Wednesday, April 09, 2008

oowah oowah is my disco call

The song might, but the pictures never get old...

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--I know I'm way late, but I've been backed up on my TV. Having said that Fight Night was phenomenal. A couple of guys I like watching, but whose matches weren't on television won. Those guys being Clay Guida and Manny Gamburyan. Nice win by Gray Maynard against previously undefeated Frank Edgar. I really didn't have too much of a problem with either Houston's or Karo's match being stopped. I thought Nate Diaz was lucky his wasn't and that's who I thought looked the best that night. It's not often you see someone throw up double rods in the middle of the match, but when that triangle was on it was over. No shame in Joe Lauzon losing to Kenny Florian.

--All is right with the world as finally The Office makes its return to the land of the living. You probably heard by now, but a spinoff is in the works. They just haven't ironed anything out as far as creative ideas. I'm thinking Ryan and Kelly, but who knows. Maybe they just give us the adventures of Mose or Moes or however you spell it and Schutes Beet Farm.

--We're really gonna make a big deal about the Olympic torch relay being extinguished along the way by people protesting China's treatment of Tibet and China's buddy-buddy relationship with Sudan? Like The Daily Show pointed out this relay was a creation of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels so maybe we go ahead and let that Nazi started tradition die, whatd'ya say?

--Al Roker the host of the primetime edition of Family Feud?!

--Apparently it wasn't enough for Lindsey to show us her boobies in pictures now it's supposed to happen on film. Something about playing a sex-addicted waitress. Real stretch.

--Amanda Righetti likely to be the girl that survives Jason in the remake of Friday the 13th.

--Nothing like when birthday parties and stabbings collide. They collided in Victoria over the weekend. Apparently an argument started over the Cowboys and another team. Next thing you know six people were stabbed and nobody had anything to cut the cake with.

--If you're keeping score at home Charlie/Dominic Monaghan is back to being the second biggest overachiever (Cash Warren and Alba # 1). Charlie and Kate are back together.

--It's probably not a good thing that you need an Outlook calendar to remind you of all your court dates, but former OU now Xavier guard Drew Lavender might want to look into that. The senior has the important Portsmouth Invitational coming up this week so how did he celebrate the weekend before? By standing in the middle of the street drunk off his ass with marijuana in his pocket. He was, according to police documents, "highly intoxicated" and wouldn't get off the road when told to. Back a few years ago in Soonerland he was arrested for, you'll never guess, oh you did, public intoxication and possession of marijuana. Last summer he was charged with recklessly causing annoyance. Something about going into a club and saying "(Expletive - Darn?) this white club."

--Matthew McConaughey as Magnum P.I., yeah that's about right.

--Who wouldn't want to click on a link with NSFW pictures of WWE divas?

--AMC has been good enough to bring us Mad Men and Breaking Bad and now Darren Aronofsky (The Fountain, Requiem for a Dream, dude who gets to tag Rachel Weisz) is putting his stamp on AMC with a show about a family that moves into some apartment complex where crazy sh** starts happening. Aronofsky and crazy sh**, who woulda thunk?

--Finally made it through Season One of Dexter and yeah, it was fan-freakin-tastic! I'm not sure if it's official or not, but August 19th is the rumored date of the Season Two release. Counting the days...

--I tend to like movies that me laugh hysterically, make me think, or movies that can be greatly enhanced by hallucinogenic drugs. Leathernecks falls under none of those categories. This is the absolute best impression of Renee Zellweger you will see all week...

--Those of you who play Madden on your PC. You will not be playing Madden '09 on your PC. A PC version isn't going to be released.

--Pam Anderson gave Hugh Hefner a naked lap dance on his 82nd birthday?! Not that Pam Anderson is Pam Anderson from years ago, but has there ever been any downside to being Hugh Hefner.

--Battlestar is back and better than ever. Once this final season is done this will be one of the few entire DVD collections I will have to own.

--Heroes joins us again on Septemeber 15th. Friday Night Lights shows up on DirecTV this fall and then on NBC in the winter.

Questions, comments or if you saw James throw the hell out of that glass...

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