Friday, March 09, 2007

My man MCA's got a beard like a billy goat

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Giselle Bundchen is pregnant?! Geez, Tom one at a time, my man, one at a time…at least double wrap until one of them pops out...or something.

--Whoa, whoa, whoa Rob Zombie…how ya gonna make Halloween, but not include the original theme song?!

--Captain America is dead?!

--Armchair GM blogger Manny Stiles put up his team loyalty for auction on Ebay. He actually got a high bid of $535. Who was so desperate as to buy a fan? The team president of the Devil Rays, of course.

--I’m all for the environment and this blog went “green” before it was fashionable, but I don’t need to see it in Sports Illustrated. “As the planet changes, so do the games we play”?!

--O.J. and Anna Nicole? Yeah, that’s about right.

--The big boy from Blues Traveler was busted for speeding the other night in Washington. Shocker, he also had marijuana in the car. Real shocker, he had hidden compartments in the car that were filled with 4 rifles, 9 handguns, night vision goggles and a switchblade knife. What the?! Yeah, he might be in a bit of trouble.

--I didn’t think Borat could get any funnier and then I saw the deleted scenes on the DVD. What is this? And this one? Is this coffee? What is this?

--Desmond Mason has skillz…

-As someone who has substituted at the high school level fourteen-year-old girls can be kind of crazy. Por ejemplo, a 14-year-old girl in Indiana who wanted to get even with another girl so she invited said girl to her birthday party. How did the birthday girl get even? Well, she baked a big batch of pot brownies and all the girls had some. One of the girls got sick and apparently the parents of the birthday girl didn’t know about the pot brownies although how you can’t smell those things during the cooking or baking is beyond me, not that I would know anything about that process. If anyone reading this wants to get even with me, do it by pot brownie, that’ll learn me good.

--There are frivolous lawsuits and then there are lawsuits in which the plaintiff should be slapped and then given a timeout. Amanda Verret of Illinois was at a Pizza Hut and opened the door for herself to exit and she also kept it open for Clarence Jackson. She claims Jackson grabbed the door and caused it to sharply move causing her to sustain an “acromion process impingement in her right shoulder.” Uh-huh. So that injury caused her to fall down on a later date and at that time she tore some tendons and hurt her hand and wrist. So Ms. Verret is suing Jackson and Pizza Hut, as well, because it made the mistake of having a door at its business. Thank you for your contributions to society Ms. Verret.

--Sticking with the legal theme we stay in Illinois and wonder what the hell Associate Judge R. Craig Sahlstrom is thinking. Frank D. Atherton has child molestation charges against him in His Highness’ court. You know, ho-hum, just three Class X felonies pending, so no biggie. Atherton has previously served jail time for armed robbery, burglary, theft and resisting arrest, so I’m saying he’s good people. So the ex-con, who is facing child molestation charges, asked the good judge to go on vacation to Disney World and the judge apparently couldn’t think of one good reason why a man accused of child molestation should not leave the state and visit The Happiest Place on Earth. I can think of a good reason, but I do have a UH education.

--Your drunk of the week comes to us from Atlantic City. I’ve been there three times and it really gets better every time, anyway, the other night Raquel Deandrade was pulled over, yeah, on the freakin’ boardwalk. She thought it was a road…apparently a long wooden road, filled with drunk pedestrians, the homeless, prostitutes, the homeless, and cats (honestly I love the Boardwalk, but that’s what’s there). She was charged with DUI, reckless and careless driving, and she was also charged with “driving on the Boardwalk.” Yeah, she was 24 and that’s probably a tough phone call to make to anyone.
“What happened?”
-“Nothing. For no reason the freakin’ cops pulled me over on the Boardwalk.”
“Ummm…near the Boardwalk?”
-“No, I was on it.”

--I don’t watch American Idol or The View, but if Idol and Rosie get into a smackdown I have a passing interest. Rosie accused Idol of being racist and weightist because it didn’t kick off Antonella who had some pictures pop up online. She was in various sexytime poses, but as far as I’ve seen the pics are safe for work. She’s hot, Frenchie is not. She was the big girl from last season’s Idol who got kicked off after it was discovered she posed topless and appeared to be ummm, pleasuring herself on a website called Daddy’s Little Girls. Anyway, Rosie blasted Idol and Idol responded with this gem, "Ms. O'Donnell has, once again, spoken without thought or knowledge. Viewers need only look at the show tonight to realize that American Idol constantly confirms to America that talent has nothing to do with weight or color."
One of these looks likes Borat's sexytime dinner guest.

--The show has not been at its best lately, but this is pretty cool if you’re into Battlestar Galactica

Questions, comments, or if, on occasion, you adore mi amor…

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