Tuesday, February 05, 2008

You Should Be At U2 3D IMAX Right Now

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose

Ouch, that had to hurt. Emmitt Smith said it best when he said, "The Patriots strength got debacled." Debacled indeed. It's an upset, but not a huge one to me. If you just look at what these teams have done over the last six weeks the Giants have been more impressive, came in with more momentum and left with a championship. I guess they didn't have four cars to give out, but the NY D-line was phenomenal.

I think Tommy will be all right.

--Commercial-wise the dog/horsey/Rocky thing won USA Today's Ad-Meter rating. The Fed-Ex giant carrier pigeons was the runner-up. My personal favorite was the one with lizards doing "Thriller" with Naomi Campbell. Another good one was the Tide one with the shirt stain. Both of those tied for 9th. I thought the two worst were the Under Armour one, which was just stupid, and anything from Salesgenie and their brilliant, overtly racist spot with the panda. All in all a crappy set of commercials.

--No one really thinks that the '72 Dolphins would've beaten the '85 Bears, right?

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Kendra Wilkinson and Shawne Merriman?!

--Oh West Virginia, sometimes you act just like you're expected. Lawmakers are considering a bill that would teach school children how to handle a gun and hunt safely. So instead of our fat ass children actually moving during physical education classes they'll be standing still and playing with guns. Very West Virginia of West Virginia. This is all in an effort to gain more revenue from the sale of hunting licenses which anyone over the age of 10 can purchase.

--My Bloody Valentine remake?! Out-standing news.

--How strong was Colbert v. Stewart v. O'Brien!?

--Cloverfield 2 now in the works.

--If you were wondering what that smell was it was probably coming from Camden-Rockport Middle School. But that odor now has consequences. Intentional flatulence will now result in detention for 8th grade boys. Apparently girls can fart their little hearts away. The boys have been having contests in the middle of class to see who could fart the loudest and grossest. One kid's comment, "It's a natural occurrence and we all do it 16 times a day." When asked where he got his facts he said from some other boys who are no doubt more reliable than wikipedia.

--Hannah Montana wigs for sale?! Really?!

--Your misplaced priorities lush of the week comes to us from Florida. There Tina Williams was enjoying some alky-hol on Super Bowl Sunday. A cop saw Tina run a red light and start swerving around almost like she was drunk...which she was. When the cop got to the car he saw a case of beer buckled up safely in the front seat. In the back seat? Oh, just a one-year-old girl without as much as a seatbelt on. When the cop asked why, Tina cooly answered, "I don't know." Well played, Tina, well played.

--Reebok Kool-Aid shoes?!

--An Arrested Development movie?! Make it happen.

--Haven't seen a new Dateline: To Catch a Predator in a while so I assume creepy, old men are not trying to hook up with teenage girls online anymore. In Evansville, Indiana a guy wanted to get the attention of a registered sex offender there. So dude painted "GET OUT PERV" on the garage door and then for good measure set fire to the inside of a trailer that was parked in the driveway. Yeah, dude got the address wrong. Whoops.

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