Tuesday, February 06, 2007

So, What You Sayin'? I Explode On Site

i'm going to start updating three or four times a week so check in whenever you need a break from the drudgery of life and an update on Heroes or Lost or Extras or Scrubs or damn, i watch a lot of TV...

4-1 Homestand and Big Game 41

The bulk of Rockets’ games during the Tracy McGrady era come down to one simple thing…how high Tracy’s motor is running in the first several minutes of the ballgame. When he’s aggressive early on, even if he’s missing like he was on Monday, the team plays at a higher level and you know he’ll start hitting his shots sooner or later. The guy has just put this team on his bad back and has gotten just enough help that the boys are once again a season-high 13 games over .500 without the services of the best center in the league. Amazing and it can only get better with a soft February whose only challenges are the Mavericks twice and the Magic on the road.

--So on Monday the Warriors were visiting the Pacers and their buses needed police escorts because of all the traffic from the Colts’ parade. One of the buses got in fender bender so police came aboard that bus and Don Nelson cracked on new Warrior Stephen Jackson, "I told Jackson to get down and keep quiet." Jackson presumably shot Nelson in the face.

--Some former NBA player who wasn’t a prominent name and left the league a few years ago will come out of the closet on Valentine’s Day according to a couple of reports. Is Christian Laettner a prominent name?

--You probably don’t remember Todd Bozeman, but he used to be the basketball coach at Cal before he started paying players. Anyway, he’s landed at Morgan State University in Baltimore. So Bozeman sends an assistant coach to Mulligan’s restaurant to order 52 sandwiches divided between Philly steak or chicken. Okay, well the restaurant can’t handle all of those Phillys so they tell the assistant they can do a variety and the assistant is cool with that. So Bozeman goes to pick up the samiches and apparently isn’t too fond of the ham ones. The manager of Mulligan’s explains, "The coach . . . just went belligerent, screaming that he didn't want ham sandwiches. He put his hands on one of our managers . . . just grabbed her and shook her." Bozeman went on to scream, “He yelled, 'I ain't scared of you country bumpkins. I want my . . . money back!'"

--When the expectation level is so low and you still perform under expectations you’ve got problems. I’m looking at you Rex Grossman.

--The Super Bowl was the 2nd most watched Super Bowl after XXX and the third most watched program in television history behind XXX and the MASH finale.

--Prince absolutely killed!

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Poor Justin Timberlake is juggling Jessica Biel and Scarlett Johansson. Kind of an upgrade over Cameron Diaz. By the way, I’m sure you remember Justin’s Punk’d. Apparently he was high during it although I’ve never really associated being high with being vulnerable to crying spells.

--Because if ever given the chance you know the Beatles would have loved working with Trent Reznor…

--The Hardy Men with Tom Cruise and Ben Stiller?!

--Glen & Gary & Glen & Ross, probably a good time to turn the sound down if you’re at work…

--Weird Science 2?!

--Hershey’s has been named the official chocolate of the 2007 World Series of Poker. Now you know…By the way, I’ll be picking Barry Greenstein to win it all this year.

--More fun Drudge headline to be a part of: “Bull sharks sink shrimping boat off Fort Myers” or “Wild eagles attack paraglider”?

--Lost is back!!!!

--How can you not want to take a short quiz to find out which Aqua Teen Hunger Force character you are? Me, I’m a Frylock.

Questions, comments or if you like the cars, the cars that go boom…

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