Tuesday, November 21, 2006

From White Castle to the Nile

There They Go Again

I was at the Mac (what we monthly Las Vegas visitors call the airport) during the Texans/Bills game so I was spared another coulda, shoulda won type game. Lee Evans = fast. Texans secondary = slow. That summed up the best quarter of JP Losman’s NFL career. Dunta Robinson, “It’s embarrassing to let a quarterback like that get up on us the way he did.” Ouch, JP, how you like dem apples? Probably just fine since he finished like he started with a touchdown pass. Yeah, the Texans should have a better record, but you are what you are. This team still makes key mistakes, still makes a bad coaching move or two, still has David Carr at quarterback, still commits bad penalties, still lets Jameel Cook have the ball, still can’t finish games, and still makes the losing plays and decisions it is accustomed to. I guess it could be worse, though. You could be living in Oakland or Detroit.

--Lamont Jordan is out for the season, though most would question whether he was ever in for the season.

--Tom Brady 56-2 when New England is up at the half.

--Nice uniforms Titans…………….not!

--Remember when Randy Moss would, you know, catch a ball in a game?

--The Chargers have now played on three of their divisional opponents on the road before facing any of them at home.

--Major props to Niners coach Mike Nolan for busting out the suit and tie.

--Igor Sholshansky is going to get a worse penalty from the league, but Tom Nalen deserves the stiffer fine and/or suspension. Diving at a man’s knees on a clock killing play when everyone else is just standing around is just wrong, yet typical of that line. Ridiculous.

--First eight games Ocho Cinco – 482 yds., 2 TDs. Last two games Ocho Cinco – 450 yds., 5 TDs.

--Ronnie Brown and Serena Williams?!

--How funny the way things work out with Joey Harrington returning to Detroit on Turkey Day.
--The Patriots have won four straight road games by at least 22 points. That’s the first time that’s ever happened in the same season.

--LaDainian – 22 TDs. Denver offense – 20.

--This would almost make the fiery rays of the sun the bullpen at Reliant has to face when the roof is open tolerable…At Redskins games this year fans could rent a small TV for $39.95. It weighs about a pound and is the size of a fist and while you’re at your seat the set gets DirecTV’s Sunday Package and so you’re basically in heaven.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Vegas was Vegas. Jager and I put aside our differences for one night although she was too clingy towards the end always wanting one more shot. I stayed at the Aladdin and “worked” at the Wynn. That place is as ridiculous as you would expect a hotel to be if it has a freakin’ Ferrari dealership in it. I stumbled upon a chef photo-shoot at Caesar’s where I got to shake Bobby Flay’s hand so obviously I won’t be washing that until after I cook on Thanksgiving. I broadcasted Sports Saturday from the cabana there where apparently tops are optional and that was a very, very good thing. I’d like to thank the Bulls, Oklahoma, Michigan, Cincinnati Bearcats, and most importantly the Dolphins and Patriots. Thank you for making my weekend a profitable one. Love the fountains...

As for the fight well Erik made the weight, but was clearly done. Credit to him for going out swinging and giving it everything he had. Manny “Mexicutioner” Pacquiao is just that good and Erik has been through too many wars. Erik and Marco Antonio one more time may be interesting, but it probably doesn’t need to happen. I’ve been to some big sporting events in my life, but I’ve never been in as wild, loud, proud, and drunken atmosphere like the Thomas and Mack Center on Saturday night. Absolutely insane.
# 1 pound for pound.

--If you’re keeping track at home it is now the villagers, drunken frat boys, and the etiquette coach now suing Borat. Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers)?!
King in the castle! King in the castle!

--I haven’t caught up on my shows yet, but if the Lazy Scranton rumors are true then this might be the best Office ever.

--Friday Night Lights has been picked up for a full season and that’s a good thing.
Donald Faison is one lucky scrub.

--What a shock, a freaky weatherman was fired after a nude picture of him went up on MySpace. Jamey Singleton worked at a Roanoke station and recently underwent treatment for a heroin addiction. I guess the barometric pressure was just too much. Anyway once while hanging with his heroin friends he let one of them take a picture of him as he was getting ready for work. He stopped hanging out with the heroin crowd and one of them posted the photo on MySpace and it was sent to a bunch of people at his station. His boss fired him for it. If you are not a female and I am not the one holding the camera then do not let yourself ever be photographed in the nude. It may seem funny and the other person may say they’ll delete it, but it’s just not worth it. BJ Novak can say it better…

--Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst?!

--If I was fortunate enough to come across a PS3 I’m hooking that bad boy up and going to town for two or three days straight. Selling it is not an option. If it was an option, selling it to people I met on CraigsList I probably wouldn’t agree to the transaction taking place at 1 AM at a McDonalds parking lot. This happened in La Palma, California and the seller agreed to meet two buyers at the Micky D’s parking lot. Yeah, the two would-be buyers pepper sprayed the seller and made off with the consoles.

--Apparently Kramer/Michael Richards doesn’t like black people…

I came across Richards’ apology/interview on Letterman and that was one uncomfortable train wreck.

--David Blaine’s latest stunt involves him being suspended 50 feet over Times Square in a gyroscope that will spin him up to eight times a minute for two days straight and after that he’ll attempt to escape. Wow, incredible. Can’t hardly wait. On the plus side it’s for Salvation Army.

--On the plane ride back and forth I watched The Break-Up. That was good. I also watched Lady in the Water. That was bad. Note to M. Night: less of you and more of the scrunt would have made this at least bad as opposed to awful.

--I have no idea when The Shield will finally start its new season, maybe April? Either way…

--Umm, Peter Jackson is not directing The Hobbit?!

--All is right with the world and Emmitt kicked Mario’s ass on Dancing. Samantha Harris isn’t the best host, but she’s easy on the eyes and even better in FHM.

--Probably need this shirt…

Questions, comments or if you can think of a better, quicker appetizer than rolling bacon around sesame seed breadsticks then rolling them in parmesan reggiano…

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