou!!" Henslee, Mark "Escalade" Vandermeer, and Adam "Air Up There" Wexler. The Gamers said in accepting the trophy, "Thanks. Sports Radio 610 gave us our best game and we were very fortunate to survive them.*"
*all quotes attributed to Gamers do not necessarily reflect the views of said Gamers*
Somehow we lost to Channel 13 before we achieved the impossible dream. That's right we won our first game in the tournament's storied history. Sorry FSN. By virtue of our win Rockets personnel assured me that our press seats will not be moved next year in the middle of a 22 game winning streak.

--The lovely Anne Hathaway is single again.

--Anyone else tear up just a bit when the Galactica fleet jumped to Earth in the season finale?

--We head to Beaumont for our Dumbass of the Week. Way back in the year 2006 Joshua Bush, 19, was part of some gang that broke into a car lot to help themselves to some cars. The manager came out and Joshua thought it an opportune time to shoot the manager. Joshua missed. The manager didn't. The manager blasted Joshua right in the forehead, but according to the report it was lodged in the "fatty tissue of the forehead." So apparently that's a good place to get shot. Because not only did Joshua live, but he and his lawyer bitched when the police had the audacity to want to extract the bullet for evidence since Joshua's story was that a friend shot him and it violated his civil rights to force the removal of the bullet. Anyway, after a lot of court-related crap the guy has finally plead guilty to deadly conduct and aggravated assault.

--We have to wait a long time until Damages gets back on the air, but when it does William Hurt will join the cast as a client of Patty. Very promising.

Questions, comments or if you're jealous that Adam Wexler gets to do live, all-natural, let me stress untaped, interviews Roseanne Barr...

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