Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It's The Joint

Oh The Madness…

The first four days of the tournament are in the books and if you had chalk you’re probably sitting pretty in your pool. What a letdown with just 11 seeds Winthrop and Virginia Commonwealth advancing past the first round and now no double digit seeds left (first time since 1995 no double-digit seeds in the Sweet 16). Saturday was clearly the best day of the four with Ohio State getting a real scare, Vanderbilt winning in two overtimes, Pitt in OT, and two good games involving Aggies. Texas A&M and Memphis on Thursday should be great as will Ohio State and Tennessee in that same South Region. I have the chalk winning all of the next round of games with the exception of UNLV and Oregon. The Rebels have served me well thus far and I have them for one more round. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see the Volunteers upset the Buckeyes. Can’t wait ‘til Thursday.

--Thanks for letting us watch you, even if just for one season in college, Kevin Durant.

--I’m a Big 10 hater so I was a little surprised it went 5-1 in the first round. Not surprised it went 1-4 in the next.

The NBA Is Still Playing?!

Apparently the answer to the above question is yes, although I haven’t watched a game since the epic Mavs/Suns contest last Wednesday. I guess the Rockets are rolling and the Jazz are stumbling as Houston is just 1.5 games behind Utah for homecourt in their inevitable first round match up.
And you’d think a team in Salt Lake City whose best player is named Boozer would have more of a sense of humor about its license plates, but no. The Utah Tax Commission doesn’t allow names of intoxicants on the vanity license plates it issues. For 10 long years (I assume all years in Salt Lake are long ones) Glenn Eurick drove his Mercedes around with the license plate reading “merlot” and nobody said nothing. Then one day last week an anonymous phone tip to the Tax Commission about “merlot” being an alcoholic beverage and now it tells Eurick he needs to change it. How much of a loser do you have to be to report something like that? Eurick is going to challenge the state’s decision. In a related story, I’m going to drink two bottles of Yellowtail merlot tonight. God bless wine sales at Kroger.

--Yao’s jersey sales are down to 6th in China?! Kobe tops the list.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--This is just an incredible story in The Washington Post and I highly suggest you take three minutes out of your day to read it…

--The first week of Dancing with the Drexler is in the books and he was about what I’d expect. I don’t think he’ll be busy when the Rockets are in the playoffs. Joey Fatone, on the other hand, may as well be given the trophy now. Just the worst cast ever. Billy Ray Cyrus needs to leave immediately after his “performance” and then his absolutely shameless plug. Ridiculous. Just let your daughter earn the money and be happy.
She'll take The Fat One to the trophy.

--Good: Entourage, Sopranos, and Curb Your Enthusiasm are all on the near horizon. Bad: Rome is down to its final episode. What a fantastic f’n show! This season has had more crazy sex scenes than Real Sex 42: Crazy Roman Sex Scenes. Thank the gods that Pullo didn’t die at the hands of no-tongue-having Mineo. I hate to see Pullo and Vorenus on opposite sides, but I guess that’s the way things must end. Really, really hate that this wasn’t given a third season, but it’s got to be ridiculously expensive to produce. It has the world’s largest standing set covering five acres. Another IMDB.com nugget: Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo are actual historical characters. They are mentioned in the fifth book of Caesar's Commentaries on the Gallic War.

--If you missed Marco Antonio Barrera and Juan Manuel Marquez on Saturday you missed a helluva fight. Just a beautiful display of high level boxing despite the kinda high level of their ages (33). You do not want to mess with the Marquez brothers. I’d love to see JMM get another crack at Manny Pacquiao. The bad part was the ridiculous scoring that had Marquez winning big on every card. I thought he won, but not by that wide a margin. Steve Forbes of The Contender fame beat the hell out of Demetrius Hopkins and yet Hopkins won a lopsided decision in another example of what’s wrong with boxing. I have never seen any decision that flat out wrong.

--Jake Gyllenhaal as Captain Marvel?!

--In case you missed it last week Jeopardy had its first three-way tie ever. Last Thursday on 3/16 a 3-way tie for $16,000. Now you know.

--It hasn’t been a great season, but Battlestar Galactica's season finale is this week and it looks like a keeper.
Grace Park in Maxim = Tricia Helfer in Playboy.

--Apparently Bond 22 will be a direct sequel to Casino Royale with hopefully lots less of poker.

--Big shock former Steeler Joey Porter and Bengal Levi Jones got into a fight in Las Vegas. Actually the big shock is that this fight happened at 6 PM instead of 3 AM. Who fights in Vegas at 6 PM?!

--I’m not sure what is mentally wrong with Jarred Price, but last week the 22-year-old Clearwater man parked his pickup near a visitation lot at Pinellas County Jail. He got out of his car, picked up his crow bar, walked over to a marked patrol car, and smashed the windows out. It was a short, probably golf cart, ride to jail.

--It’s so sad when mothers and daughters do not get along. A 6-year-old was visiting her mother when mommy got mad and smacked the little girl with a curling iron. When the girl got back to her father she told him and they went to the police. The little girl told police mommy chops up a white substance, puts it into bags, and then they go to alleys where mommy sells it. Mommy is busted.

--Because I don’t know how you can sleep without knowing this…Spaghetti Bolognese is Britain’s favorite food according to the always-reliable Sun. Bolognese is eaten an average of 2,960 times in a Brit’s lifetime.

--Geez I thought I was creative when I stacked my loose change into a swoosh…

--Just to put out any fires before they start the University of Iowa has done something smart and bought the rights to FireKirkFerentz.com, FireLisaBluder.com, and FireGaryBarta.com. Those would be the names of the football coach, women’s basketball coach, and the athletic director. Now if you go there you get sent to HawkeyeSports.com. FireSteveAlford.com still up and running.

--Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa….wrestlers linked to the HGH probe in that Orlando online pharmacy case?! How about these absolutely shocking names allegedly (because it just can’t be true) involved…Randy Orton, HHH (that bag of bones), Edge (but that chin looks so natural), Eddie Guerrero (RIP), Rey Mysterio (people not on drugs probably don’t opt for horns and weird colored contacts), and The Hurricane (never will I trust a wrestling superhero again).

--There’s a picture online of Cee Lo (Gnarls Barkley) and Paris with Paris giving a nice “welcome to the neighborhood” handshake to little Cee Lo?!

--Guitar Hero 80s Edition?!

Questions, comments or if you know where the hell I can find a pint of Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream by Ben & Jerry’s…

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