Wednesday, December 12, 2007

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Hawaii 9-0

What a performance by the Texans on Sunday. This was a winning team coming in that had a chance to clinch and Houston handled its business and got back within a game of .500. Another week, another handful of injuries and it didn't matter. Darius Walker finally got his first action and was solid. The offensive line, for the most part, was solid but damn how badly does this team need a LT? Sage was outstanding with the exception of those fumbles, especially that second one which should have been avoided. The Andres each had a TD and what a job by Davis to keep inbounds when he was jetting down the sidelines. Hey Tampa, tackle much? That was some pathetic coverage. The defense held just about every time it had to. Mario had himself another strong game and should find himself in Hawaii come February. I hope Dunta can get back to where he was before his leg exploded because he and Fred Bennett on opposite sides is very, very promising. Sure am glad Petey got all time earlier in the season instead of Fred, that made sense. The defense was strong without DeMeco having to make every single tackle. Crazy. And yeah I know the Bucs aren't all that good, but a win is a win is a win and now it's Denver's turn to come in for a beatdown.

--For the first time ever the Texans have three receivers over the 600-yard mark...Andre Johnson, Kevin Walter and Owen Daniels. Andre Davis is just one catch or 64 yards away. Out of all the receivers in the league who have at least 30 catches Davis' 17.9 average is tops.

--Only the Packers and Patriots have more 40+ yard completions than the Texans.

--Yeah, Sage and that Brady guy each lead the league in 4th quarter TD passes with 9. Sage has the best 4th qtr. QB rating.

--Granted he's only played in half the games, but it's Andre Johnson and not T.O. or Randy who is the only WR averaging over 100 yards a game.

--This is kind of a telling stat. In its franchise history Houston is 3-41 when losing the turnover battle.

--Since 2003 J'ville is 29-5 when it scores first.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Hey Rockets! Grow a pair!

--Hey Bobby Petrino! You suuuuuuuuueyyyyck!

--Gotta love those Saturday nights that give us good boxing and free UFC...War Machine and J-Roc put on a helluva show with so many bloody twists and turns, but the last one went War Machine's way flipping over J-Roc and finishing him....Big surprise Mac won The Ultimate Fighter. Dude was the easiest pick to make at the beginning of the season and now I can't wait until he actually faces a good opponent...Roger Huerta and Clay Guida lived up the hype. Clay is one crazy-looking m'fer and apparently only has one speed - lightspeed. I think he throws punches while he's sleeping. But Roger Huerta is Roger Huerta so after an incredible fight he got Clay to tap. Amazing, amazing stuff. And best of all - free. Right after it was decided did you see Matt Hughes jump into a chair in front of a monitor showing the boxing? Gotta love the next Ultimate Fighter with Forrest Griffin and Rampage as the coaches. Oh hell yeah, that'll be on!
On the pay side of things the undercard for Floyd and Ricky was embarrassing. Peter Manfredo might not even be relevant enough for Friday Night Fights soon enough. Jeff Lacy was there for the taking and Peter couldn't deliver. Floyd and Ricky was just about what I expected, no surprises. Ricky is one tough SOB while Floyd is one incredibly gifted natural boxer. If Floyd fought every round like he did in the 8th people might watch his fights for him and not who he's facing. Oh and what the hell judges 89-81 Floyd on two cards?! How hilarious was it watching Mark Cuban with one of Floyd's titles in the ring screaming and doing his usual thing before the fight?

--This Sunday the series finale/Christmas Extras special!!

--Jessica Alba pregnant?! Damn you Cash Warren.

--Will Ferrell, nothing else to say...

--Mary-Louise Parker and Jeffrey something or other from Grey's back on?! Wait I just imdb'd that dude and he was Judah on Weeds?!

--Exactly what part of dressing up like Virginia Tech students complete with fake blood and bullet wounds did you think was funny Penn State students?

--If you missed last week's Boondocks complete with Riley dunking on Yao, you missed out? This season hasn't been as good as last season, but that episode might be the best ever.

--I'm confused, umm, CBS and the Patriots are opening up a restaurant together?

--Your teacher-student sex story of the week comes to us from Torrance, California and wait, there's no sex involved. Apparently some 51-year-old girls basketball coach was putting tape over some of the girl's mouths, taped up their hands and feet, and handcuffed them to finish the fun. Some overly jealous boyfriend of one of the girls busted the coach. The police arrested the coach on suspicion of false imprisonment, annoying children and sexual battery. Annoying children?! Children have the power to have you arrested if you annoy them? They must be stopped now. They've already taken over the theaters and malls as soon as they get their way and lower the drinking age we'll lose the bars too. Then what? Quality family time?! Yeah, right. To quote a brilliant prison guard, "The children are the future. So they must be stopped now!"

--Hayden Panettiere is trading in Peter Petrelli for Ryan Gosling?!

--Watch out Match and Eharmony there's a new dating service in town. uses your DNA to create matches. You pay the low, low fee of $1,995 (can you put a price on true love?) and they send you a swab kit so you can swab your mouth and send it in. And then they match you up with something who looks nothing like their DNA picture on their profile.

--Yay, we can all sleep sound tonight for Scott Baio is finally married! So now with that show seemingly over here's to the future I Love New York 4 or 5 or whatever. Oh yeah, his long time girl Renee Sloan is the girl.

--Crazy college fans are following where their coaches are going by checking out flights online? Freak out much?

--For police chase fun we head to, wait, Houston?! I didn't see the two chases we apparently had on Monday. The 40-minute one with the Yukon. Yeah, cops said the driver claimed that the parking brake, yes parking brake, was stuck and that made him unable to stop. I'm no Pepboy, but...

--Headline of the week comes from The Washington Times: Airport fingerprinting goes two-fisted.

--There Will Be Blood is going to own the Oscars.

--I would be more excited about this if the story didn't come from a UK source, but for what it's worth the story goes that Jessica Simpson is desperate to make a good, watchable movie that she's willing, for this certain script she's currently looking at, to go full-frontal nudity. Yeah, can't see that happening.

--We head to New York for jury duty fun. Vladislav Lisetskiy was arrested at Brooklyn Supreme Court the other day. Why? Apparently the security screeners don't approve of bringing a 2 1/2-foot sword and 6-inch dagger to court especially if it's concealed in your cane.

--There are beer pong tables and then there are beer pong tables...

Questions, comments or if you learned the hard way that homeless people don't give a damn if the light is green or red...

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