Monday, November 06, 2006

I Like The Way They Walk

Close, But…

The Texans almost pulled off the biggest upset they’ve had in years. Almost, but did you ever really think they were going to do it? Didn’t you just expect something crazy to happen, like the Giants finally starting to give a crap? New York was disinterested and Houston came out with the energy and intensity it rarely shows away from Reliant. David Carr and the offense moved the ball against an extremely banged up Giants defense, but had just 10 points to show for it. The defense had its first interception since the first game of the season so that was nice. Why the Giants didn’t just pound away with the run is beyond me. To me the most promising thing to come out of the loss was, once again, the play of the rookies. Mario Williams is improving on a weekly basis and his jump shot looks better than Tracy McGrady’s at this point. DeMeco Ryans continues to look like a future perennial Pro Bowler. Owen Daniels has the same number of catches and more touchdowns than Dallas Clark. Wali had an off week, but we’ll forgive him. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Texans fans are very forgiving.

--Wow, how about Fred Taylor guaranteeing a Jaguars win at home over the Texans this week. Talk about going out on a limb.

--Andre Johnson is still atop the league in both receptions and receiving yardage. Andre has 65 catches with Marvin Harrison the closest with 52. Who has the 3rd most? Not Torry Holt, not Reggie Bush, but Kellen Winslow.

--Michael Vick has more rushing yards than Edge, Clinton Portis, Brian Westbrook and Carnell Williams just to name several.

--If you haven’t seen Larry Johnson impersonating Herm Edwards you can cross that off your to-find list…

--Just one more reason to like Mike Ditka…he has his own red wines coming out. The highest end bottle has the most appropriate name…Mike Ditka Kick Ass Red.

--If you didn’t know “Ocho Cinco” is Spanish for wasted second round fantasy pick.

--The Patriots didn’t pound away at one of the worst run defenses with Maroney and Dillon because why?

Remember Saturday, Forget Sunday

Yeah, the Rockets didn’t show up for the second time in three games on Sunday, but they beat the hell out of the Mavericks on Saturday. That was fun and that showed what happens when the Rockets feel like bringing it. Houston couldn’t get out of the blocks and it didn’t help that Yao had three fouls before you could say Nookie. C’mon guys why is this a problem time and time again. You see what happens when you come out from the tip and get after it so why are slow, lack of urgency starts the norm and not the exception? Git R Done.

--I’m a little slow so someone needs to explain to me how Florida, which is returning all five starters from its championship team, didn’t get every single first-place vote in the preseason AP poll. The Gators got 63, the Tar Heels the other 9. The Aggies are 13th, the Longhorns 21. UH checks in at # 43.

--There’s rich and then there’s…The Las Vegas Review Journal reported Michael Jordan dropped more than a million dollars at a blackjack table over the weekend.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Doogie is gay?! Seeing the treatment Vito got on The Sopranos I can only assume Vinnie is going to have something to say about this.

--We talked about the titanic clash last month and now it is ovah! Santa Clause 3 in 3,458 theatres…$20 million. Borat in a scant 837 theatres…over $26 million. Wow, wow, wee, waa.

--Sadly come Wednesday, the final episode of Lost before its winter break.
Good or Evil?

--Last week’s Dynamo win was fan-freakin-tastic. This week’s was just a boring ol’ 3-1 domination. Now New England wants some?

--I have no idea if Ugly Betty is good, but I did like this clip so I guess I like the show.

--The new Spider-Man 3 trailer airs on MTV Thursday night at 9 during The Duel.

--According to Newsweek 44% of Americans believe Jesus will return in the next 50 years. Now you know.

--The dumbass of the week comes to us from Michigan. Last March Jerry Rose allegedly shot and murdered Edgar Hawkes. Rose was at a party over the summer when a game of “What’s the Stupidest Thing You’ve Ever Done” broke out. The quick-thinking Rose said, “shot a guy in the head.” Yeah, he’s been formally charged with, among other things, one count of open murder.

--This from News Channel 5 in Nashville: “It is part of current and future efforts to drive out crime and revitalize the area.”
So what is “it”? Having a meeting to discuss changing the name of the street Dickerson Pike to something safer sounding. I guess you gotta start somewhere.

--Probably need this shirt…

--Creative sentencing of the week honors go to Deputy Attorney General Donald Roberts of Delaware. It seems that Russell Teeter, 69, has a problem keeping his Teeter in his pants when children visit the gardening business he has with his wife. Yeah, somehow this guy is married despite 10 prior convictions of exposing himself to kids. The latest conviction comes after he twice exposed himself to a 10-year-old girl. So the good judge decided Teeter needed 60 days in jail and whenever he’s at his workplace over the next 22 months he’ll have to wear a shirt emblazoned in bold "I am a registered sex offender." Shouldn’t the wife have to wear a shirt saying, “My husband is a registered sex offender and all I got was this stinkin’ shirt” or maybe one with an arrow saying, “I’m with the registered sex offender”?

--If you missed the fights over the weekend, boy did you miss absolutely nothing. Not surprisingly Floyd Mayweather dominated Carlos Baldomir for 12 rounds. Bo-ring, with the exception of the post-fight interview with Larry Merchant when Floyd got his wittle feelings hurt. The guy is an amazing boxer with not a blemish on his record and yet no one cares if he indeed calls it a career after one more fight. Shannon Briggs and Sergei Liakhovich bored everyone for 11 and a half rounds until Shannon TKO’d Sergei late in the 12th. Nice to see Juan Diaz has decided defense is an acceptable concept.

Questions, comments or if you went with the crumb tray...

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