Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Now Let me get some action from the back section

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--First there was the awesome "I'm F**king Matt Damon" from Sarah Silverman. Kimmel's response? "I'm F**king Ben Affleck" of course.

--I'm just about done reliving my N64 past with Turok and it looks like just in time as apparently Lost is going to be out later this month. I assume the mission is having relations with Kate and maybe getting off the island. But priorities. By the way, these first three episodes of Lost this season have been out-f'n-standing!
We miss you Shannon.

--Dammit Paulie, Tony Soprano's body is barely cold (or is it?) and you're having to do Denny's commercials?!

--If you missed Kelly Pavlik and Jermain Taylor you missed an outstanding fight. Just high quality stuff. Love both of those guys.

--Yeah, Tank didn't have a prayer against Kimbo. Knockout of the weekend belonged to Conroe's Yves Edwards.

--Vernon Forrest and Sergio Mora?! Although that's more exciting than seeing Kelly destroy Tito.

--It's that time of year again, time for the new cast of Dancing With The Stars! Yeah, that exclamation point really didn't want to go at the end of that sentence. I had to promise it would follow a random Marissa Miller pic. Anyway, where were, oh yeah new cast....some telenovela star and it's a guy so who cares? Mario who is apparently so famous the singer doesn't need a last name. Penn Jillette will either go far or be the first out. Short Circuit (or was that more of a Johnny 5 movie?) star Steve Guttenberg is approaching 50, but I'm giving him good odds. Kristi Yamaguchi should be strong. Monica Seles will somehow incorporate getting stabbed in the back in her Paso Doble. The grunts may not go over well with the old guy in the middle. Jason Taylor needs the money? Shannon Elizabeth takes time out of her poker career to officially end her career. Adam Carolla also apparenly in desperate need for money. Unfortunately I can't see him going too far so expect the laughs to end by the second week. Someone named Marissa or something is in it. Marlee Matlin is your sympathetic vote-getter. Priscilla Presley looks scary about now. So there ya go.

--Your piece of crap of the week comes to us from...the Houston Texans?! It's bad enough Jerome Mathis can't keep his four pit bulls behind, I don't know, a gate?! Mathis came home the other night and was pissed about his cell phone charger or something else soooo significant that he felt the need to (allegedly) choke his pregnant common-law wife. Just go away Jerome, just go away.

--Best Buy, Netflix and Wal-Mart have all cast their lot with Blu-Ray. Eat it HD-DVD!

--If you care and I know you don't SNL comes back this weekend with Tina Fey hosting.

--Probably not a lot of Hollywood types did what My Name Is Earl creator/executive producer Greg Garcia did. He worked at an undisclosed fast food restaurant for a month to get back in touch with the commoners. No one knew who he was or how rich he was until he left. He also left one employee a super-sized cashier's check for $10 grand.

--Yeah, Associated Press, you probably can stop telling us the obvious. This is from an AP article last week after another Barack win..."Obama, who would be the first black U.S. president, holds a small lead in the state-by-state competition to represent the party in the November election."

--Your weekly G.I. Joe casting update is Sienna Miller as Baroness.

--For your Street Fighter movie we have Michael Clark Duncan as Balrog, Chris Klein as Nash, Kristin Kreuk as Chun Li as well as Moon Bloodgood and Taboo from Black Eyed Peas.

--Riggins or Taylor Kitsch will be Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

--A federal bankruptcy judge in Massahoweveryouspellthispart resigned last week. Wifey was out of town so Judge Robert Somma thought it'd be a good idea to go down away from home and enjoy a drink...in a black cocktail dress....with fish-net stockings....and high heels. Yeah, the 63-year-old was pulled over and arrested for DWI. In his written report the officer didn't mention the cute outfit the good judge put together, but the officer did mention the judge "had a difficult time locating his license in his purse."

--If you're so inclined MeetMeAtTheRaces.com is your NASCAR singles site.

--I took me a while to start checking it out, but Dinner Impossible ain't half bad if nothing else is on. Turns out though Robert Irvine is quite an accomplished liar. He's facing some lawsuits in St. Petersburg after two restaurants he was set to open aren't even close to being ready despite opening night being scheduled for three months ago. So The St. Pete Times had a pretty thorough article that contradicts parts of his resume. Things like how he worked on Princess Di's cake, yeah he picked the flowers for it. Also good stuff on some fake ass award that sounds cool except the recipient usually has to pay for the award.

--In other foodie news Martha Stewart now owns Emeril. At least Emeril's books, cookware, and TV shows. She got all that for just $50 million though that could rise as much as $20 million more before all is said and done.

--One more food-related not, have you ever seen Paula's Party or whatever it's called when she has "celebrities" on cooking with her. The old girl is this close (thumb and index finger really close....closer...there ya go) to senile. Deion was on the other night and they made some just awful food that of course they said was delicious.

Questions, comments or if you can't sleep because finally Champ Car and IRL are merging...

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