Monday, March 10, 2008

I like the way that they walk

How much fun is this?
Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Hells yeah!!!! A third season for Friday Night Lights!!! DirecTV and NBC worked out a deal to show it on different channels and give it the chance it so richly deserves.

--More fantastic news!!! Because you've been such patient boys and girls The Shield is going to starts its finale season in September....finally. I miss Vic and the boys. R.I.P. Lem...

--Boner from Growing Pains was arrested for stepping in front of a Chinese themed float at the Rose Bowl parade in protest of the treatment of people in Burma?! I had no idea his father was Chekov from Star Trek.

--A Dexter video game?! I know I'm waaay late on this, but I just got the first season on dvd and I can't wait to tear into that.

--The Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles was waaaay better than I thought it'd be, but apparently another season is not in the future. Skynet takes over in 2011, hope you're happy America.

--Congratulations to this week's Freak of the Week.....Red Sox scout Jesse Levis! Jesse was in St. Lucie and just enjoying the view outside his hotel room door. Said view included a pool. The pool included two teenage girls. Before Jesse knew what was happening his hand jumped into his pants. And then well, his hand came back out asking for a cigarette. Yeah, Jesse's hand and the rest of him were arrested for allegedly committing two lewd and lascivious acts in the presence of children under the age of 16. Jesse's hand swears "he thought the girls were at least 17."

--There's a Best of SNL 2006-2007?! How long could that possibly be? 10 minutes? 12?

--Guy is obviously a dork, but Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives might be my favorite Food Network show after Good Eats. Coming soon to a Wii near you: Iron Chef America.

--If you watch one documentary on drugs this week make it America's Drug War on Showtime.

--Oscar De La Hoya's niece, Daisy, is on Rock of Love?!

--Fashion Nightmares with Victoria Beckham on Fox?!

--Speaking of Fox, a 24 two hour movie this Fall?! Apparently it's going to bridge the gap between last season and next season which begins airing in 2009?! Ummm, shouldn't the two-hour movie be called 2?
I'll never forget where I was when that sonuvabitch ended the life of our nation's greatest Commander-in-Chief.

--So NCAA '09 is gonna have different cover boys for each platform. Darren McFadden graces the 360 and nothing else has been announced. Seriously don't you feel smarter for knowing that now.

--Nobody not even you pancreatic cancer will put Swayze in a corner!

--Our MacGyver grandma of the week comes to us from North Carolina. There Susan Mitchell got freaked out by all the severe storm/tornado warnings and so she grabbed her cats and went inside the closet. Fortunately for her the bad weather subsided as she took a nap. Unfortunately for her she forgot the closet locked from the outside so yeah, she was stuck like Chuck (Chuck reference = Rachel Bilson pic, yay for us). She tried to break down the door to no avail. Then she slipped a note under the door so when people started searching for her they'd find it. Then 20 hours in with no food, water or medication she started punching the wall eventually making a hole big enough for her to climb through. And now heed the sage words from grandmama: "So I say to everybody 'keep a hammer in your closet, tie your cell phone around your neck, and be in shape."

--Remember that dude who hid in the closet until Glen Rice found him and beat him up for being over at his estranged or ex's place? Yeah, he's dropping the charges.

--I love boxing in 2008 for giving us stuff like Marquez/Vasquez. I hate boxing in 2008 for possibly giving us stuff like Holyfield/Tyson. Either way it sure sucks Juan Diaz's streak had to end over the weekend. I guess our fair city can't have too many winning streaks going on at one time.

--Your Mother of the Year candidate for this week comes to us from Oklahoma City. There Christine Aaron was enjoying a beer breakfast when she nodded off. Her four-year-old daughter had mommy's back, tilted her head back and finished the beer. Mommy gave daughter a good talking to when mommy realized what happened. Mommy still dropped daughter off at school. Daughter started acting strange/drunk and teachers smelled alcohol on her breath. Yeah, mommy was arrested and police said, "We have reason to believe that the child has drunk beer in the past."

--I don't watch a ton of BET since the days of Video Soul with Donnie Simpson, but it will soon start offering Black Poker Stars Invitational with the likes of Katt Williams, Orlando Jones, and Eddie Griffin. It will also soon be giving us Iron Ring which will feature MMA teams. The teams will be managed/owned by guys like Ludacris, Lil Jon (I'd love to hear him shouting instructions at me), Nelly, and thankfully Floyd. Please don't let Floyd/Oscar II happen. So unnecessary.

--Really Tennessee, you're just now looking at passing a law to allow wine sales in grocery stores?! I mean, I know you're a little behind everyone else in the nation, but...

--Pat O'Brien out on The Insider and Donny Osmond in?!

--Cal is selling pictures of the most famous pole vaulter in the world, Allison Stokke on its website?!

Questions, comments or if you're jealous that your workplace's vending machine doesn't feature coconut toffee-flavored peanuts like mine does...

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