Wednesday, September 12, 2007

He drinks where he lies, he's covered with flies

So Far, So Good

Two things are obvious following Sunday’s game at Reliant. The Chiefs suck. The Texans don’t. Just how good the Texans are remains to be seen, but clearly they are no longer in the bottom tier of NFL teams. The most promising aspect was that Houston has plenty of room for improvement and should’ve dominated that game even more. We’ll see what happens Sunday in Carolina because that team is balanced on both sides of the ball and has just as good a chance as any to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.

--I’m fairly sure by now you’ve seen this, but on the off chance you didn’t see that disgraceful Duck…

--I prefer this video on 4th and 1…

--Really Chiefs a kicker on your practice squad?! That’s where Justin Medlock, 5th round pick, landed this week after badly missing that 30-yard field goal against the Texans.

--In his final 7 games a year ago Randy Moss had 202 yards receiving and 0 touchdowns. One game with Tom Brady and he has 183 yards and 1 TD. In his last 18 games with Oakland he went over 100 yards all of one time.

--Seriously just when you think things aren’t ever going to get better come Sunday either Michigan or Notre Dame will be 0-3. Beautiful.

--Okay Owls you gave up six touchdown passes and over 400 yards to Baylor last week and now you have Texas Tech so, uhh, yeah, good luck.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--How’d that taste 50?

--The Conchords may be gone, but Curb is back and now we all know what shaped cake is being ordered all around the world this week.
--Seriously how surprisingly coordinated, fit, coherent and just downright sexy was Britney at the VMAs?

--Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Hounsou?!
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--I don’t like Matt Hamill, but he was straight up robbed against Michael Bisping over the weekend. That Rampage guy may end up working out.

--Chances are you’re not watching, but Damages is really, really good and I far underrated Ted Danson’s acting chops. Rose Byrne ain't too shabby either.
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--The Oscars are inviting Jon Stewart back to host?!

--Headline of a link I feel I don’t really need to click on…
‘Vaginal rejuvenation’ unnecessary, not safe

--Really how bad does Cavemen look?

--Heeeeeyyyy, Hayden Panettiere is all of 18 years old now and in her infinite wisdom her and Laguna’s Stephen are no more.
Do yourself a favor and go out and buy Heroes on DVD. It's worth it.

--What do you think when you’re eating Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup and you think it tastes bad. Usually something like, “well what did I expect it’s f’n Cream of Mushroom,” right? I mean if it tastes bad how do you really know? An elderly couple in Fort Collins, Colorado knew it tasted bad, but it shouldn’t have been that bad. Yeah, their lawsuit against Campbell’s states, "The foul taste was apparently caused by the presence of a large piece of rubber lodged at the bottom of the can. Upon further examination, it appeared to the Smiths that the rubber was, in fact, a condom." According to the Smiths when they contacted Campbell’s they didn’t want to pay for the family’s medical expenses, but in all fairness to Campbell’s it did offer the family discount coupons for its soups featuring those new rubber croutons.

--Tron 2 sounds promising what with a couple of Lost writers at the helm, but I’m sure it’ll get screwed up. Jeff Bridges absolutely has to make a cameo.

--I was pissed about not seeing The White Stripes in Austin this weekend at ACL. I was, until I learned they cancelled. Apparently Meg’s acute anxiety is prohibiting the band from traveling. The Killers are my much cheaper and closer weekend substitute.

Questions, comments or if you Jager is getting jealous because you’re spending a lot of time with Sake-bomb lately…

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