Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Oowah Oowah is My Disco Call

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Another bracket is upon us and oh the joy. I would think this first week of all weeks would be the lowest suicide rate for males. I mean who takes their life before one more shot at a bracket pool? Before one more Thursday and Friday filled with chips, beer, and game after game after game after game? Before getting one more upset right on your bracket? Before watching the inevitable news story about how an elephant is outpicking a supposed expert? And yet Richard Jeni, but I digress. The 1 seeds are all strong and if ever there is going to be a year in which all four make it to the Final Four this may be it. But I think not. I’m a big believer in Georgetown and North Carolina will also have Kevin Durant to get through so I’m thinking the Hoyas move on from the East. In the South I really hate to go with Ohio State because I’m a Big 10 hater and I think it’ll come down to Texas A&M and Ohio State and I guess I’ll take the Buckeyes. Heading out West Kansas and UCLA are on a collision course. I’ll take the Bruins although I’m sure I’ll go back and forth on that one until the first game tips on Thursday when all final answers are due. In the Midwest I see Florida and UNLV meeting with my Gators moving on to Atlanta. Florida and Ohio State in the title game and another enjoyable beatdown of the Buckeyes is in store.

--Not that this will help you in anyway, but some of the upsets I’m picking…12 Old Dominion over 5 Butler. 12 Illinois over 5 Virginia Tech. 13 Holy Cross over 4 Southern Illinois. I’m thinking hard about taking 14 Oral Roberts over 3 Washington State. I mean how can you not like Oral?

Number 5 is Alive!

The Rockets have settled into a nice stretch of win a couple, lose a couple and it looks like they’ll be in that 5 spot once the season ends. As of Tuesday Houston is 5 back of Utah, which is on fired and won 6 straight. Houston is 6 games in front of the Lakers who’ve lost 6 in a row. No other team in the top eight in the West has that wide a gap between the team directly in front of and the team directly behind it.

--Apparently Phil Jackson doesn’t care who is coming back from injury soon, "Jesus Christ could come back and we still wouldn't have a chance because we've ruined the mix by not playing together." If Jesus Christ joins the Lakers I’m still picking the Mavericks to come out of the west.

--Congratulations if you had the Warriors as the team to end the Mavericks’ 17-game winning streak.

--Hoops high school phenom O.J. Mayo is growing up fast. The future USC player was busted for marijuana possession last week.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Don’t forget to check in with Matt and Adam’s Night Shift Field of 69 minus 1. It is released Tuesday night and I’m sure there will be glaring omissions and some terrible upsets like when Kelly Clarkson won once. I can’t remember who she beat, but I do remember Matt saying he enjoys listening to her CD and despite my wait there was no punch line.

--It does not getter any Borat-er than this deleted scene on the DVD.

--Everyone wants to be Tom Brady so who does Tom Brady want to be? My guess is Ricky Lackey. Lackey is a music producer in Ohio and was convicted of attempted theft. Part of his master plan to get rich was to insert empty envelopes into ATM machines. During the court proceedings he let it out that he was going to soon be a father of not one, not two, not three, not five, but six kids by…wait for it…six different mothers. In a related story there are now “Brady on Board” T-shirts for all those expecting mothers.

--Mandy Moore realized she was dating DJ A.M. and they’ve now broken up.

--Maggie Gyllenhaal is replacing Katie Holmes on Batman Begins?!

--Mark Wahlberg’s visit to the White House a while back provided an amusing story that Marky told to Movies.com: "I went to the White House two weeks after 9/11, and as soon as I came in, he shakes my hand and goes, 'I bet you were gonna come in here and tell me, dammit, you need to do this and you need to do that, but then you look at me in my nice blue suit and you end up thinking, 'Well, God, you're really good-looking in person, Mr. President.' How can you not laugh?"

--Geico caveman and Phil Simms. Need I say more?

--If you didn’t know there’s a remake of Debbie Does Dallas in the works. They’ve got a 30-minute show on Showtime in which you can vote on the new Debbie based on her strengths and I assume flexibility.

--Mondays really suck without Heroes.

Questions, comments or if you’d like The Daily Show to limit John Oliver to five appearances a week…

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