Friday, May 16, 2008

True Feelings Are Shown From The Way That I Talk

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Tony and Jessica no more? I mean once Us reports it it's pretty much official right. How does it get more official than a story about Jessica binge drinking for four hours with CaCee Cobb and her man Turk ending with CaCee throwing up under the table? Maybe those crazy kids will be fine if Tony still takes Jessica to Ashlee's wedding this weekend. Oh the drama...

--Really Jazz fan you're gonna cover the same eye Derek Fisher's lil girl has cancer in and yell at Derek Fisher when he's at the line?

--Because you know you need a fix of Madden as we finally draw within three months of its release...

--Our Mother of the Week comes to us from Macon County, Georgia and more specifically from a men's softball game. Yes, a Mother of the Week stemming from a MEN'S softball game. The man was a 20-year-old whose mother was Rhonda Shope. Her son got into a fight on the field. So Rhonda being a momma from the south did what she had to do. You guessed it, she stood up and started waving her gun in the air like she just don't care. She then yelled, "I've got a gun if y'all don't break it up." For some reason the police became involved. So Momma Shope was charged with going armed to the terror of the people (whatever that means), carrying a concealed weapon, not having an operator's license, and child abuse. Child abuse because Momma Shope had her 9-year-old daughter with her at the game.

--I miss you already Office.

--Did I just hear Chris Matthews call Hillary "the Al Sharpton of white people"?

--Because someday you may find yourself needing to run across the tops of urinals while people are pelting you with beers...

--Jonah Hill is gonna write and produce a 21 Jump Street movie?!

--Mark down November 23rd as the day 24's two-hour prequel airs. South Africa has a problem. Jack Bauer has a solution...and a hot daughter we haven't seen in a while because she's running through hockey players like Amy Winehouse runs through narcotics.

--Electric Company is coming back in January on PBS Kids.

--Kimbo and Tyson?!

--Don't lose a bet to Ken Griffey Jr. Josh Fogg did and then Josh Fogg arrived at his locker to find $ 16 boxes of pennies.

--Apocalypse is near....New Kids on the Block "performed" a medley of their hits on the Today show. Good god guys, there comes a point you know that you just turn the chapter and keep it turned. And you Donnie Wahlberg you've got some genuine acting skills and this is just...I mean you were 2nd Lt. Lipton for the love of all that is good.

--I'm not sure where he falls on the list, but Benjamin Linus is one of the best, most complex TV characters ever.

--Despite being oh so close to Emmy and Oscar glory Frankie Muniz is retiring from Hollywood.

--In case you missed it, Cotto and Margarito is set for late July.

Questions, comments or if you expect an amazing Radiohead show Saturday and think it may even rival a U2 show...

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