Thursday, January 03, 2008

You Know I Think Fly You Think I Get High

NFL Leftovers

--Niners rookie LB Patrick Willis had 33 more tackles than anyone else. DeMeco ended up 7th in the league after slowing down the stretch averaging just over 4 tackles a game in each of the final 4 weeks.

--Andre Davis finished 3rd in yards per catch averaging 17.7 yds a grab. Andre also just missed out on leading the league in kick return average going for 30.3 while Josh Cribbs went for 30.7.

--LaDainian led the league in rushing and rushing TDs while fumbling all of zero times. Brian Westbrook and Joseph Addai also went the entire season without fumbling. Reggie fumbled 7 times, losing 3.

--The Patriots' 36.8 points a game was twice as good as 10 other teams in the league including the Rams who a long, long time ago had an offense. Houston's 23.7 per tied Nawlunz for 12th.

--Jacoby Jones was outstanding in camp and in the preseason and then, yeah. Matt Turk the same. Turk ended up 24th in average punt although he did get 43% of his punts inside the 20 which was the 2nd best ratio.

--Quick, who led the NFL in scoring? If you said anyone other than Mason Crosby you're wrong. Second was Randy freakin' Moss, his teammate Stephen Gostkowski was third.

--Todd Collins' QB rating is 2nd only to Peyton's over the last four games.

--The only other offensive rookie to get a vote besides Adrian Peterson?? Cleveland OT Joe Thomas. Week 9 Adrian Peterson had 296 yards. He missed two games, but in the other six games he played since that record breaking day he combined for just 305 yards. He didn't average at least 4 yards a game in any of his final 4 games.

--The top four teams in turnover ratio in each conference also found themselves in the postseason.


--Jamaal Charles is now the other name on the UT list of players who left early during Mack Brown's tenure. Some guy named Vince was the first to leave early.

----Mike Patrick's Britney call last year was the greatest thing I've ever heard. He talked more Britney during Bowl time...first part one revisited...

Todd Blackledge: "You have an I-Pod and an I-Phone?"
Mike Patrick: "Anything with an I in it I have it. If they come out with an I-Car I'm buying it."
Blackledge: "Do you have Britney Spears on that I-Pod?"
Patrick: "No.............although I hear she might be renting out that double wide to a family member."

--I heart Rashard Mendenhall...

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--FHM did a list on the 10 Worst Movies of 2007. Checking in at 10 is that awful Chuck and Larry whose only redeeming quality, I'm guessing, was the boob feel of Jessica Biel. Next was Southland Tales which I didn't see, but want to since my boy Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly did it. The memorable Andy Samberg vehicle Hot Rod at 8. Apparently between lesbian trysts and rehab stints Lindsey Lohan had time to make something called I Know Who Killed Me. At 6 is someone I don't really find funny, but everyone else does...Dane Cook and Jessica Alba in Good Luck Chuck. I thought this would be # 1, but it's 5...Norbit. What happened Eddie? Really, what happened? Jim Carey in The Number 23 is the number 4 worst movie of the year. No surprise Cedric's Code Name: The Cleaner is 3. Because I Said So is 2, apparently it was some chick flick. The worst movie of 2007 according to FHM was something with Big Boi called Who's Your Caddy? Congratulations to Alvin and the Chipmunks for somehow not ending up on this list. First Underdog now this, c'mon Jason Lee you're better than that. Hell, you have the hottest two co-stars on TV.

--Cloverfield is going to be strong, right?

--The Ambiguously Gay Duo Joe Buck and Troy Aikman have their own cute popcorn tins coming out. You can even hook yourself up with a limited edition, collectible glass bowl that has their signatures on it....whoooaaaa. Stay with me, don't pass out, but ten of these popcorn buckets will have a certificate for a football autographed by the duo. Cute. $42 on gets you 8-feet worth of bags o' their special popcorn and that once in a lifetime glass bowl that enhances popcorn infinitely.

--Wanna get away...

--A much better endorsement comes from Kevin Youkilis who will endorse some energy drink called SlumpBuster. How was this not created already?

--Bryant probably would've had a better day had the NY Times not contained the headline: Gumbel Is Precisely the Problem for the NFL Network.

--Obama/Bosh '08

--One more reason Mario has passed up Reggie Bush. Reggie and Kim Kardashian are rumored to be engaged as are Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz.

--If you're Andy Roddick, yeah, you pull SI swimsuit models like Brooklyn Decker which sounds like it should involve something dirty in bed. Apparently Mardy Fish is supposed to be engaged to one of the Deal or No Deal girls, Stacey Gardner.

--You probably didn't see it, but there was a hockey game outside that NBC showed on New Year's Day. It was the most hockey I've watched in 7 years and it wasn't because the remote control fell off the couch knocking a battery out and sliding it across the floor into what may as well have been China considering the number of times I got up off my ass that day.

--Lake Superior State University is trying to help you. It released its annual List of Words Banished from the Queen's English for Mis-Use, Over-Use and General Uselessness. Among those words you need to slowly step away from and never revisit: perfect storm (damn like that one), organic (absolutely over and improperly used), post 9/11 (I'm looking at you Giuliani), surge, 'blank' is the new 'blank' (huh?), Black Friday, back in the day (word), pop, and then the two that cops should hand out tickets is what it is and under the bus. Sportstalk can beat down certain phrases until the sound of them makes you cringe and those two are at the top of the list.

--Little Children is one solid movie. I can see why Jackie Earl Haley garnered a Best Supporting Actor nomination. F'n crazy. And yeah Kate Winslet nekkid is aight, but we can't get those clothes off of Jennifer Connelly?

--Finally saw the new Halloween too, good stuff. 10-year-old Michael killed some deserving folk, undeserving too, I guess, but mostly deserving and he didn't kill his moms or his baby daughter so he couldn't have been that evil, right?

Questions, comments, or if you watched the late night talk shows on their first night back and saw Robin Williams destroy on Letterman...


  1. Funny, I was watching the Georgia Alabama game that night when M.P. asked about Britney. My wife and I looked at each other like, wtf is Patrick shooting up before games now days? Then I totally forgot about it, until now.

    Oh and uh, You know I GET fly.

    Keep up the great work on the blog.

  2. Yo playa. Nice post. You rule!


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