Monday, March 03, 2008

Let your back bone flip but don't slip a disc

No real reason to show Padma except she's Padma and that's enough for me.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts
--Bad news people no new season of Conchords until 2009. Crap.

--Just so we don't forget April 10th is whenever The Office rejoins us.

--Thank you to ESPN for waving buh-bye to Sean Salisbury. Just typing his name annoys the hell outta me. How ridiculous is this quote from Sean:

"I have created a brand and it’s time to expand into other opportunities in TV, radio, Internet, publishing, movies and public speaking, among others. My resume speaks for itself as a football analyst, and I believe I can talk all sports with the best of them."

created a "brand"?!

--Friend of the Night Shift Dan Henderson gave it his best shot, but Anderson Silva's wallet is the one that has BMF stitched on it. Dude cannot be stopped. How about Heath Herring's performance against Cheick Kongo?

--Hey Heroes, I'm glad you're about to start shooting again for next season, but I know you're not trying to go forward without bringing back Kristen Bell.

--Valerie Bertinelli is looking pretty good on those weight loss spots and now she has some tell-all book...something about infidelity, drugs and kissing a woman. So after all of that it's clear the next step for her is her own talk show. And that's a done deal now.

--Watch out Superman...

--Arrested Development the movie is a go and that is a very good thing.

--Cleveland from Family Guy is gonna get his own spin-off?!

--Nothing like watching Gordon Ramsey bust a chef/owner for posting glowing online reviews of his restaurant. The Kitchen Nightmares on BBC America > Fox's.

--Dinner: Impossible's Robert Irvine is not getting his contract renewed since his resume was full of embellishments and he's screwing over some people in St. Petersburg. That's a shame, 'twas a good show.

--I didn't know this, but apparently Jason Street's character on Friday Night Lights was inspired by San Antonio Madison's David Edwards. The show's director and producer Peter Berg was at a 2003 playoff game featuring San Antonio Madison against Austin Westlake when Edwards (DB) collided with another player going for the ball. Edwards was paralyzed. To finish this incredibly sad story Edwards passed away recently days before his 21st birthday. He had pneumonia since late last year and was hospitalized, but slipped into a coma and stopped breathing.

--I'm not big on Cameron Diaz, but if she's in a Richard Kelly movie I'm down. Apparently The Box will involve Frank Langella knocking on your door and telling you that if you push a button on The Box you will come into great wealth. The catch being someone, somewhere will die. I would rationalize that it'd be an a-hole deserving of death or someone in great pain to which death would be welcome and then I'd press that button twice just to make sure.

--I think this accurately sums up the Knicks' season...

--Slamball is coming back?! I guess they figure why the hell not look at how American Gladiators did in the ratings. Nice job America. Now go make a terrible, awful, no good, very bad movie # 1.

--If you hate Duke then you'll love this...

--If you're keeping score at home Kate Hudson is allegedly stalking both Justin Timberlake AND Tim Hasselbeck. Good luck with that Kate.

--Oh Florida, you do have some f'd up people living within your borders. 27-year-old Brandy Hicks lives with her parents and the other night she spent her evening hours getting drunk off her ass. So she was afraid of getting the wrath of her parents when she went home that morning. So what was Brandy to do? Brandy decided the best thing to do would be lie to the police. Awesome plan. Brandy told the cops that the night in question she left her stripper job (yeah, this is getting better already) and had dropped off a friend when some guy approached her car and hit her upside the head. Then she claimed she woke up in the woods six hours later. Brandy even dumped her own purse in a garbage can to make her story appear more valid. Yeah, that didn't work. The cops found her truck nearby and her story started having holes punched in it. Eventually Brandy said my bad and now the 27-year-old stripper is most assuredly grounded...except for when it's her night on the pole.

--Good God, can Lost get any better than last week's Desmond-centric episode?

--A sequel for The Last Starfighter?! Out-standing!

Questions, comments or if you got pulled over last week and had your car searched...

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