Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Rock my Adidas never rock Fila

Hey, I Remember You

Well, good to see the more things change, the more they stay the same. Sadly, I think the Astros really are this bad. When you get swept by a Pittsburgh team that hasn't had a three-game road sweep since 2004, well that kinda says it all. Pathetic. Sorry ass offense. Sorry ass bullpen. Sorry ass managing. Okay we all know Brad Lidge shouldn’t be the team’s closer and by “we” I mean every single person in Houston not named Phil Garner. Adam Everett hitting 2nd?! Whatever, I hate to see the magic go, but that was about as crappy an opening series as you can possibly have. I’ll be surprised if these guys finish over .500. The starting pitching is weak, the lineup has holes, the bullpen has to be money and just isn't right now and Phil Garner is “managing.” Uh-oh...

--Seriously in 132 years of MLB the Pirates became just the second team ever, ever to win the first two games of the season despite trailing heading into the 8th?!

--Worst first pitch in the history of first pitches…Cincy Mayor Mark Mallory…

--St. Louis has its pulse on the young generation as REO Speedwagon sang the national anthem before its first game.

--The Andrew Daisuke Matsuzaka love continues to build. Some ice cream company up there is renaming its Curse Reversed flavor to "Dice-Kream."

--Last year the Mariners went 2-17 against the A's. This year they won each of the first two matchups.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Congratulations to the Gators for completing their mission. Congratulations to Joakim Noah for almost completing a coherent sentence.

I wanted the Gators and the SEC continue to pound on Ohio State and the Big 10 so a win like this was fine by me, but that was one yawner of a tournament. It must have been difficult to make “One Shining Moment” out of all the chalk wins and boring finishes.

--Best news all week….There will be an Extras Christmas series finale.

--Damn you NFL for playing with our hearts. How dare you say one week that the schedules will be released Thursday April 5th and then only days later say, you know what, we're just going to release them sometime between April 9th and April 19th?

--Holy sh**, The Shield is back in a big way! F'n Kavanaugh!! What a great Johnny Cash song to bookend the terribly depressing episode. There's no way Vic goes down, right? I mean Dutch will figure out Kavanaugh is a dirty liar, right? If he doesn't Shane will step up and take the blame, right?
Don't go away mad, just go away.

--Dave Navarro and Kelly Carlson?!

--Stuff came out with its Sexiest 100 Women list and at # 10 we find the lovely Christina Aguilera. At 9 we have a great selection in Malin Ackerman/Tori from Entourage.

I think she graces us in the upcoming season. Angelina Jolie at 8 and honestly she needs to just be honorably retired from lists like this. Olivia Wilde at 7 with Sienna Miller at 6. Somehow Katherine McPhee made # 5. Eva Longoria at 4. My permanent # 1 Jessica Alba is 3. At 2 we find the Scarlett Johanssons. And checking in at # 1 as Stuff’s Sexiest Woman is the one, the only Jessica Biel.

--I knew we would have been better off if Wayne Palmer just died. It's not enough he's a terrible actor, but now he's a terrible president. --Not that this is at all shocking, but Keith Richards once mixed his father’s cremated ashes with some coke and snorted what, I guess, is now known as a “White Daddy.” Although apparently his manager has denied all of this, which means it's
definitely true, of course.

--Jenna Jameson had a vaginoplasty?!

--Tell me ESPN didn’t run a clock all day Tuesday counting down the hours, minutes, and seconds until Tennessee and whoever met in the women’s national championship game.

--An X-Files 2 movie?!

--Soccer analyst Eric Wynalda wants to do what to Jim Rome, "You will never get a guy, in me, who is more of a believer in the American player. Jim Rome can suck my dick! And he should be very afraid, because I'm the kind of guy, if I get too many drinks in me, I will club his ass. I've been on with Jim Rome, and I said, 'Let me get this straight, you're more impressed with water polo?'"

--I think we’re all a little surprised K-Fed got “only” a million dollars out of the divorce settlement. Thankfully the little tater tots are spending the majority (4 days) of their week with him instead of whatever it is the former Britney Spears has morphed in to.

--Look we all love our pets especially the ones that aren't cats. An elderly couple in India loved their dog very much for the 13 years he lived with them. Sadly the dog died and the couple held a huge feast in honor of the aptly named "Puppy." After the husband and wife said their last goodbyes to Puppy and to their guests they retired to their bedroom and hung themselves.

--Drudge Report headline that you probably don't need to click on: Principal admits throwing excrement on child!

--Marky Mark now says there won't be a Departed sequel featuring his character. More scenes between him and Alec Baldwin would have been a good thing.

--Rest in peace Eddie Robinson.

Questions, comments or if you enjoy the 20 minute nap on the Park ‘n’ Ride on your way in to work even though you sleep past your stop…

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