Monday, March 31, 2008

And I Got More Hits than Sadaharu Oh

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--A primetime Family Feud?! It just hasn't been the same since the great Richard Karn left the show.

--For some reason we're getting a Saw V. Julie Benz from Dexter will be in it, which is the only reason I mention it. Almost done with Season 1 and it is tremendous stuff.

--Oh Bruno... put out a list of Top 10 Drunk College Foods. Ian's Pizza (Wisconsin) is 10 with Mac 'N' Cheese Pizza. At 9 we get some place near Rutgers which gives us Fat Darrells. Basically it's a sub with mozzarella sticks, french fries, and chicken fingers topped with a marinara sauce. The Triple XXX Family Restaurant (Purdue) gives us basically a big ass hamburger with the addition of peanut butter. Fatheads (Pitt) offers up the South Side Slope at # 6. It's a monstrous kielbasa with fried pierogies, grilled onions, cheese and horsey sauce. Yeah, I don't think I'm down with horsey sauce. Junior's (Long Island U. at Brooklyn) offers up Something Different. That bad boy consists of two giant potato latkes (great start) and in between we get beef brisket. It comes with au jus and applesauce. At # 1 we get Mulligan's (Georgia) which offers up a traditional bacon cheeseburger. The bun is a Krispy Kreme split in half and grilled. Out-standing! Although when I'm drunk I don't eat, I drink. I rely on other vices to stimulate my appetite.

--How about that crazy Senator Bill Nelson from Florida? This senile old man wants to rotate primaries because for some strange reason he is of the belief that early-voting states New Hampshire and Iowa aren't representative of the American electorate. And then this kook wants to have the election based on popular vote (I know, he's krazee with a 'k' and two 'e's) and abolish the electoral college and the three weeks in U.S. History you spend trying to understand it.
On a somewhat related, but not really note...I'm liking John Adams on HBO.

--The Hills premiere was the highest rated show on cable this year?!

--Apparently it's almost officially a done deal with Scrubs moving to ABC.

--I've made no secret about my feelings regarding the No Child Left Behind act (or maybe it just hasn't come up). Anyhoo, some principals take these test scores and more specifically TAKs scores more seriously than others. A junior high principal in New Braunfels had a meeting with a group of science teachers. Principal Burks ended the meeting in a strong manner with, well, let's let teacher Anita White tell how the end of the meeting went, "He said if the TAKS scores were not as expected he would kill the teachers. He said 'I will kill you all and kill myself.' He finished the meeting that way and we were in shock. After he threatened to kill us, he said, 'You don't know how ruthless I can be.'
"We walked out of the meeting just totally dumbfounded because it was not a joke." Yeah, Ms. White found herself transferred to the Learning Center also known as the place where the kids who might kill you go to school.

--You ever wrap presents and you forgot which was for which person? Yeah, you ever do that with nuclear components and helicopter batteries and send nuclear components to Taiwan? No? Well our government did. They're hilarious. In all honesty I imagine helicopter battieries look just like fuses that trigger nuclear warheads. The government discovered the mistake so that's good. Of course, it happened in 2006 so...

--I'd like to dedicate Depeche Mode's "Somebody" for my boy Andy Bogut.

--Ready for some uplifting news? One in eight residents of Michigan is on food stamps. One in six West Virginians.

--Promising: Children of Men coming to TV.
Very Promising: Children of Men coming to TV with a Battlestar Galactica writer penning the pilot.
Galactica back this Friday!

Yeah, cylons look really bad.

--On Tuesday Hell's Kitchen has it's season premiere or as I like to call it the episode where Gordon sh*** on every single dish the "chefs" make except the one made coincidentally by the hottest chick there.

--So Food Network has Chefography week coming up and Food Network itself is getting an episode?!

Questions, comments or if you think, in general, people are just f'n stupid...

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