Wednesday, March 14, 2007

You heard my style I think you missed the point

--I have changed my bracket a million times, but the only thing I’ve never and don’t anticipate changing is Florida is going to win it all and Georgetown is making my Final Four. Other than that I’ll be changing crap right up until the first tip. came out with a list of NCAA coaches who were separated at birth from certain celebrities. Some to keep an eye on when the games start…New Mexico State’s Reggie Theus/Cheryl Miller…Arkansas’s Stan Heath/Donald Faison-Turk from Scrubs…Marquette’s Tom Crean/Lewis Black…Villanova’s Jay Wright/Ron Livingston.

--Who knows which way I’ll vote come time to elect someone to replace Premier Bush, but John McCain is probably the only candidate with a bracket pool on his website. Although a first prize of a McCain 2008 fleece doesn’t really make me want to register. By the way, he’s taking the four top seeds to go to the Final Four

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Drew Barrymore and Spike Jonze?!

--This bit** is crazee with two ee’s…Probably not a good idea to eat boric acid, on the other hand it may just be an acquired test…

--I thought Casino Royale was supposed to be good. I thought wrong. Bo-ring and loooooooong. Daniel Craig was fine, but the movie was not at all. I should’ve stopped the DVD after the chase scene in the beginning when that guy was doing all kinds of crazy running and jumping leaving Bond to cheat in order to keep up.

--Hey Lost!! Get your s*** together or you'll be joining Battlestar on probation.

--Sadly it’s been out almost a week and I still haven’t seen 300. I still haven’t heard any guy who’s seen it describe it as anything less than the greatest movie they’ve ever seen.

--You thought that that pre to early teen punk kid on your street was a problem…13-year-old Andrew Riley in Ohio would kick your punk’s ass up and down the street. Andrew is facing not 1, not 5, not 25, not 50, not 100, but 128 felony charges after a year-long crime spree. Burglary, theft, vandalism, you name it the kid’s been charged with it. A fellow student of Andrew’s went to the police and told them about Andrew. Of course, Andrew was left with no choice, but to beat the kid up thereby insuring a charge of intimidating a witness. Someone needs a loooooong timeout.

--The FDA says some sleeping pills may cause sleep-driving?! Apparently it’s the same as sleep-walking, except, you know, it takes place in a car.

--Jessica Simpson wants to adopt?!

--Tommie Harris and Fantasia from Idol?!

--I don’t know what the song is, but I saw a video with both Beyonce and Shakira and that is just outstanding work by whoever brought those two together.
romance explosion times three...

--Britney found love in rehab?! No way.

Questions, comments, or if you’re counting the days until you see The Killers in Austin…

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