Tuesday, January 15, 2008

So Tell Me Who Are You Dissing Maybe I'm Missing

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Bit o Sports

--Too bad those Cowboys lost. Hate to see a Dallas team lose. You have to root for any team from the state of Texas. Do you understand those people who say that? When a call starts off, "I'm a Houston fan, but I'm a Dallas fan too" I feel the urgent need to knock said caller off the air. Same with these Titans/Texans fans, huh? Pick a side! We're at war!

--Maybe someone can remind Congress that we are STILL at war. That Pakistan is unstable and has nuclear weapons. That a recession seems to be on the horizon. That unemployment is a problem. That our health care system is a mess. That Social Security ain't so freakin' secure. That we are one fat ass country. Basically there a ton of things that are in need of Congress' attention and yet we have these elected officials worrying about baseball?! Huh?! Priorities, people, priorities.

--Wow Darren Sproles goes 56 yards to give San Diego the lead 21-17 on the final play of the 3rd quarter. Only one way to begin the 4th quarter. Yeah, let's get all the players on the field and then announce the names of the eight winners of the Punt, Pass, and Kick. Awesome. Great timing although maybe it'd be better to do this at the two-minute warning. Seriously this couldn't have been done at the half?!

--After seeing Rick Majerus' St. Louis team score all of 20 points the other night I think I can speak for everyone when I say how in the hell are you guys 9-6?! At one point in that game they missed 23 straight shots. They went 7 for 48! Probably sucks to hold an opponent to 49...and still lose by 29! The lowest scoring game in D-1 history was in 1973 when Tennessee beat Temple 11-6. That was the final of some Vols tournament. The night before UT put up 96 in a rout of DePaul. The Vols played zone against the Owls and their coach Don Casey was patient as Job. Temple held the ball for 32 of the 40 minutes trying to get Tennessee to come out of its zone, it wouldn't. UT went up 7-5 with 12:44 to go in the first half and Temple promptly held the ball until just before the half when it turned the ball over. The second half came and went without a field goal. The crowd was apparently not pleased as it pelted the court with ice. UT's president at the time ordered the coach to put the team back out on the court after the "game" for an intrasquad scrimmage. UT coach Ray Mears used it as an opportunity to lobby for a shot clock, which came 12 years later or about 30 years after the NBA went to a 24-second clock.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Maradona doesn't even try to hide it...was that guy who poured the moutain of coke on his fist a player? coach? just the coke guy?

--I had no idea that Jordans were still being released. This month the 23rd edition of MJ's shoes are being released. The first launch will be the special edition of the shoes that will be sold for $230 at only 23 retailers. Then when us commoners are allowed to buy these ugly ass shoes they'll only cost us $185 for a pair. I had some expensive shoes in my day, but never sported Jordans. The first ones looked cool, but I think every pair since then were, what's the word, ugly. Of course, we'll probably see Turtle wearing them next season.

--Rogue waves = scary, especially for the boys on Deadliest Catch. Rogue black holes = scary, especially for planets in Milky Way. Can't wait to see this explored on The Universe.

--Seems to me there are certain people you don't want to mug like Jesus, Santa, or Barack. Someone had the audacity to rob Bibleman at gunpoint. Little did the mugger know that Bibleman/Willie Aames and his son had all of $15 on them. Police not investigating how Willie Aames came into $15. I assume his son works. Willie one of the best Celebrity Fit Clubbers ever.
--The latest hot piece John Mayer was dating, but now no more was lovely Lyla/Minka Kelly.

--How good is TMU gonna be next year with Smash and Chip? How hilarious was it seeing Rick Barnes try to get that verbal from Smash. Though they shoulda just had Mack Brown guest again.

--Way to go America NBC has already greenlighted another season of American Gladiators. Apparently the other night they had some soft porn star female contestant. Yay...

--I don't want to jump to conclusions, but Pac-Man is accused of, it doesn't matter, guilty. Guilty, guilty, guilty.

--Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles looks promising and not just because of Lena Headey and Summer Glau...but mostly...

--Seriously there are $50 lottery tickets?!

--Congratulations to Glen Rice for being a former professional athlete, beating someone's ass and that victim not being a woman. Rice was at his estranged wife's house and didn't like that she had a man over. The man was trapped in the closet until Glen found him. Glen punched him causing "severe bleeding" and then escorted him out of the house by his neck. Dude then tattletaled to police.

--Venus and Hank Kuehne engaged?!

--How strong was 3:10 to Yuma? Christian Bale is right below Daniel Day-Lewis in actors who consistently knock it out of the ballpark (even without the use of performance enhancers).

--Apparently John Singleton is singling out Woody Harrelson for Murdock in the A-Team movie. Perfect. Ice Cube could be B.A. Baracus. Cube has been on fire lately with such instant classic fare like Torque and Are We Done Yet?

--How excited are you that the real Greenlee is back on All My Children? Rebecca Budig = hot. So why did she marry The Bachelor Bob Guiney?

--Hell hath no fury like a swim team who has had snowballs lobbed at them. Just like the swimmers Dowling Catholic High in Des Moines to bring snowballs to a pig fetus fight. Yeah, the swimmers at Roosevelt High responded by going to their rival school's parking lot and impaling pig fetuses on 15 cars. For good measure they also smeared crawfish all over the hoods and windshields. Your move Dowling Catholic.

--If you're keeping score at home Pamela Anderson pregnant and back to divorcing Rick Salomon.

--Ricky Williams on Pros vs. Joes next season. Yay for us.

--Not that this is a reason to watch women's college basketball, but Colorado's team has a Brittany Spears and a Whitney Houston.

Questions, comments or if you don't think it's fair to criticize because he's your teammate...

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