Thursday, November 09, 2006

And It's Chill to Hear Them Talk

When David Says Jump You Ask How High

Until further notice the Texans still have ownership papers on the Jaguars. A dominating 5-4 advantage in the all-time series sums up the uphill battle facing Jacksonville this Sunday. Even the growing number of David Carr haters know this one is in the bag. Whatever it is the Jaguars bring out the best in him and this team no matter who’s calling the plays. This one won’t be easy now that Jacksonville has wised up and started starting David Garrard. Maybe Houston will get lucky and Marcus Stroud and John Henderson will sit. Either way Jaguars, prepare to be stomped.

--Andre Johnson still leads the league in receptions and yardage. On the downside he’s one of just two WRs in the top 40 in yardage who averages fewer than 12 yards a catch. Andre averages 11.6 as does Donald Driver.

--There are five active running backs currently in the top 25 all-time in rushing yardage. Go for it…I’m not counting Curtis Martin, but he’s 4th. In between O.J. Simpson and Ricky Watters we find Corey Dillon at 15th. Between Ottis Anderson (18) and Earl Campbell (21) we find Edgerrin James and Tiki Barber. Maybe you got those guys, but I would’ve been here all day before getting the two current guys right behind Earl Campbell. Hint: It’s not Ron Dayne. At 22 is one of my favorite college backs of all-time Warrick Dunn. A mere 9 yards behind him sits Fragile Fred Taylor.

--Writing of Edge, he has the second most carries this season though 20 guys have more rushing yardage.

--The Chronicle wasn’t seriously taking the Texans to task for not drafting Marques Colston # 1 was it? Although I do like its effort to give Sage Rosenfels a comeback win against the Titans though the standings don’t reflect it.

--The Titans have the fewest lost fumbles- 2. The Rams have been intercepted one whole time.

--Quick who leads the league in sacks? Not Shawne Merriman, not Julius Peppers, not Mario Williams (yet), no the leader would be Green Bay’s Aaron Kampman. We were looking for Aaron Kampman.

--True Romance and Heathers are two of my all-time favorites, but for just one night Joe Theismann wasn’t the dumbest guy in the booth. Act like you’ve seen a game Christian. Geez. It was just a snap.
Gotta love Floyd.
In a related note, congratulations to the Raiders and Seahawks for performing in the least watched Monday Night Football game ever.

--Seriously Heath Shuler now plays for the House of Representatives.

--An Ernie Davis biopic?! Sounds promising.

Don’t I Know You

A warm welcome for Tracy McGrady who made his 2006-2007 debut against the Bucks Wednesday night. Good to see him back. Things are so easy when he’s hitting and dishing like that. But I think it’s time to go to Shaq for some free throw tips.

----First triple double of the season not surprisingly courtesy of Jason Kidd. Second triple double of the season very surprisingly courtesy of Ryan Gomes.

--Youngest team in the league by 3 years is Atlanta. Oldest? No surprise that would be San Antonio at 30.37 years. Second oldest? Mild surprise, but that would be Phoenix.

--Give Andrew Bynum the #Q$^@%& ball!!!

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Houston 1836er Dwayne De Rosario got screwed out of the MVP award by some guy from D.C. United not named Freddy Adu. Now the poor New England Revolution are going to fear the wrath come Sunday afternoon. Cannot wait!

--Want to see the video and/or pictures of Kirstie Alley in a bikini on Oprah? Me neither.

--There is no doubt in my mind that Emmitt Smith, who of course made his name with the Arizona Cardinals, is going to wipe the floor with Mario Lopez next Tuesday night on Dancing. Seriously, Emmitt actually made me almost think about thinking about voting for him last week because if Joey and his freaky, bulging skull veins had beaten him out, well he and they didn’t so it doesn’t matter. What does matter is this not winning...

--Please God don’t ever let that baby doll commercial for the PS 3 air again. That is one creepy spot.

--Probably need one of each of these shirts…

--I talked last week about how insane Borat’s media blitz was. The absolute last place I expected him to visit was Hannity and Colmes.

--There were a couple of interesting items being voted on around these great United States. In Oklahoma there was actually a law banning the sale of alcoholic beverages while the polls are opened on Election Day. However, thankfully the good alcoholics of Oklahoma approved the proposal to end that insanity. South Carolina not only doesn’t let you purchase liquor on Election Day, but you can’t buy a lottery ticket either, because, well let’s just go with because. In Arizona there was a proposal to hold a statewide lottery on Election Day with one randomly selected voter receiving $1 million dollars. The idea being to improve idiot voter turnout. The idiots stayed home and the intelligent people of Arizona voted it down.

--David Silver/Brian Austin Green got hitched to Megan Fox who is going to be in the Transformers movie so we know she’s cool…

--Jeff Gordon married model Ingrid Vandebosch...
They both starred in the Hollywood classic Taxi.

--The DVD jacket for Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth has seeds in it to grow Italian flat leaf basil? I like.

--What a shock K-Fed kicked to the K-urb. Divorce through text. Out-freakin-standing!!

--DrudgeReport headline there’s no need to click on” “95-year old calls 9-1-1 in order to vote.”
I clicked on it anyway and it happened in Reading, Pennsylvania and the County Commissioner actually came and picked the woman up so she could cast her vote for President Palmer (at least in a perfect world.)

--If you’re wondering MLB’s awards parade begins Monday with the Rookies of the Year. Next Tuesday Roy Oswalt finishes 3rd in Cy Young. In two Mondays Lance Berkman finishes 3rd in MVP.

--Tell me Evander Holyfield and Fres Oquendo aren’t on PPV this Friday in San Antonio. Oh well, I’m sure it’s reasonably priced. $44.95!?! Guess not.
Women’s boxing doesn’t do much for me, but Laila Ali has a good point regarding this week’s HBO broadcast, which she is on the undercard (Klitschko vs. Brock) not that you’ll see it: “I’m the one selling the fight. Wladimir’s a great fighter…but people don’t know him the way they know me. The name Ali is a powerful name. My dad’s coming to the fight…The viewers would love to be able to see that. But HBO would rather replay Floyd Mayweather’s boring fight that he had last weekend.”
Honestly just replay one round of the Floyd fight and explain every other of the 11 rounds was the exact same then show something live.

--Daniel Baldwin arrested for grand theft auto?! Yeah, that’s about right.

--Waterfalls are purty.

Questions, comments or if your favorite Donnie Rumsfeld quote is, “The Gulf War in the 1990s lasted five days on the ground. I can’t tell you if the use of force in Iraq today would last five days, or five weeks or five months. But it certainly isn’t going to last any longer than that.”

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