Friday, January 26, 2007

The name is D y'all and I don't play

Get You Some

Nice try San Antonio, but these Rockets aren’t going to let you kick sand in their faces any longer. Not once, but twice now you’ve fallen victim to Houston and it hasn’t even had to play with both Yao and Tracy. You just can’t say enough about these guys have done. Whether they win or lose the effort they put forth is almost always enough to be worth watching.

--Tracy McGrady is averaging 6.3 assists a game good for 14th in the league. That’s better than guys named Tony Parker, Mike Bibby, LeBron James and Gilbert Arenas to name several.

--Despite only starting 12 games David Lee is 11th in the league with 22 double-doubles. That’s more than Chris Bosh or Shawn Marion. Kevin Garnett leads the league with 35.

--Luther Head is 5th in the league in 3-point % at 44% while Shane Battier is 10th at 43%. Jason Kapono leads the league at 55% followed by Steve Nash at 50%, which is just a little stupid.

--The Suns lead the league in scoring differential at a ridiculous +9.2. They’re followed by the Spurs and Mavericks with the Rockets and Bulls tied at +4.9.

--The Nets have dropped three straight games by just a single point.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--April 3rd is the date The Shield returns with a new season. That’s just over a year in between last season’s crazy finale and this season’s premiere. The Thing vs. The Last King of Scotland. Can’t wait.

--I’m still not sure if I like the whole family affair going on 24, but I do like the choice to play Jack’s Dad. That’ll be James Cromwell.

--Derek Jeter and Jessica Biel no more. Jeter is now focused on the very lovely Gabrielle Union while Biel is about as big an improvement as Justin Timberlake can make over Cameron Diaz.
always gets screwed in the Nightshift's Field of 69 Minus 1...

--The Men of the Square Table campaign has been put on hiatus.

--I’m supposed to believe Rachael got drunk, said Oprah obviously has issues being black and called Angelina Jolie a skanky c***?! I mean Giada maybe, but Rachael Ray?!

--If you’re scoring at home…Heroes barely topped 24 in the ratings.
hot and crazy. perfect.

--Kirsten Dunst and Vincent Chase?! C’mon Vince, you’re better than that.

--Congratulations to Tarleton State University up in Stephenville for celebrating MLK’s birthday. A group of, I’m sure, well-meaning students dressed up in ghetto attire with one stepping up and dressing up as Aunt Jemima complete with a gun. There were also some mock step shows and refreshments included fried chicken and malt liquor. Stay classy Tarleton State.

--You never hear about bad beats playing slot machines, but Steve Wilkinson took a bad beat at a casino parlor just outside of Philadelphia. He was playing the Wheel of Fortune slot with his card when this message flashed across the screen, "Power Player jackpot, Steve Wilkinson, congratulations you have just won $102,000." That’s promising especially when the payout message appeared on the machine itself as well. Two employees came over and congratulated him and a third came over, got on a walkie talkie and said the head of the casino would be over in a bit. Yeah, 30 minutes later Steve was told, “we were running a test on the system and it never should have come out on the floor, and we're sorry.” He asked to talk to someone else and a manager came over and gave him not one, but two free food comps for the buffet. For some reason Steve didn’t think that was good enough and now the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board is on the case. Steve better get paid.

--You may exhale now for Kelly Osbourne will not, I repeat, will not be in Playboy.

--Mix in a ‘where are they’ now with Johnny and the rest of the Cobra Kai along with Mr. Belding, a Ralph Macchio cameo and a song titled “Sweep the Leg” you got something…

--Nice job by those girls Elia and Ilan making Marcel an actual sympathetic Top Chef candidate. My pick was Sam, but he was robbed and hopefully Marcel beats down Ilan literally and figuratively. Although Ilan does work at a Mario Batali eatery so I do like that about him. Also I’m pretty sure I mentioned this earlier, but Marcel was at a Las Vegas club recently and he tells Las Vegas Weekly, "This girl came up to me at a nightclub and asked me if I was Marcel from 'Top Chef.' The next thing I knew, this bottle struck me, and my friends had to rush me to the hospital. I needed 30 stitches." Which sounds more made up ’30 stitches’ or ‘my friends’?
Padma is apparently married to Salman Rushdie.

--Depressing stat of the week…More than 60% of 9th graders in Flint, Michigan will not graduate.

--What did Reggie Bush ever do to Yahoo Sports?

--What a shock, apparently that Hounddog movie in which Dakota Fanning gets raped is not getting much love.

--Alan Ashby signed a three-year deal to be an analyst on Blue Jays’ games.

--Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson back for another round?!

--The abomination of a contest, "Hold Your Wee for a Wii", that resulted in the death of a 28-year-old mother in Sacramento has not surprisingly ended up in a lawsuit. Ten people have already lost their jobs at the radio station. The mom who drank two gallons of water before bowing out of the contest didn’t win the Wii, but did win Justin Timberlake tickets.

--I was up late the other night to catch Andy Roddick and Roger Federer. Yeah, that Federer guy is pretty good. It was amazing watching Andy play about as well as he can and Federer just blowing the doors off of him.

Questions, comments or if you the combination of red wine and cooking couscous has ever left your right hand scarred for life…

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