Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What's Running Through My Mind Comes Through In My Walk

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--God bless Jennifer's Body which gives us a fantastic look at Megan Fox's body. (link quite possibly NSFW, but how ya gonna find out if you don't click?)

--Apparently My20 offers more than crappy looking broadcasts of Houston sporting events and Everybody Hates Chris. I guess Flav has a show called Under the Roof and apparently Terrell Owens made a cameo. Contain your excitement.

--Let's never, ever, never, ever, ever let Tony Romo sing again and what's the point of showing him when Jessica isn't around?

--Hannah Storm to ESPN as part of its new morning block of nuttin' but live SportsCenters from 5-2pm. And ESPNNews is for what now?

--Kelly and Donna on the new 90210?!

--I'm sure we all remember one of the greatest YouTubes ever, the one that compiled every Jessica Alba bikini/swimming shot in Into the Blue into a mesmerizing 5-minute video. Into the Blue 2 will have Audrina Patridge swimming around.

--This summer's Office webisodes are going to focus on Kevin and his gambling fun.

--New on Telemundo this year...Sin Tetas No Hay Paraiso translated Without (uhh, we'll go with) Breasts, There is No Paradise. I assume it's a true story.

--After opening weekend Speed Racer is only $100 million in the hole.

--Your Mother of the Week candidate comes to us from Appleton, Wisconsin, but unfortunately we don't have names. The driver is a 13-year-old, the passenger is his 41-year-old mom, the policeman is not amused. He pulled over Teen Speed Racer for doing 79 in a 45. Moms cooly explained she was teaching her son how to drive and, in her defense, she does have a suspended driver's license.

--Bad news: Heavy marijuana use can raise the risk of heart attacks and strokes according to a government study. Good news: The pot smokers in the study averaged, I repeat, AVERAGED 78 to 350 joints a week. Well, no sh** 350 joints a week doesn't paint a pretty picture of health! What is that two per hour, every hour, every day of the week?

--The answer on an edition of College Week on Jeopardy gave us:
This Heisman-winning Cardinals QB was sacked
in the off-season by photos of his hot tub party.

Way to go Matty, you made Jeopardy and look at you Jeopardy gettin' all pop cultury topical. I expect better out of you Jeopardy.

--Eric Stoltz and Trixie from Deadwood in the Caprica series that's, more or less, a prequel to Battlestar? Good start and if we can somehow keep Grace Park and Tricia Helfer in various states of dress that'd be fine too.

--Our saddest story of the week comes to us from our own fair city. Sheyla Hershey is a Houstonian, a Houstonian with a dream. A dream to have the largest breast implants in the world. She is living that dream at a size of 34FFF floating her way to Guinness World Record. That's good enough for most implanted woman, but not Sheyla. Her Never Underestimate the Size of the Implants attitude wants to hold the record for largest breasts in the world. That's right Lolo Ferrari she's coming after you! Unfortunately you'd think with a president like Dubya that Texas wouldn't have some silly law limiting the amount of silicone that can be injected into breast implants. Jerks. They hide behind some safety reason, but I think it's safe to say once you get to 34FFF that "safety" went out the f'n window a long time ago. Good luck with that Sheyla.

--It's that time of year again, time for Who's Hot and Who's Not in the world of Baby Names for 2007. For 2008 I know we have one Amalia Alejandra Gonzalez so that's a very good thing for Hector and Amalia. For 2007 and for every year since 1996 Emily tops the list for girls while for the last eight years Jacob has topped the list for boys. Isabella is # 2 for girls followed by Emma, Ava, and Madison. Sophia and Olivia at 6 and 7 for many poor girls. The only palindrome on either top 10, Hannah, is #9 with Elizabeth at 10. Michael, Ethan, and Joshua follow Jacob for the fellas. The awesome Daniel is # 5. Christopher, Anthony, William, Matthew, and Andrew round out the top 10 boys' names. Danica jumped almost 50 spots to 307 for the girls while Jamarcus as in "it sucks for Jamarcus to be a Raider" jumped almost 200 spots to 743. Miley makes her debut on the list of 1,000 at 278. Apparently a very popular names is Nevaeh which is Heaven backwards. That's # 31 for girls. No pressure on the 723rd most popular name for baby boys, Messiah. Elvis jumped up nearly 100 spots to 676. Houston at 831 for the fellas though Memphis is 736.

--MTV has a new show coming out in June. Legally Blonde The Musical: The Search for Elle Woods. Oh boy.

--Apparently it's "controversial" that Sex and the City had its movie premiere in London instead of here. Please London keep it over there. We're simply not worthy of...whatever the girls' names are.

--What's wrong with us when Alvin and the Chipmunks is already getting a sequel?!

--In good sequel news Transformers 2 possibly in 3D?! 3D Megan Fox?!

--R.I.P. Ron Stone

Questions, comments, or if Ron Stone was the newscaster who raised me...

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