Thursday, February 01, 2007

And I can rock a block party 'til your hair turns gray

10-4 Good Buddy

Nice month of January for the boys as they closed it out with four straight wins to make it 10 wins for the first month of the year. That Tracy McGrady guy had one helluva time. Tracy averaged 29.9 points on 47% shooting to go along with 7.1 assists (# 1 on team) and 5.7 rebounds. Rafer Alston next up in scoring going for 15.1pts while shooting 36% and leading the team in steals. Shane Battier was his usual self checking in at 2nd on the team in steals and blocks and most remarkably turning the ball over only 7 times in 520 minutes. Bonzi had 10 turnovers in 121 minutes with the most important part being the 121 minutes. Bonzi shot 49% in averaging 8.3 points and 4.3 boards. I could just keep running down the list, but the bottom line is these guys are good, very good. I don’t care that they’re playing lottery-bound teams. I just care that they’re winning and putting those teams away when given the chance. The schedule only gets easier in February. In my professional/expert/never sought after opinion they’ll have two games this month in which they won’t be favored - @ Dallas and maybe @ Orlando. Everything else is cake and I expect this team by month’s end to be in front of San Antonio although the Spurs schedule is fairly easy as well, it’s just mostly on the road.

XLR-8 or whatever

I have no memory of who I picked to be in the Super Bowl at the outset of the season, but I’ve been with the Colts every step of the way in the postseason and there’s no need to jump off now. I do think the Bears will make it a close game, but that may be me simply wishing it to be instead of going with my instinct much like when JD didn’t want to believe that Benji had leukemia and wished it was a mistake, but all along JD knew Benji did have leukemia and eventually was going to have to break it to him and Dr. Cox. Yeah, kind of like that. I’ll go with Colts 27 Bears 24

--Your Super Bowl primer courtesy of…

--If you need to time out your restroom break you can find which ad is playing when here

--Bodog has the over/under on the national anthem at 1:44.

--The girl whose “F*** Da Eagles” shirt captured a nation is in Maxim and that’s a good thing.

--I read where Tom Brady made the Walk of Shame Friday morning out of Giselle Bundchen’s apartment. Umm, I fail to see where “shame” comes in on this.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--The Super Bowl should be good, but it’ll be nothing like the Ottawa Hockey League game in Saginaw last Friday that pitted the Oshawa Generals against our beloved Saginaw Spirit and mascot Steagle Colbeagle. Colbert made a bet with the Oshawa mayor that if Oshawa won he’d wear an Oshawa jersey on the show and if Saginaw won then Oshawa would make March 20th (mayor’s birthday) Stephen Colbert Day. Saginaw prevailed 5-4 and fans littered the ice with the pages of GM’s annual report found online just as Colbert requested since the Generals are named after General Motors. Tip of the hat.

--So I’m looking at the Jessica Biel/Justin Timberlake thing from WENN when it uses this sentence, “Biel, who regularly competes with Diaz in US polls to find the world's sexiest actress.” Are they havin’ a laugh? Is he havin' a laugh? Cameron Diaz world’s sexiest actress?! That was years ago when it was improper to have those kinds of thoughts about Mary Camden. Since the new century began Cameron hasn’t been in the freakin’ discussion. F-U-G-L-Y she ain’t got no alibi she fugly, yeah, yeah she fugly. Also slipping on a daily basis for a while now has been Britney who reportedly has been fat dialing Justin presumably using the “more cushion for the pushin” approach.

--If you need to know the exact date of this season’s 24 its January 23, 2012. And if you need to know if Jack Bauer ever gets drunk…

--Diddy and Sienna Miller?!

--I will keep repeating this every week…you must watch Extras on HBO. If you have OnDemand start watching from the outset and if you don’t it’s not like you won’t be able to know what’s going on by tuning into a random episode. Ricky Gervais’ character has sold out to create a sitcom and every week another celebrity guest star knocks it out of the park as does Ricky’s manager the hilarious Stephen Merchant.

--Can’t wait to see another season of Curb and who knows what fun Wanda Sykes and Larry David will have (it doesn’t get better than the Crazy Eyes episode). Wanda was on Ellen the other day and gave her take on the Isaiah Washington/Grey’s/homosexual slur thing, "Gay rehab? That sounds like traffic school. You should be able to do that online. Maybe gay is the new black now." How is gay rehab not the subject of a reality show??

--Hockey looks great on HD, but it’s still hockey. So the All-Star Game the other night on Versus drew horrific ratings. Outdrawing the All-Star Game that night were shows like American Idol, but also Mythbusters, Top Chef, Ace of Cakes, Design on a Dime and on TVLand The Andy Griffith Show, which, I’m not sure, but I think was a repeat.

--UFC and HBO?! Make it happen.

--Big thank you to Katie Holmes for pulling out of the next Batman. Rachel McAdams may have some role including Katie’s, but who knows?

--Because you need to know who would win in a fight between Ryu and Scorpion…

--Line of the week from “If I had to choose between sex with Sharon Stone or having sex with a dead boy I’d at least see what the boy died from.”

--Screech is on Celebrity Fit Club 5?! Apparently he said something about making a dildo out of his uhh, out of Screech Jr. and using it to uhhhh, penetrate a fellow contestant. In this case former American Idol contestant Kimberly Locke. Locke and Tiffany are reported to have walked off the set demanding Screech go back to Bayside.

--Ed Helms, Rob Corddry and of course, Doogie all in the next Harold and Kumar and that’s a very good thing.

--Meet the Little Focker?! Oh God no…

--Ilan over Marcel?! No freakin’ way.

--If you haven’t been keeping up with all of the crap coming from you’re not missing much. Unless you like seeing mountains of cocaine being wasted or Paris sleeping with whoever’s around or Nicole licking coke off a plate or Mischa Barton’s current boyfriend’s crotchal region or Paris smoking a pipe, the marijuana kind, not the kind she usually has in her mouth.

--I know there’s no way you saw it, but the Man U/Arsenal game from two weeks ago was simply amazing. Thierry Henry may have a future. This wasn’t the specific shot I was talking about, but it’s kind of good…

--Living with the Beckhams reality show?!

--C’mon Matt Saracen you know better than to lie to your Julie!

--If you’re keeping score at home Borat is now being sued by an Israeli comic who says “Wa Wa Wee Wa” is his.

--Joshua Moulder and his brother Justin need not pass go, much less collect $100, as they head to juvi or jail. These Atlanta pieces of crap broke into a newly refurbished community center and trashed the place. They also found a 3-month-old puppy, duct-taped its snout and paws and stuck it in the oven. Then these wastes of breaths brought the neighborhood kids around to see it and told them they’d kill them if they reported it. Thankfully someone did report and those little bastards should spend some time in a convection oven.

Questions, comments or if your birthday falls on Super Bowl Sunday, not that you’ll remember a damn thing except taking that 3rd shot of Jager…

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